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  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 5,410Member Member Posts: 5,410Member Member
    I'm home in jammies and in bed... I've been on my feet all day .out of shape and fighting a cold....I did take some NyQuil hope that will help sleep and help me feel better..
    Heather- so glad you had a great birthday xoxo.
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Posts: 1,017Member Member Posts: 1,017Member Member
    Snowflake: On my first job when I was in my 20's O traveled down a road lined with mansions and I always wondered about the people who lived in those house. Imagined what life was like there.
  • okiewoman510okiewoman510 Posts: 825Member, Premium Member Posts: 825Member, Premium Member
    Rye - Let me know when the brain catches up ;) I still gravitate to the plus sizes and I’ve been this size for 6+ months.

  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Posts: 3,868Member Member Posts: 3,868Member Member
    Margaret Are those shelves the type that fold up? I have some that belonged to my mom & they are really neat.
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Posts: 13,226Member Member Posts: 13,226Member Member

    There was a short wind storm this afternoon and all these branches ripped off the tree by the side of the house and landed in our back yard.
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Posts: 3,449Member Member Posts: 3,449Member Member
    Margaret Are those shelves the type that fold up? I have some that belonged to my mom & they are really neat.

    Yes, they do and then the sides fold in so it is easy to move.
  • skuehn48skuehn48 Posts: 1,030Member Member Posts: 1,030Member Member
    Hi all: Got a call from the cardiologist's office. She told me my stress test was abnormal but would not elaborate. She said the doctor would talk to me and set up an appointment for October 18. I guess it can't be too bad as they are waiting more than 3 weeks to talk with me. Oh well.

    Margaret - We have some of those shelves. I really like that they fold up. We are using them in our guest cabin.

    Heather - Happy birthday! Glad you had a wonderful day.

    Meg - That weather sounds really crazy. Glad you are feeling better.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
  • suebdewsuebdew Posts: 1,169Member Member Posts: 1,169Member Member
    Too far behind so will just peep in for awhile. So tired from the stress and travel. Missed you all.
    SueBDew in T
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 9,879Member Member Posts: 9,879Member Member
    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 8.12min, 12amph, 125mhr, 1.5mi= 69c
    apple watch- didn't turn on
    TREADMILL jog- 9min, 9min mi, 6.5-7.3sp, 140ahr, 153mhr, 1mi= 110c
    apple watch- 113c
    core work- 25.46min, 5sts of 10 ea, in btwn, 5sts of 15ea of hamstring leglifts, on butt-knees to chest, situps, leg lifts, 112mhr, 93ahr = 122c
    apple watch- 144c
    ride gym 2 dome- 6min, 15.3amph, 126mhr, 1.4mi= 51c
    apple watch- 45c
    ride puy 2 sumn station- 14.06min, 13.2amph, 116ahr, 141mhr= 115c
    apple watch- 114c
    jog sta 2 wk- 5.20min, 9.41min mi, 135ahr, 144mhr, .5mi= 53c
    apple watch- 49c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta-4. 8min, min, 9.02min mi, 148mhr, .4mi= 77c
    apple watch- 87c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 21.13min, WINDY, 16MPH, 7.4amph, 138mhr, 2.5mi= 184c
    apple watch- 140c

    total cal 781
  • exermomexermom Posts: 4,249Member Member Posts: 4,249Member Member
    Did Kelly Coffee Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to take the water class. I made the ginger chocolate cookies for the gal so I’ll take them then

    Oh, this Newcomer thing is really getting funny. The guy (Greg) sent me an email saying how we shouldn’t have to be custodial of the information about members and they can input their own information. I just told him (I want Vince to read this first) that there is no way we’re going to get enough member participation to make this data relevant. Too many of the members are uncomfortable with computers. I know that he has no clue whatsoever what I do in my job. If a member changes their email address, I wouldn’t have a clue so I couldn’t update the mail list which means that they wouldn’t get any notices from us. One thing that the vice president used to do but I just took it upon myself to do is when a new member indicates on their application form that they are interested in an activity which we already have (say book club), I notify the activity leader so they can get in touch with this new member. Well, if new members are supposed to enter their own information, how would I know of their interests? Actually, in retrospect, it was a good thing that I took this upon myself to do that because as it is now there is no way he could find this information. It used to be that you could, but the code that made this possible Greg can’t fix.

