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    Good morning Ladies - Happy Friday!!

    Lenora - Thank you for the information. I appreciate it. I only experienced the burning for about 3 weeks and all I took was rolaids. I have heard enough horror stories from you and a few of the other ladies that I new I didn't want to take nexium or anything like it so I changed my diet to try to get it under control. Luckily, that worked, at least for now.

    Michelle - I get that you are waiting until next year for the new fiscal year to start. If it is making you so unhappy and causing you so much angst, why not walk away now? If they don't value what you are doing, and having other people do the same thing in a different way, why not preserve your own peace of mind and even health? If you continue to be this keyed up about it for another 6 months, it won't be good for you.

    Viv - sorry about the cut wire on the trimmer. I know I would do that so I don't even try!

    KJ - Growing up we could hear the high school marching band practicing some mornings while we ate breakfast. I loved hearing them while I ate my fruit loops! Thanks for making me think of that.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Margaret - Good luck moving everything back. We need to replace the flooring in our house, but I dread living with all the dust/grime involved in breaking out the old tile and putting in the new. I know from doing it in the last house that it will take a while as they'll do one section of the house at a time, which is good, we just have to move furniture from room to room while they do that.


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    Kelly Awesome you got your grant items! And...yes, the hearings were riveting. I was schooling my grandson, so have just seen the news snippets, but...wow...

    ...and Kim The silver lining is that you got some really hard work done in your yard that you had wanted to do, & your creative brain is now busy with plans for your lovely, low maintenance yard.

    Barbie Will we be seeing h07234.gif again? So glad you are back to dancing!

    I love the cute pet photos.

    Karen in Virginia

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    :)Viv, my choice is usually to be alone. I mix with other women at my line dance class. There I can talk or not talk, choose who I talk to, walk away from conversations on topics that are toxic to me, and get some exercise. I have two friends that I meet for a walk. I don't meet people for a meal--too much money and too many calories for time spent being uncomfortable.

    :) I am noticing a few after-effects from my dancing yesterday but nothing really bad. I spent a lot of time lying down yesterday and will do the same today and tomorrow. I noticed that some muscles in my upper back, arms, and shoulders felt like they had been used for the first time in ages. I am willing to continue taking it slow.

    :)Lisa, the people who bought the house next door to us found a lot of problems in the house that they hadn't anticipated so they are doing some major remodeling. They are living in their trailer in the driveway and have trucks and workers around the house all day. When I see all that, I think about you and your remodeling and it makes me happy to think that both you and my new neighbors will soon have the houses they want, done the way they want it. Best wishes on a happy conclusion to your project.

    <3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington
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    LisaInAR wrote: »
    Bad news on the bathroom floor -

    Thanks for the baby fix, Janet!

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    Lisa those first few words had my imagination going! Lol read on and ‘got’ it! >:)

    Pip ouch!

    RV Rita
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    exermom wrote: »
    Did Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to do the water class.

    Wellness – welcome. Please continue to post so we can get to know you better.

    M – thank you for that information about SQL. To be honest, at this point, I really don’t care to find out what database they are using. It’s quite evident that god forbid we hurt his (Greg) feelings because he put in so many hours of work. But who cares about Michele’s feeling? Guess her YEARS of work don’t matter. Plus…and I just found this out last night. Evidently one of the gals who is going to work on the website (he wants to step down since Vince asked a few questions and he took it as criticism) has a lot on her plate and, to Vince, is a bit of a scatterbrain (Sandy). Like she goes shooting but the first time she didn’t go. Know why? She’d just bought a gun but she lost the key to the box that she keeps it in. She’d just bought it! And the other gal thinks she knows a lot (Adra), really doesn’t know that much and when (not if) there’s a problem that he (Greg) can’t fix and neither can she (Sandy or Adra), I don’t want to be involved. So, I don’t know how much time she (Sandy) can or wants to spend on this website. I’m suspecting she just wants to maintain it. The president said “she worked for IBM”. She’s going shooting today so Vince is going to talk to her to see what she did at IBM. They’re probably using whatever database is easiest. I remember when he (Greg) first took over the web, Vince and a friend of his (who in Vince’s estimation feels his middle name should be SQL. He worked for Vince so he knows Steves’ abilities) went to this guy’s house because he doesn’t know SQL.

