Less Alcohol - January 2019 - One Day at a Time



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    @springsweet No, one beer as you know won’t derail you. Congrats on all the positive changes you are making with the stress at home. I am on day 13 and feeling great; however, I can tell when stress comes I want to grab for a glass on wine. In my case it has made things worse by drinking.

    Kudos to all of everyone’s efforts of reducing alcohol in our lives.
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    Hmmm, was just watching tv and during the break a Bud Light commercial came on about them putting ingredient lables on the beer, which will be coming in February.
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    MissMay wrote: »
    Hmmm, was just watching tv and during the break a Bud Light commercial came on about them putting ingredient lables on the beer, which will be coming in February.

    yep saw that....at the end they showed the label and wasnt anything i didnt already know

    also saw the heineken 0.0 commerical - non-alcoholic with 60 calories....might try it some day

    i read recently that AF is the hot trend these days and many brewers are now looking to offer AF beer...i think we made the trend
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    @normlnv I think we are the trend to.
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    Stuck to my limit of one glass of wine tonight and last night, and very proud of it! Went Way over my calories for food though! Had a delicious dinner last night, and afternoon tea today. OMG that’s more than a meal in itself! Of course I had to try my friends jambalaya watching football. Back to the gym and AF weekdays tomorrow!

    How was everyone’s weekend?
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    I had a SINGLE glass of wine the other night. First one yet this year. This Thursday I’ll likely have two glasses when I go out with a GF, but I don’t feel bad about it. I feel like I’m KILLIN’ my goal to drink less - I *AM* killin’ it. I’m amazed at how I’m really getting used to not drinking wine. It’s on my mind less and less and I’m just happily surprised by it. My FitBit is also logging better sleep which has been a plus I didn’t think about, but now it makes total sense. My mood is also so much better. This group is becoming a game changer for me and I’m so thankful! For the past few years, I had more nights than not throughout a week, on average, where I would have a couple of glasses of wine. And then the snacking that went along with it. GAH!!! It bothered me but I just couldn’t snap myself out of it. I really didn’t think I could stop. But something has clicked for me and I want to cling to this because I truly feel like I AM finally snapping out of it. WOOHOOOOO!!!

    Awesome! I feel the same way as wine in the evenings has been a stable for me for a very long time. Not anymore and I feel great! 👍😊💃
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    I caved Friday and had 1 beer. My homelife has become stressful and I’m not handling it well. Stress is definitely a trigger for me. Oh well, I guess I can’t let 1 beer derail me. Crappy thing is I weighed today and have gained 2 lbs. I guess I haven’t been watching what I’ve been eating on my fasting schedule (silly me, I thought cutting out all alcohol and sticking to the fast would work). I guess I just have to work harder. Story of my life.
    Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.

    Aww. Stress will sometimes make one's body hold on to weight. I sure do have days where I just wish that I could live normally without counting every mouthful, this weight thing sucks, but if we want to be our best we will just have to stick with it. Sorry about your stress : - (
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    December 31st - 1 pumpkin spice cream liqueur, 2 mixed drinks. I did not get to the champagne.
    January 1st - AF
    January 2nd - AF
    January 3rd - AF
    January 4th - 3 drinks Friday night. I actually had 4, but then threw up lol. This is the reason that I never have more than 3 if I choose to have drinks. Good reminder. Yes, I can never be "drunk" because I can't have more than 3.
    January 5th - AF So curious that each and every day that I have drinks I am down 2 pounds the following day. I think that I read somewhere on this post that it dehydrates you. It comes back the next day of course : - )
    I don't log my AF or not AF until the following morning for the night before.
    January 6th - AF - 5 days out of 6. Very busy week, so more AF days to come.
    January 7th - AF - 6 days out of 7 for the month
    January 8th - AF - 7 days our of 8 for the month so far
    January 9th - AF - 8 days out of 9
    January 10th - 1 champagne, later on 3 drinks
    January 11th - 2 drinks - 8 out of 11 AF. I am pleased with that.
    January 12th - 3 drinks - 8 out of 12 AF. Going to rack up some more AF days.
    January 13th - AF - 8 days out of 13
    January 14th -
    January 15th -
    January 16th -
    January 17th -
    January 18th -
    January 19th -
    January 20th -
    January 21st -
    January 22nd -
    January 23rd -
    January 24th -
    January 25th -
    January 26th -
    January 27th -
    January 28th -
    January 29th -
    January 30th -
    January 31st -
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    @Kiyomoo welcome. These are some good powerful goals for a young person your age.Keep it up.

    So many people that kept to their limits this weekend. And @HeatherT929 WOW your post had me doing the happy dance right with you!

    Congrats to each and everyone. I feel you all did a win win weekend even through stress, significant others and weather.

    Saturday I had to travel in a car with some other people. The choice of music they decided to "blare" was horrible, plus the fact no one would turn it down even though everyone had to keep repeating themselves. Over an hour of that and I seriously was on a sheet of thin ice that could have ended badly at a bar. Note to self, no more car sharing with said friends.

    Happy Monday.