    Mary – your experience with Shep really warmed my heart. He really missed you!

    Viv – (((HUGS)))

    M – can you tell me more about Toastmasters? You can even PM me. Is there a fee at the meetings? Are you given certain speeches? Do you do other things besides giving speeches? Like what? How long do the meetings usually last?

    Oh, this Newcomer thing just keeps getting better and better. See, I had previously emailed Adra, Sandy and Greg saying that in the past I have gotten requests to modify a member’s information and for whatever reason they are uncomfortable doing this themselves. Adra just called to tell me that they all agree with me that member’s won’t put their information on the web (well…duhhhh…if they had asked me in the first place…..) and now they’re going to make me an administrator so I can put people on the new directory. They still don’t know how that’s done and I have no intention of trying to figure it out. Adra was emphatic to me that they aren’t going to go to an outside source. There are 12 people who are on the old directory and not on the new. I didn’t think it was that many, to be honest. I mentioned that this probably won’t happen but if a member changes their email address I wouldn’t know about it so I can’t update the mail list. Adra said that with this new system Greg has it so that if a member changes their email it will automatically update the mail list. I told her that I would want to test that out. Evidently, she’s going to test it out with one of her two addresses. I am quite sure that the mail list won’t be updated. Greg couldn’t even figure out how to get the birth DAYS on the new directory, and you think he can figure out how to integrate the two? Sandi goes shooting so I told her that if she goes Tuesday, I’ll go to where they go to eat afterwards and introduce myself to her. Adra wants me to continue to keep the spreadsheet as a backup. So I guess this means that I’m to be expected to input the exact same information in 3 places. Is that crazy or is that crazy? There is a spreadsheet that the original webmaster started. Honestly, if someone gives me, say, a new phone number I update the web but I don’t bother with the spreadsheet. No one has ever asked me for it in the last, oh, 5 years or so. Plus, she tells me that she wants me to keep the spreadsheet so she can make a directory. There’s one on the web right now!!! Plus…the information is more accurate. But what do I know? Come April I’m out of there. There are going to be too too many problems and I don’t want to be in the crossfire.

    Clothing: I try to have as little as possible, but that doesn’t always work out. I must say that one reason I have two drawers full of short-sleeved shirts is because almost all of them came from the Salvation Army. Really, the only thing I almost never can get there are pants for me. I won’t get underwear, bathing suits or shoes there.

    Okie – I almost always find that larger sizes are cuter. I see a cute shirt and it’s usually a “large”.

    Tracey – I’m like you, lately I can’t find any shoes that I like. Which is probably a good thing. Most of the shoes are those flat soled ones, and I don’t think they look “dressy” enough. I don’t like to correct people’s grammar to them. But when writing a document and you want to come across as knowing what you’re talking about, it’s a good thing to have someone proofread it. There are things that I don’t bother with like putting the punctuation mark in the quote.

    Okie – glad everything went well for you

    I like Avia sneakers, but they are sometimes hard to find. Ryka is good. I like a sneaker that has a bit more room in the toes.

    Sue in WA – you are right, if they feel it can wait for 3 weeks, then it isn’t that serious

    SueBDew in TX – welcome back!

    Michele in NC
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Posts: 13,226Member Member Posts: 13,226Member Member
    :) Sue in WA, I hate it when they say the results need discussion and then set up the discussion weeks away. I hope you can put it out of your mind til the appointment.