    Rebecca – yea for jeans that fit!

    Barbara – I’m not entirely “relieved” of Newcomer things right now. But as of April, I plan to be.

    Rye – Vince just told me (I’m not to tell anyone in Newcomers) that the girl who they think is going to administer the website has no idea of different languages. She told Vince that she and Adra went to Greg’s house and he seemed to know what’s what. Now…at the board meeting Adra seems to think that Sandy is going to be head and Sandy seems to think that it’s going to be mostly Adra. This should be a comedy of errors! Greg has indicated that he wants out, but he’ll be backup for Sandy and Adra. I’ll just do what I do..enter new members on the “old” directory. Adra told me it wasn’t going to be taken down. Yea, right. Why would you have a “new” directory and an “old” directory unless the plan wasn’t to do away with the “old” (just like “new coke”). I told her that if that is done and if she doesn’t know what the language is needed is…then there WILL be problems. Well, not my problem. I was never told how to enter a member on the “new” directory. If Adra does it, talk about stupid! Right now I think it’s totally stupid that I should have to enter the exact same information in two different places. Now to have someone else entering that same information! Talk about really stupid. My personal opinion (which is totally rejected) is that we should go to a company that does this. Yes, it’s going to cost. But the cost in the end, to me, is more substantial. After they set things up, Sandy and/or Adra can maintain. This way, if they have a question, at least they have someone to go to who knows what they’re talking about. But what do Vince or I know? He’s only worked for 23 years with computers. He’s not a programmer, but he has had IT experience. I told them there are people on the “old” member list but not on the “new” one since I was never told how to put them on. Evidently, Adra is going to find out who. That’s fine, I have no desire whatsoever to go thru 14 pages of member names just to find discrepancies – and I have no idea how many there are.

    Rita – tell me more about this airplane cruise. That sounds interesting

    Pip – you really know how to turn my stomach!!!

    Lisa – I’m so sorry about the floor.

    Okie – why am I waiting until next year? That’s when the fiscal year ends. They’ll have to find a new president, I’m guessing the current vice president is only doing this as a favor to the president, he’s already said that he doesn’t want to be president (which is good, he’s not dynamic AT ALL), a new treasurer, and hospitality and membership. This whole thing should be quite interesting and amusing. I’ll do my job, what needs to be done, and just ride it out. Hope all goes well at the doctor’s.

    Gardeners – I got some bulbs (I think they’re crocuses, I wanted something that blooms early in the season) but where I want to plant them we now have mulch. How do you plant in a mulched area? As you can tell, gardening is NOT my forte at all. I'm the religious type when it comes to gardening "god will take care of it, and if not, then it wasn't meant to be"

    It started raining while I was in with Shadow. I’ve never seen her act this way before. For the first time ever, she was laying on the floor next to the bed. Usually she’s up on the bed. Then she was laying on the floor next to the wall. Guess that’s how she deals with the thunder.

    Michele in NC

    just here to do my job mam :0)
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    Kim - My Mother, a devout Christian, could 'rip' someone a 'new @$$-O' with a smile on her face - dice, sliced, and chop - and they would not 'know' that they had just been 'told in such a nice way that they were being jerks' until she smiled and turned around and walked away from them and they started sliding apart. It always amazed me that those people who were 'jerks' had been 'told off' and those 'people who maybe were just 'acting out' were 'corrected'. She was a teacher; but, if we came home griping about a teacher or how something happened at school, she would listen to our side of the story; then tell us that 'if' we needed to 'expand' on our story, we needed to do it right then; because she was going to call the teacher and get their side of the story'.

