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Anyone NOT on keto?



  • Mr_Healthy_HabitsMr_Healthy_Habits Member Posts: 12,064 Member Member Posts: 12,064 Member
    Like Bruce Lee says...

    "If it helps you in a fight, you should learn to use it."

    But I don't think ordering pizza and just eating the cheese and toppings is healthy nor sustainable lol
  • iamkachelleiamkachelle Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    Right here👋👋👋, keto did not work for me #shrug. Different strokes for different folks😊
  • nvmomketonvmomketo Member Posts: 12,021 Member Member Posts: 12,021 Member
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    This topic has on my mind quite a bit. I am currently doing the keto lifestyle since about May 10th. I was pretty overweight, tired, and miserable. My internet wandering had clued me in to diabetes, so I checked my glucose and decided to change something. Now I dislike doctors and pills, and in my analytical mind I knew step A was lose weight. I had lost weight before using MFP, but found the logging to be annoying to my perfectionist flaw. So I started by elimating bread, based on some people's antedotes about gluten, celiac, etc. It was hard as I love bread. So I evolved to a keto lifestyle, and since I love meat, cheese, and eggs, so far so good. One thing I didn't like is the bombardment of "keto haters"... Maybe it is a component of the internet warrior persona that is becoming so prevalent, but I wondered why... Do all diet have this detracting faction, I don't really know as I had never done a "diet" other than eat less. So I watched and read, and read and watched, so now I have an opinion. It is mine, feel free to throw it away, but I would like to share.

    Weight management is strictly calorie consumed vs calorie burned. ALL diets, keto, atkins, carnivore, american standard, or even snickers and cocaine. They will all result in change in weight based on which side of the equation is higher. With that said, it comes down to how you feel and how it effects your body.

    Back to subject, keto is likely a big change to your body. People tend to jump in with both feet. It is definitely not a try for 3 days and judge, if you want an honest evaluation. Some say 3 weeks, or a month. I think I can look back at my reality and I went lower carb, not strict keto for the first month, even now I am seldom under the 20 carb number. I am usually under 50, never over 100. Maybe that is why I was successful.

    I would suggest if aspects of keto appeal to you, first don't try and lose weight, try being even on the calorie equation. I suspect people are asking too much of themselves to do both task (diet change & calorie deficit).

    One aspect that I subscribe too, is sugar addiction. I think I was addicted, but not really to traditional "sweets", but to the more insidious carbs. Now I don't feel as hungry, and in my opinion this addiction is why you hear "the weight came back". Compare it to a drug addiction, common knowledge is to stay off drugs, you need to abstain entirely, With that said, I have battled addiction and won, my success was based on this single rule... Not today... Just don't drink today,=alcohol was my drug of choice, and if I failed that day, the sun rose the next day and I started over, pushed regret aside or used it to strengthen my resolve.

    Is keto for everyone, is keto for you. Only you know that, some had a underlying, possibly undiagnosed condition that makes keto a bad choice. You are kind of experimented with you body;. Have a great day.

    There really isn't "keto-hate" here, there is push back to keto-evangelists who assume that because keto worked for them, it will work for everyone and is the best diet.

    One of the many aspects of this is the idea you mention - that if keto didn't work for you, you either didn't try it for long enough or didn't do it right. Why can't it just not work for everyone? Just like your old eating style didn't work for you, why can't keto just not be the right fit for someone else? Why does there have to be a medical condition causing keto not to work?

    Keto has helped you lose weight and get control of your diet - that's awesome! No one here is saying it's not. All we are saying is it didn't work for us, and we are totally cool with that because we found the way that works for us. We don't need to experiment anymore with keto.

    I just don't think the push back is needed.

    In the Getting Started forum there is one keto thread right now, out of twenty-eight possible topics showing up on my screen. In that thread there are 5 responses. This one has 87.

    I don't think there are any evangelist keto posts on the entire board right now. Considering the number of posts and posters, it isn't very common on MFP. Although when evangelist posts do show up they are quite active as many people will correct them.

    I think this is the biggest keto thread at the moment. ;) The last big keto thread was "What's with this keto craze?"

    I would guess that both of our personal biases are showing here in our perception. Because how many keto threads are on the boards "right now" changes depending on when right now is. I often pull up "recent posts" and read down the list on the Introductions and Getting Started boards and see Starting Keto Today, Need Keto Friends, Who's Doing Keto, Keto, Help with Keto, Need Keto Meals, What Can I Eat on Keto, Keto Works, Keto Friends, all over the first page.

    But my response was specifically to the poster I quoted. The thread isn't about keto-evangelists. It's about people feeling like everyone is doing keto. I don't think it's misleading to say keto is the popular diet right now. It's all over diet and fitness magazines, blogs, web pages, FB, and tv shows. Obviously OP and the many posters who are thanking them for starting the thread because they felt the same way would disagree that keto threads aren't common on MFP.

    Keto really is all over the place right now. It's probably peaking soon.
  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member Posts: 10,196 Member Member Posts: 10,196 Member
    It's not for me either. I tried it twice because it would have been beneficial for me when I first started (I had high blood sugar) but it was very unsustainable and my body and brain just didn't do well on it. I chose the alternative route of just eating to my preferences within my calorie. It was sustainable and I lost a lot of weight which lowered my blood sugar without having to eat low carb or keto. So yeah, I'm not on keto.
  • TonyB0588TonyB0588 Member Posts: 9,521 Member Member Posts: 9,521 Member
    Ive noticed that everyone seems to be on keto and doing well. Ive done it and its not for me. I can't live with my occasional piece of toast or glass of wine. I guess what im look for are people who are have success with weightloss by just counting calories. ☺

    I'm not on Keto. Hardly even understand what it is. Just calorie counting and portion control, and I'm within my acceptable weight range now.
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