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The Maintenance Appreciation Thread



  • LolinloggenLolinloggen Posts: 90Member Member Posts: 90Member Member
    I have been maintaining for over a year now. I hit my goal July 2017, but due to holidays etc decided that my official start of maintenance is 1 november 2017, just before starting a new job and chaining my daily routine to accommodate that. Not only that my new job requires quite a bit more lunches and business trips have increased.
    It has not been an easy year. I had to get used to the fluctuations and change in exercise Having said that my 12 month average is 100g under my goal So I am doing allright.

    What i have chosen to do is to up my intake during the weekend and keep the same food routine as I had when loosing the last few Kg's That seems to work for me.
  • rcreynol3090rcreynol3090 Posts: 164Member Member Posts: 164Member Member
    I've managed to make to New Year's Day only up 2.4 pounds over my goal weight, and 5.6 pounds over my lowest weight. Now to get back on track with my maintenance, back to the gym, back to eating better!
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  • OrphiaOrphia Posts: 6,601Member Member Posts: 6,601Member Member
    @ddmom0811 Hahaha, I didn't know you'd lost 50 lb and been maintaining 5 years. Yay you!!! :heart:

    Yes, I have a part-time job too! :smile:

    Plus I'm going on holiday soon where I won't be able to weigh myself or food and will be eating out every night, and can't wait. I think last year doing the same thing I had an amazing time and even lost weight!

    Maintenance is hard, but working hard at it means getting to know how to do it.
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