    :) Katie, your fixed up rooms look great.
  • lhscapillhscapil Posts: 1,657Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,657Member, Premium Member
  • auntiebkauntiebk Posts: 991Member Member Posts: 991Member Member
    Heather YAY for pink leather gloves! Your outfit sounds so very chic.
    Carol Brava for logging every bite, hope the cortisone shots really help. I blame my much larger feet on age not pounds ;)
    Karen in VA will check out khanacademy... might be sorta fun for me too? Happy Schedule Surprise!
    Machka :brokenheart:
    Katla "of unasked for advice givers" Made me shout out loud with laughter. Boy do I resemble that remark!
    Tracey I am so sorry to hear it. Mama impatiently corrected Papa's usage all the time. Wish such correctors could see the pain they cause? An adult's usage is what it is and unlikely to change. Such feedback should be provided only if someone is actively trying to standardize their speech and has asked for such help. Mama corrected me as a child, appropriately, which gave me a good foundation for which I'm grateful. I sure resented how she treated Papa. Time to use some of that assertiveness trainingg on your husband. Either he finds a humorous/acceptable way to alert you to your non-standard usages, or he says NOTHING. Woof! Didn't realize I was so passionate about this topic. 6 miles? Brava!
    Barbie I'm afraid to sign up for the Be more with less challenge. Pretty sure I could make do with only 33 wardrobe items for 3 months, but then would the fashion and declutter police make me get rid of everything else? Oh NOOOOOO! That was quite a wind storm, so glad no one was hurt by the falling branches, they're BIG!
    Kay your last sentence cracked me up... oops, there I go ending with a preposition...
    Vicki One of the things I'll miss living out here in the woods is peeking in at folks' Christmas trees lit up at night. Might have to go into town to get my fix.
    Mary :love: your new profile pic :)
    Sue in WA
    "guess it can't be too bad..." from your mouth to God's ear! Waiting 3 weeks for details sounds pretty doggoned stressful to me.

    Tiny feet and blisters growing up. Was so determined to wear (kitten) heels for junior high graduation, bought the smallest size available, stuffed toe with cotton and lined the sides and heels with band-aids. It was a miracle I didn't totter off and break my butt! Ageing has brought shoe wisdom, no longer wear heels except to funerals. Mostly its walking shoes, hiking or rain boots, a half size too big made comfortable by SmartWool socks. ;)

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 2/2, rx/vits 2/2, meditate 2/2, walk one more step 2/2, knee exercises 2/2, core 1/4, walk Tumble 1/4 times, SWSY 0/2, hang up or purge art 0/0, AF 2/2.
  • fanncy0626fanncy0626 Posts: 5,831Member Member Posts: 5,831Member Member
    Barbera- Thanks! I can picture your shoe prep and trying to fit into a smaller size. I can't wear heels. But, I still try to wear that smaller size!

  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,024Member Member Posts: 15,024Member Member
    Regarding shoes/feet ...

    My feet were very narrow and I've got low ankle bones ... so finding shoes that don't bite my ankle bones, rub my achilles tendons, or flop around making it difficult to walk has always been a challenge. I have a lot of shoes, but mainly because I buy something hoping it will work ... and it doesn't really, so I buy something else.

    And then I developed arthritis in the joint where my big toe attaches to the foot, in both feet and that joint is so swollen now it makes the front of my feet wide, but the heel area is still very narrow. Now it is even more difficult to find shoes. 90% of dress shoes cut me right across the arthritic part.

    Oddly enough, I found a pair of comfortable short boots this winter at Big W (not Walmart, but looks similar) for $10. I could hardly believe it. They are cheap boots and I wore them out in about 3 months, but then I wore them almost every day for 3 months. I went in again hoping to find another pair, and fortunately they had them in my size in brown and black so I splurged and spent $20!! I'm wearing the brown pair today.

    I'm not exactly sure what makes these comfortable but they do have some key features:
    - no pressure on my arthritic joints
    - fairly stiff soles
    - lace-up so I can adjust the tightness as needed
    - they are wide enough over my ankle bones so they don't rub anywhere.

    I wish I could find shoes like these boots, but lace up dress shoes aren't that popular.

    In fact, I wander through shoe stores at lunch sometimes and think: ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, WOW - those would cripple me, ouch, ouch ... there's just nothing that even looks vaguely comfortable these days.

    M in Oz
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