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  • fanncy0626fanncy0626 Posts: 5,853Member Member Posts: 5,853Member Member
    drkatiebug- sounds like you are doing great with your exercise! I am glad your ankle is healed! I think I need a beach vacation as well can't wait to get back to Arizona!

  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 5,440Member Member Posts: 5,440Member Member
    im home and in my jammies, going to sleep early tonight... blood work in the am and then working in Hartford... ugh hate the ride home.... oh well
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    :) About MFP and changing passwords. I saw the message that said I was required to change my password and ignored it but two days ago when I tried to log on from my phone, it wanted me to use my user name and password. I clicked on the place that said "forgot password" and when it asked for a password, I entered what was most likely the password I'd used before, and MFP seemed to like it and all is well. It turned out to be no big deal.

    :)Betsy, it seems like awhile since I've seen you on the thread. What a great deal for you to get the Fitbit Surge. I love technology and am hugely motivated by something that tells me how much I've walked and congratulates me for a job well done.

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  • teklawa1teklawa1 Posts: 192Member Member Posts: 192Member Member

    Yes, I was gone all summer to Alaska and got back end of August. I'll be here in WA until spring.

    I love the data from the Fitbit and it gets me moving. I love to walk and be outside and was surprised that the first three days I wore the Surge, it sent me a message that I had just completed a 26 mile marathon. Then a few days ago it celebrated a total of 70 miles. And it gives me a heads up when my steps reach 10,000 daily. I haven't tried to download to the computer yet but that will be fun. I also see where I can log my water and food intake and that will help me be honest with my calories in. I love water and drink all day but I know I underestimate my calories.

    Barbi, was so sad when I read your posts about having to rest and not be active. I picture you loving to walk with your dogs and be outside....then was so happy to read of your positive doctor appointment. And how wonderful you did some line dancing.

    Betsy (NW Washington)

  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 9,963Member Member Posts: 9,963Member Member
    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.32min, 12.3mph, 128mhr, 1.5mi= 76c
    apple watch- 64c
    MANUAL TREADMILL- jog- 12.49min, 143ahr, 153mhr, 1mi= 149c
    apple watch- 159c
    arm/chin up machine and in btwn mountain climbers, all 4's elbow to knee, pushups - 33.53min, 1.10min, 55# 1st of 10ea, 115ahr, 11sets of 10ea on machine, 15sets of ea on fl exercises, 132mhr= 247c
    apple watch- 222c
    ride gym 2 dome- 5.09min, 17.5amph, 133mhr, 1.4mi= 59c
    apple watch- 41c
    ride puy 2 sumn station- 14min, 12.6amph, 117ahr, 137mhr= 125c
    apple watch- 115c
    jog sta 2 wk- 5.26min, 9.44min mi, 132ahr, 145mhr, .5mi= 66c
    apple watch- 59c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4min, 8.48min mi, 154mhr, .4mi= 88c
    apple watch- 74c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 21.8min, 7.4amph,140mhr, 2.6mi= 189c
    apple watch- 143c

    total cal 999
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Posts: 13,284Member Member Posts: 13,284Member Member
    Started a one month plank challenge today

    :) The plank is a great exercise. It is good for many different parts of the body. Good luck on the challenge. Even if you start small, it will still bring great results.
  • exermomexermom Posts: 4,271Member Member Posts: 4,271Member Member
    Did 5 minutes of hula hooping, held my plank for 3 minutes, then took the extremepump class. The plan for tomorrow is to do Kelly Coffee Meyers 30 Minutes to Fitness Plateau Buster DVD.

    Mary – I’m the exact same way as you when it comes to public speaking – probably worse. I get all tongue-tied and start to cry if there’s something that’s on my mind. Like when I mentioned to the board how hurt I was, I started crying. I’m sure that didn’t make me appear any more credible. I should have known. I know me, and I should just have sent an email to the entire board. But I didn’t. Sometimes even if I have a listing of the points that I want to make, what I say comes out different than what I mean. And I start to sweat. I know I’m a real nit-picker when it comes to grammar. But I have to say that I’m not nearly as bad as Vince…!! One of the things that really annoys me is when someone says “me and my family read a book” when it should be “my family and I read a book”. I remember years ago I was helping out in a classroom typing stories the kids had written and I would explain when you would use “me” and when you would use “I” and why. Do you know that one of the kids actually said “thank you for telling us the difference”? Glad for you that you’re going to take Shep back.

    Viv in UK – can you get one of those “glow in the dark” balls?

    Kate – I’m so sorry about your SIL and your friends (((HUG)))

    Okie – hope things go well for you tomorrow. Can’t say that I envy you at all!

    After exercise stopped at the Salvation Army then Habitat for Humanity then Aldi. Now home and we’ll leave in a bit for bowling. Ceramics tonight, then mahjongg

    Margaret – many times older things are built better than things you buy today, too. That home tour sounds really neat

    Tammythaxton – so sorry you went thru all that and will be going thru more. Please be sure to come here and share everything with us. You CAN do this.

