Less Alcohol - January 2019 - One Day at a Time



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    January accountability ~13 day so far
    Me (no alcohol): 8 days
    Alcohol: 5 days (11 drinks)

    To view the weekly count toward 4 ... AF Mon Dec 31!
    Jan 1 - AF
    Jan 2 - Dinner out with hubby after challenging day at work transitioning my role. Looks like it will take weeks to ramp them up. Didn't leave chair for 9 hrs. (excuses) - limited myself to 1 glass of wine
    Jan 3 - Bunco - limit 1 glass wine. Slipped up and had 2-3 (I call it 12 oz 3 if light pour / 2 if heavy pour) What happen to my resolve to drink water after 1 glass?
    Jan 4 - Traveling with my mom & sister 7 hrs today for a funeral Saturday. Plans to limit to 1 glass of wine was blown. I lacked the willpower which I need to work on. 1 margarita at mexican restaurant, 1 glass of wine in hotel suite everyone gathered at after dinner.
    Jan 5 - AF Driving 7 hours return trip
    Jan 6 - AF
    *This past week Monday thru Sunday I hit my 4 days of AF by reigning it in Sat and Sun! No social challenges next week. It will be just me and my own willpower to bank AF days for the month to offset challenging weeks ahead.

    Jan 7 - AF
    Jan 8 - AF
    Jan 9 - AF
    Jan 10 - AF Driving 6 hours this evening
    *Last 3 nights I skipped the beer and bourbon & did not join DH in drinking. Patting myself on the back for the resolve to stick to 4 nights AF this week M-Th. Planning for wine with dinner Fri & Sat but I'm feeling so much more in control these days with this resolve.
    Jan 11 - 4 glasses (2 red, 2 white) Opened 2 bottles of wine with DH should have limited myself to 1 glass from each; almost doubled my number of drinks for the month in one night sitting outside with neighbors looking out over the water and grilling steaks.
    Jan 12 - Used 3/4 cup of the 1 bottle of white for cooking the Risotto. 2 smaller glasses. Success in that everyone else had 1 drink before I started pouring wine for myself and DH with dinner.
    Jan 13 - AF - proud that I did not just join the crowd this evening

    Jan 14 -
    Jan 15 -
    Jan 16 - Bookclub - limit 1 glass wine or beer
    Jan 17 - Bingo fundraiser @ winery - limit 1 glass wine
    Jan 18 -
    Jan 19 -
    Jan 20 -

    Jan 21 - Bookclub - limit 1 glass wine
    Jan 22 - Dining out club - limit 1 glass wine
    Jan 23 -
    Jan 24 -
    Jan 25 -
    Jan 26 -
    Jan 27 -

    Jan 28 -
    Jan 29 -
    Jan 30 -
    Jan 31 - Retiring from company after 30 years - plan to celebrate but limit 2 glasses
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    @Stockholm_Andy we have had this same point brought up in the distance past about men posting and such. And as soon as a man mentioned it, LOADS of men came out of the wood work claiming to be following, yet not posting. Not gender specific here you will find, in fact some profile user names do not reflect either way. And my post above yours referenced significant other.
    Glad to hear that your week two was no more difficult than the week before. Resetting our habits is a big part of it. 👍
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    Traditionally men have been brought up to not admit to having "difficulties" and to not share feelings or struggles. Kudos to those who are breaking that barrier. Hope that posting or even just lurking here is helpful to you all.

    Decades ago I bought some cheap earplugs to use in loud music venues and on car rides with my almost deaf [and too vain to admit it ] son-in-law. If I forget my earplugs, a twist of tissue or bar napkin make efficient "concert earplugs". No more stress or headaches from thumping bass or blaring television.
    We all know stress is NOT our friend....

    Completed an AF long weekend. Waiting a bit longer before dipping back into the Chianti. Fear of failure is a great motivator for me.
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    I caved Friday and had 1 beer. My homelife has become stressful and I’m not handling it well. Stress is definitely a trigger for me. Oh well, I guess I can’t let 1 beer derail me. Crappy thing is I weighed today and have gained 2 lbs. I guess I haven’t been watching what I’ve been eating on my fasting schedule (silly me, I thought cutting out all alcohol and sticking to the fast would work). I guess I just have to work harder. Story of my life.
    Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.

