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  • rcreynol3090rcreynol3090 Member Posts: 174 Member Member Posts: 174 Member
    I've managed to make to New Year's Day only up 2.4 pounds over my goal weight, and 5.6 pounds over my lowest weight. Now to get back on track with my maintenance, back to the gym, back to eating better!
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  • nooie19nooie19 Member Posts: 196 Member Member Posts: 196 Member
    @JaniceVACPA 133 was my goal weight too and I have been losing 1-2 pounds a month for last two and a half months. I sent you a friend invite.
  • katharmonickatharmonic Member, Premium Posts: 5,413 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5,413 Member
    Nice job maintainers! It is a great accomplishment and hard work to keep on it.

    Hi to my running thread buddies @ddmom0811 and @Orphia and congrats on your losses and maintaining them so well. I'm coming up on 2 years maintaining about a 60 lb loss also.

    I agree with the part time job comments - between running, strength training, yoga, and walking - well I wish I got paid for all those hours! But this is what is working for me right now to be strong and fit, and to be able to eat enough where I'm not miserable.
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