    She taught my oldest sister English in a 'split class' (lunchtime took up 30 minutes in the middle of her class). When the bell rang for 'lunch' some of the boys (mostly) would jump up and head for the door. One day she told them that she had 'not dismissed' them to go to lunch and until she did there were NOT to get out of their seats. If they did; they would all stay in and not go to lunch the next day. One of the guys told my sister, 'oh, she won't do that'. To which my sister responded, 'you don't know my Mama'. Next day, bell rang for lunch and he jumped up and headed towards the door. She told him to 'sit back down' - they were going to stay in class through lunch. The next day, his Mama came to the school to pick him up for lunch; when she did - she had to go to the Principal's office to check him out and told him "Johnny's version of the story". The Principal, at the time, called Mother into the Office and asked her what her 'side of the story' was. She told him, then she turned to his Mother and told her 'she was more than welcome to take him home to eat; but, if she did - don't come to the school complaining about how the other students treated him when he got back to school. This was a friend of hers. The Mother looked at my Mother and said, 'thank you, Johnny's NOT coming home … you can tell him exactly why, too'.

    Kim - I understand where you are going with the neighbor/friend about your garden. My oldest sister came help me declutter my house; but, my house and hers are totally different. I fell and broke my wrist putting an angel she had brought me up on a high shelf - and the stool went one way and I went the other. Come to find out, later, she decided that she would not come back to help me anymore because she thought Louis took the broken angel and set it up on the counter. He thought that he could glue it back together. Which he probably could. But, I was the one who took it out of the trashcan she had thrown it in. At least we got most of it done; but, I just cleaned out my corner cabinet the week before last and called and asked her 'if she wanted the part of Mother's china that I had gotten'. She was 'thrilled' that I asked … maybe because she 'knew' I had gotten around do decluttering my kitchen cabinets. I'm sure she would want me to take 2/3rd of what is hanging in my little corner office area off the utility room; but, what is hanging up there is/was important to me when I hung it up there - after finally giving up looking at all my Daddy's 'law certificates' and 'let him go'. I think we 'give up what we need to give up when we are ready'. I'd thank her for wanting to help me; but, tell her that you appreciate her suggestions; but, with working full-time - you need to wait and maybe be on the 'tour' the following April. I know my house nor my garden or yard is up to Suzanne's standards; but, ours have never been. She has a beautiful home and it looks like it has been decorated by a decorator and it has … my home's décor is "hunting cabin with a lot of late attic and early basement furniture." I'm sure you will find a way to let her know that you have a plan … maybe she can look at your vision of YOUR yard. I'm proud of my cramped quarters and also looking forward to redoing my kitchen when we sell some of the timber off our land. He asked me the other night if we had enough $$$ from the sale of the timber; if I would rather do the kitchen or the bathroom. I chose the kitchen; then, today at lunch I told him I did not let him tell me what he'd like to do (first). He said, 'the kitchen' … because it is the first thing that is seen when you come into the house. I'll be buying the appliances (I guess) and he will be paying for the rest of it. He came home and said, well -- granite is totally out of the question - he had been painting a client's house and they told him that their counters (less area than we have) was $5000 and that was just for the piece of granite. I told him - there were other things we could do without the counters being granite.

    Welcome to all the newbies. Pip, hope that Kirby is better. Maybe he needs to 'take up walking'. Don't let him wear ear plugs for listening to music - they showed on TV, on an NBC channel this week a reporter sitting on a bike and how he could not 'hear' the traffic going by - other than feeling the draft … this after a biker had been killed by being dragged by the truck from the wind/draft as he went by him. II used to ride a bike when I was younger and living on a paved road … there are a LOT of people who 'think' that bikers ought to be riding on the opposite side of the road with the pedestrians, facing traffic - not having the same rules for them that apply for vehicles. I know we have come real close to coming up behind a biker on a curve- and meeting traffic and not really having anywhere to go. That's scary as Hell, too. Seems like some people will NOT give a biker his share of the road. If it weren't for walkways in Jacksonville, I am pretty sure that my DFnL (R.I.P.) would have killed someone. Same road that Louis rode down when it was only a 2-lane highway, with no shoulder.