    Aww. Stress will sometimes make one's body hold on to weight. I sure do have days where I just wish that I could live normally without counting every mouthful, this weight thing sucks, but if we want to be our best we will just have to stick with it. Sorry about your stress : - (

    I didn't realize that, but you're right. I've got to work on reducing the stress levels at home for sure. I plan to start working out today, which is always a stress reliever. So hopefully that will help. :)
    I also figured out a couple of tweaks to the fast that will help.

    Good job everyone!
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    BuffMom84 wrote: »
    Today I woke up feeling better than I have in a long time. Usually I'll hit the snooze 2 or 3 times (a habit I started when I started drinking a lot but didn't even realize it until now) but I didn't today. Looking forward to my workout!

    This is a goal for me. I'm a snooze queen! I know it's not good for you though. Or doesn't help, I should say.
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    Free will is taken by anything that consumes you. Stay on the path you are all bright fight the good fight. Your not alone.
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    Got through my first AF weekend, and really didn’t miss the wine at all! Should say “our” weekend as DH stayed off the alcohol with me. We even went to the pub and had soft drinks!

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    @NormInv - WISH they would come up with some decent NA wine!
  • kittybenn
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    @VeggieGirlforLife - I'm still AF and agree that getting through this weekend was easier. We'll be halfway through the month soon. I'm feeling really good - sleeping better, etc.
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    All great job to all the females and males on their way!! I have been alcohol free in January and very happy with my choice! I am a bit surprised as Monday’s are my weigh in days. I know it’s just a number; however, my scale did not go down from last week. I have cut out alcohol, eating healthy (no cheating) and working out! I think my body may be in shock with no alcohol. I am drinking a lot of water and hot tea.

    I am a bit disappointed; however, I feel the best I have for a really long time and that out weighs the scale!! I know I am doing all the right things. It took me awhile to put on my additional 14lbs over the years and it will take time and not a week to take off.

    Best to all! Happy Monday!

    I feel you! I've been AF since Jan 3rd (minus 2 beers this weekend) plus I've also cut out dairy and been trying Intermittent Fasting but I've barely lost any weight. 2-3 lbs tops. Makes me irate when people *cough cough men cough* can just decide to cut out sodas and BAM 15 lbs just melts off them. I don't even drink sodas!
    Whatever. Just have to be patient I guess. SMH
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    I feel you! I've been AF since Jan 3rd (minus 2 beers this weekend) plus I've also cut out dairy and been trying Intermittent Fasting but I've barely lost any weight. 2-3 lbs tops. Makes me irate when people *cough cough men cough* can just decide to cut out sodas and BAM 15 lbs just melts off them. I don't even drink sodas!
    Whatever. Just have to be patient I guess. SMH

    @springsweet It's only been a week and a half since January 3rd; 2-3 pounds is a fantastic loss in that amount of time and should be celebrated!
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    Congrats all on getting through the weekend! Halfway through the month and I’m AF 13/15 and super happy about it!

    Aside from the better sleep I’ve already noticed, I’ve noticed I’m so much more productive with cleaning and getting stuff done. Good stuff all around!

    My weigh in day is tomorrow. My cycle just started (sorry if that’s TMI gentlemen ;) ) so I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not retaining water. This is generally a time of month for me where I tend to either stall out or gain which would be super discouraging for me based on my progress this month otherwise!
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    I think the “unsupportive husband” etc comments are just indicative of who posts regularly. I’m sure there are plenty of unsupportive wives!

    At the end of the day this thread is for support and somewhere to discuss the journey regarding cutting back on alcohol and sometimes that might come know the form of dealing with those who aren’t being supportive.
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    As planned had a few drinks at the weekend to celebrate the birth of my new beautiful niece. Also had a few nice meals out so healthy eating was put on hold for the weekend. Weigh in day tomorrow but only hoping for maintain.
    Hoping to go AF until 16th February which is our next evening out with friends, its also hubby's birthday so planning on having a few glasses of wine. Its my long term plan to only having a few drinks sociable and not to go full teetotal.