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  • FrankiesSaysRelaxFrankiesSaysRelax Member Posts: 409 Member Member Posts: 409 Member
    ME! I started dieting in January 2011 and hit my goal weight around May of that year. I decided to slightly lower my goal weight and hit that some time last year, so I've been in maintenance on and off for about 2 years. It's mostly a lot of intuitive eating for me now.. listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry. I still log calories but mostly for my macro breakdown. I do still weigh in to check I'm around the weight I want to be and I reign it in when I'm a little high.
  • dancingdeerdancingdeer Member Posts: 378 Member Member Posts: 378 Member
  • shayemimishayemimi Member Posts: 203 Member Member Posts: 203 Member
    I am! I still love to log and I find it helps me stay on top of things, especially since I really just got to maintenance this summer... I am eating more calories, but still watching pretty close, except for the weekends when I allow myself more indulgences. It's balancing out pretty good so far. :)
  • KittenTikkaKittenTikka Member Posts: 93 Member Posts: 93
    I've been in maintenance for the last 4 months; I lost a little extra during that time as I've upped my exercise regime to train for a half-marathon. My goal was to lose 28 - 30 lbs ..... and I lost 36 lbs in total

    I still note what I eat and how much exercise I do, so I can keep track of calories in vs calories out and I tend to monitor weekly intake/output which allows for meals out during the weekend. I have hungry and not-so-hungry days, so by tracking I can make sure I don't over or underdo it in any 7-day period :)

    Not sure enough of myself yet to let go of daily logging - just a bit scared I'll slip back into my old ways!! But I much prefer the new, fitter, healthier, more confident me - so hopefully I'll keep this in the back of my mind when I finally decide to "go it alone"
  • lorierin22lorierin22 Member Posts: 432 Member Member Posts: 432 Member
    I started eating at maintenance in late May. I still had about 5 pounds to lose, but I decided to maintain over the summer and take a break. I did really well until mid July. I have now gained about 5 pounds, so will be going back to eating at a deficit once school starts again next week (I teach). I guess you could say I failed at maintenance. But I know what mistakes I made, so I know I can turn this around.

    Good luck to all. I will be checking out this forum often.

    Me too. I was doing ok with maintenence when I checked in often--worked for about 4 or 5 months, but then last month I just let it all go and I skipped some of my weekly runs and now I am up 5 pounds. (my goal weight is actually 150, but I think my ticker says 140), but anyway...I am back to start counting again and will try one more time to figure out maintenence without having to log everything I eat! :) Good luck to you!
  • laurenmanderson1laurenmanderson1 Member Posts: 113 Member Member Posts: 113 Member
    I was VERY excited when I saw this new section! I've been looking for more friends that are in maintenance like me, so feel free to add me if you'd like!

    I've been in maintenance for about 4 months now. I went from eating a net 1200 a day to 1700 now. I will typically try to stay under that goal of 1700 during the week so that on the weekend I don't have to log my food and can have a bit more fun, if you know what I mean :wink: It has been working so far, but if I start to gain again with all of my 'fun' weekends I will start logging again!
  • erikmsp72erikmsp72 Member Posts: 137 Member Member Posts: 137 Member
    I'm in. It IS an adjustment, no? :)
  • BoozetteBBoozetteB Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Iam new to this app just learned their was an message board ,I did a diet called ideal protein loss 45 lbs now I am trying to maintain my current weight incorporate exercise to my daily routine and learning what to eat while maintaining all help is welcome like I said I am new so I don't have any friends on here or know how to add people
  • stephs0214stephs0214 Member Posts: 269 Member Member Posts: 269 Member
    ME! Just switched to maintenance this week. I'm kind of nervous about it but am excited I finally get to focus more on building strength and toning up. Please feel free to add me if you are on maintenance. I'd love to learn more about the maintenance lifestyle :wink:
  • helyghelyg Member Posts: 675 Member Member Posts: 675 Member

    I hit my initial goal weight of 154lbs (healthy BMI) back in the spring, but decided I needed to lose some more and moved my goal to 140lbs. I hit that mid July and so have been in maintenance ever since. Trouble is, I'm not very good at it as I have lost another 4lbs and now weigh 136lbs :ohwell:

    I'm hoping to pick up some ideas from this board as to how to stay the same weight! I feel like I'm eating loads, but I'm still losing.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 38,077 Member Member Posts: 38,077 Member
    I've been maintaining since about 5 months. I really placed my focus on my fitness goals and training so maintenance hasn't been an issue for me and I've found it to be exceedingly easy. I've found that to really be the key. A lot of people I know who've struggled, have dones so because they stopped working their fitness...this is largely due to the fact that so many people neglect to set fitness goals that are independent of weight loss they associate the two. They're not trying to lose weight, so they stop exercising...worst thing anyone could possibly do.
  • WAHMto5WAHMto5 Member Posts: 375 Member Member Posts: 375 Member
    Love this new board! I have been in maintenance since March and has gone pretty good! I still log my food and watch what I eat about 90% of the time. I try to stay between 3-4 pounds +/- of my goal weight.
  • kluvitkluvit Member, Premium Posts: 437 Member Member, Premium Posts: 437 Member
    I've been in maintenance for about a year. While it was challenging to transition from weight loss to maintenance mode, I am thrilled with my progress maintaining within +/- 3 pounds of my final target weight.

    I find that I can successfully back off from daily logging for a couple of months at a time, but if I catch myself leaning towards behaviors/patterns/habits that are out of alingment with my goals or if I gain a couple of pounds, I jump right back in and redirect my focus to get back to those behaviors/patterns/habits that helped me achieve my success.

    I was up by 3 pounds at the beginning of July, so I started logging again (with a brief hiatus for a college reunion weekend), and as of last week am now one pound under my target weight. I'll continue to log for another week or so, and as long as I'm on the right track, I'll drop logging for a while, but I won't drop the eating/workout patterns.
  • thochhalterthochhalter Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3
    For those of you that did Ideal Protein to lose weight, are you still following IP's maintenance guidelines? The whole, don't mix carbs with fat except for breakfast? Also, do you try to stay under a certain amount of calories then if you are following this?

    I would love if people in maintenance would be my friend, then we can share our diaries and get food/meal ideas!

    I am starting IP maintenance next week and soo nervous. I lost 91 pounds and don't want to gain it back!
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