    kirby is doing ok. he hasn't worn earplugs for music in years... i used to, at the time it was in both ears but was low enough to hear traffic coming and going. we ride on the road going with traffic. riding on sidewalks (if there's one) is more dangerous if you're riding at a decent speed. i haven't used ear buds in years now, i have a speaker so there's nothing in my ear. getting hit comes with the territory, our chances are higher, i know if. for whatever reason i'm not scared when i ride in the city or anywhere else. i ride alot more then kirby does. when it's dark, i am plenty lit up like a christmas tree believe me.
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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Okie, I can't tell her the truth, as she can not imagine that anyone lives on under $200,000 - that's the minimum in her mind ( We do live in the San Francisco bay area where prices are astounding). So she would just pay for stuff to be done. But I bought in 1989 so my mortgage is cheap and I live on about 1/8th of her idea of minimum. So paying for stuff is just not an option. She is what my mom calls a positive person - Positive they are right! LOL I have even heard my mom say to someones face who is being a jerk, you are such a positive person! and they leave happy and I'm doing everything I can to not giggle..


    That is a tough situation to be in. I think I would want to tell her that this is something I wanted to do on my own without outside help so I could feel proud of my own accomplishments.... I would probably end up doing what you are doing though and putting the whole thing off. I hate confrontations of any kind. I love your Mother's attitude, that is awesome!

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    She has a beautiful home and it looks like it has been decorated by a decorator and it has … my home's décor is "hunting cabin with a lot of late attic and early basement furniture." I'm sure you will find a way to let her know that you have a plan … maybe she can look at your vision of YOUR yard. I'm proud of my cramped quarters and also looking forward to redoing my kitchen when we sell some of the timber off our land. He asked me the other night if we had enough $$$ from the sale of the timber; if I would rather do the kitchen or the bathroom. I chose the kitchen; then, today at lunch I told him I did not let him tell me what he'd like to do (first). He said, 'the kitchen' … because it is the first thing that is seen when you come into the house. I'll be buying the appliances (I guess) and he will be paying for the rest of it. He came home and said, well -- granite is totally out of the question - he had been painting a client's house and they told him that their counters (less area than we have) was $5000 and that was just for the piece of granite. I told him - there were other things we could do without the counters being granite.


    I love the looks of a nice designer house, but I'm not comfortable in it at all. It doesn't feel "homey" to me. It seems I would love to visit you more than your sister. I literally laughed out loud at how you described your style. I have heard that Quartz is more durable and cheaper than Granite.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Kim: I think your garden plans sound terrific. Wish I was closer so I could help out here and there. Stay true to yourself. I LOVE your mom's use of 'positive'.

    Clubs'n'stuff...I'm waaaaay too introverted. Was asked by a neighbor if I'd like to be a back up player for their Bunko (sp?) group, and I had to politely decline. I don't have slightest clue what Bunko is, as I've been sheltered from games most of my life.

    Lisa: Sounds like you've hit the 'Pandora's Box' of home renovation. I know you'll get through it with all the strength, creativity, humor and funds you need. And, a few years from now when you're relaxing in your dream home, you'll be having to review your blog to even remember what it was before.

    [/b]Margaret[/b]: Doing a happy dance for you. Will you be posting pix of your new basement carpet?

    Cloudy and cool today with temps not going over 60, yet tomorrow will shoot back up to 80. I'm looking forward to taking my niece to Penzey's Spices where I annually refresh my spice rack with everything I like to have handy for stews, soups and savory dishes. https://penzeys.com/ I really like their Arizona Dreaming, dried shallots and vegetable soup base.

    Time to get up and hit the gym. Make it a great day!