    Michele in NC
  • ryendayryenday Posts: 1,542Member Member Posts: 1,542Member Member
    Michelle I can relate. I cry when nervous and when angry. It makes it hard to take me seriously.

    I also relate to being particular about grammar. My mother was a grammar teacher (3rd/4th grader English teacher) AND my language in high school was Latin. I am constantly correcting people’s grammar while watching TV. Drives my poor husband batty. lol. In public, I have to bite my tongue- but I do not correct grammar in public. I would consider that rude. But poor grammar usage makes me batty.

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  • Katla49Katla49 Posts: 6,078Member Member Posts: 6,078Member Member
    Dr. Katie: The best thing I do to help combat depression is to have a goal to have fun every day. It doesn’t have to be something big. Walking the dog, going to yoga, working out at the gym, riding, are all examples of having fun. All of that said, I also take an antidepressant daily. I’ve been taking this medicine for many years. As the days get shorter, it becomes more important. Bright lighting in my home also helps with winter blues. :flowerforyou:

    I talked with DD on the phone today. She is having a great adventure in moving into her new home. The first big problem is plumbing. There is no water for the pipes & toilets aren’t working. I'm not sure whether it is a problem with the well. She doesn’t seem upset about it and is taking it as an adventure. I wouldn’t be as relaxed about it as she seems to be. I hope they get that resolved before the first big freeze.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,161Member Member Posts: 15,161Member Member
    Goals for October
    Stay on high fiber low sugar diet.
    I maintained in September

    I went on the biannual Summit Ave house tour yesterday. There were twelve homes on the tour. These are more mansions than homes. These are the homes that the very wealthy built around 1890-1920. I didn't take pictures I barely got them all in in the 6 hour time frame they allowed for viewing. They were spread out over a a large are. I must have walked four to five miles yesterday. Many of these homes were three stories too. Not all the homes were open to the third floor but several were. I got plenty of exercise.

    I would have enjoyed that too. :)

    We have an Open House here in Hobart each year where we can go in and explore a number of buildings in town, including some of the older houses. I love doing that.

    Machka in Oz

  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,161Member Member Posts: 15,161Member Member
    dandl1986 wrote: »
    Then, everything just went south real fast. I broke my 6th rib on the left side

    I did that a number of years ago. Everything hurt ... lying down, sitting, standing. I had to arrange the bed so I was sort of over on my right side and wouldn't make the mistake of turning on my left.

    The only thing that didn't hurt was cycling. The cycling position allowed my rib cage to fall out into mid-air with no pressure on it, and so I got a lot of cycling in while I was healing.

    Not, however, on the day after I cracked the ribs!! The morning I cracked the ribs, I had rammed my left foot into a table and could hardly walk. I was pretty sure I'd done something pretty bad to one of my toes. That evening, I went for a bicycle ride, and got into a situation where the person in front of me stopped suddenly. Normally, I would have put that left foot down to balance myself, but my foot was having none of that, and so I went over, right onto the ribs ... cracking the ribs. At the clinic, the doctor confirmed the cracked ribs, then asked if there were anything else. Well, yes, my toe. Sure enough it was broken, and I had broken the skin too. He asked when my last tetanus shot was, and I said, "um ..." Next thing I knew, I had a tetanus shot in my left arm. My left side was taken out of action with a shot in the arm, cracked ribs, and a broken toe.

    The next day I wanted to try a bicycle ride, but felt so sick, I couldn't do anything. But a couple days later I was back on the bicycle again. :)

    Have you sneezed yet? Always carry a pillow around with you or have one near at hand. You'll want to use it to brace your body for that event. Sneezing with cracked ribs is a whole new experience in pain!!!

    I hope you feel better soon!!

    Machka in Oz

  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,161Member Member Posts: 15,161Member Member
    lhscapil wrote: »
    Machka[/b] - how thrilling to see your DH's apple tree budding. Now, I'm curious. If someone were to get a dormant tree from the US, would it get mixed up season-wise if planted in your area? Maybe if it's truly dormant it won't care. My gravenstein has a branch that blossoms every fall so there's a mixed up one, lol.

    A biologist once told me (and an entire class) that plants leafed and blossomed based on length of day. However, I immediately doubted him because I was sure that I'd see plants leafing and blossoming at odd times of the year, and sure enough that year we had a warm December in Alberta, and some of the trees in our yard budded and started to leaf.

    I could be wrong, but I think it has to do with temperature.

    We have lots of northern hemisphere plants here, and they seem to have adapted well to our seasons here. Most Australian natives are evergreens so the ones that bud and blossom in the spring and change colour in the autumn are non-natives, mostly from the northern hemisphere.

    M in Oz

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