    Colorado Foothills
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    Reading all your trials and tribulations with groups, clubs, organisations, reminds me of why I never get involved with anything like that. I am allergic to groups. And I hate people trying to interfere. I am happy with my lone wolf status. :D
    Luckily my DH is very similar in that, except he is more tactful than me.
    I know that without him I would have to make more of an effort. Perhaps a dance class or something like that to get me out of the house. I love my yoga class. But the teacher suits me very well.
    One thing the INTJ -A/-T category did for me was allow me to be happier with my idiosyncrasies. :laugh:

    Heather UK xxxxxxx

    I am a very social person with the people that I love. I agree with you about groups, clubs and organizations. I steer clear of them because they always end up being too much drama for me.

    I have been thinking of a dance class for myself, but am so self-conscious I don't know if I can do it. I was invited yesterday to join my daughter's Mother in Law at the local rec centre for personal training sessions. This is putting me out of my comfort zone as I hate working out in front of people even my husband.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Vicki: I may have freaked out for nothing regarding DD’s house sale. So far we haven’t had any bad news and I was worrying for nothing. I hope that continues to be true. They are moving into their new home and have sent pictures. It seems charming to me. :smile:

    Lisa in AR: I hope the bathroom floor problem is resolved quickly and doesn’t cost the moon. :flowerforyou:

    Karen in VA: Is it your son who needs drugs rather than your grandson? :huh:

    Lenora: I took Nexium for many years for acid reflux because a doctor told me that I would get esophageal cancer if I didn’t. I saw a tv news report linking Nexium use to Alzhiemers & also read about hideous side effects for the brain from Nexium and quit cold turkey. It was the best possible choice to make. When I have occasional acid reflux issues now, I take tums or ranitidine. :flowerforyou:

    Kim: Gardening is a gift and a challenge. I think you are making a great choice. :star: (I also have a “positive” neighbor who thinks she knows positively everything about gardening.)


    Machka: I am so sorry that someone is putting pins in fruit. What an awful thing to do. Is it connected with one particular company? :grumble:

    Heather: Isn’t it wonderful to be able to understand yourself and your own social preferences? WTG!!! :heart:

    Lisa: I like your plan for moving. I hope all goes well. :star:

    Rori: Enjoy your spice shopping. :bigsmile:

    Tracey in Edmonton: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Yoga today. YAY!!! I have been going to various appointments with DH and have not been able to get to yoga as often as I’d like. Today is a day I get to go and I am very happy about it.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    I have been awake since 3 AM and am feeling so tired. But, I am one of those persons who cannot seem to sleep during the day. My mind goes a million thoughts per second when I try to nap.

    Lenora ~ My son got granite countertops last Spring and I don't think they cost much over a couple of thousand dollars. I had my counters replaced with formica that has the look of granite and am fairly well pleased with it. The only problem I have noticed is that the diagonal seam where two sides meet is noticeable.

    Carol in GA
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    Lenora - If your counters are small, you might be able to choose a remnant piece (or pieces). Much cheaper.

    Tracey - Woo hoo! Congrats on hitting the 170’s. You’re doing a great job!

    Rori - Your spice shopping sounds fun!

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    Hi all,
    Another day of moving drama. Hadn't heard anything about the buyer's mortgage so DH rang the agents. We were supposed to have it settled this Friday. I was sooooooooooooo impressed by the way he gave them a piece of his mind. <3 He does it so calmly, but firmly and is quite clear about how angry he is. I just listen to him with my heart jumping out of my chest, knowing that I would be swearing and shouting. DH asked them to talk to the Hove agents and ring him back. They did that and our sellers are hanging on for now. The head of our agency said he was taking this on himself (at last! ) and not leaving it to the sweet, but inadequate, chain coordinator.
    We hope for news on Monday. ;):*:#:/

    I went and burned off 300 bonus calories on the bike and rower. Very good for the adrenaline dispersal.

    DH went for a walk.

    And so it goes. And goes. And goes.

    People are asking me about my birthday. I don't want any presents, or celebrations, or anything at all. I am NOT in celebrating mood. I am seeing a friend for lunch next week, so that's nice. I may change my mind at the last minute - I don't know and I don't care. >:)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • Carol - That's what has happened to our Formica counter tops and the color is very dated. I think Louis said that we will have to find something less expensive than granite. I just put the word out to mean that I want a stone counter. My oldest sister has Corian tops and her sink is built into it. It is thin (about a 1/2 inch maybe and is a white-ish color - She loves it. I want to make sure (since I have very little counter-space to work on that whatever I get can handle a hot pot being put on it and won't get dull or need special attention. We'll go look at them and get an idea of what we want to do. Louis has finally agreed to paint the counters. Again, they are 'blond' because when we built the house, those were less expensive. They have a pattern on them; but, don't think they could be turned around without a lot of work; but, IF they could they would be Shaker fronts. We are talking about how to maybe extend the counter to the left of the refrigerator; and, I want more cabinets around the window so I can 'hide' some of the things on the counter top. He is going to have a guy that he does a lot of painting for to maybe come out and give us some ideas. I hate that the 'only' window on that side of the room is now being blocked by a wire rack, which to me makes it look messy, no matter how we try to keep it straight as possible. I also told him that he needed to go through all the junk he throws on Mimi's cabinet and keep it straight as much as possible; that is what drives me 'nuts'. I'm not about to get rid of it; that is what I picked out of her house when she moved from Marietta to Forsyth. It was painted white and Louis stripped it and is the most beautiful wormy oak. It has a 'pattern' to it. After she saw it she just dropped her mouth. Said it was the first thing they bought as a couple from Sears of all places. It is solid wood; the only thing missing is the sugar bin because they could not keep ants out of it. But, it still has the flour bin and sifter; and the spice rack and all 6 glass jars.

    Back to our kitchen. The window is low off the floor; and measuring up; where a counter at the right that is normal height; it would not be at the center of the window - across; but, I don't think that would bother me; and, if it did I can always close the blinds behind it. I would like for them to be built in 2 sections, so he could paint the lower half the darker color that I have chosen, which is a grayish-green - pretty dark; but, not the absolutely darkest color on the color wheel. He needs to paint the utility, computer area, and 1/2 bath the same color at the kitchen; but, he mixed colors together to get that green; and, he would need to find the can in order to match the color of the kitchen - which is a light grayish-green. Of course, he is also talking about putting down some ceramic tiles that look like wood (but we'd have to do the kitchen, utility room, and 1/2 bath. Since the 1/2 bath does not have any windows in it; I would like to paint it totally white and also paint the base of the sink the same dark color the lower kitch cabinets would be. Maybe some shelves in the room. I don't know if the top to it is a separate piece or not.

    The 2nd big project would be the bath that is off the den and MBR; but, Louis said that would have also been his 2nd choice. We want to take the tub out and make that entire end into a walk-in shower with several heads; take out the shower and put a double vanity there. It's be nice if we could put in a pocket door from the den; but, I think we might end up running into an outlet in the den if we could. The floor tiles are beginning to sound like they are going to pop up any moment. And it can be a little slick; but, I think it is more the rugs that we have in there (they do need being replaced). And of course, that brings up back to the glassed-in porch which is still not finished; and, I would really like for me to be able to put some of my bigger plants in there that are on the deck rather than tote them out to the greenhouse. It gets pretty full with the ferns. I have a 'lot of dreams'; but, that is what they are - just dreams. Nobody that will one day die and leave us a small fortune.

    I just love projects. When it cools off tackling studio - but, I have said that before.

    Hope all are having a good day and for a great weekend!

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    ((((HUGS)))) and <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 going out to Lisa for her bathroom floor and Drkatie for her mobility blues. And anyone else who is hitting bumps in the road.

    Love you all, Heather UK xxxxxxx