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Lose 5lbs + in January 2019



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    stella7x7 wrote: »

    I'm having that kind of a month, too. Up and down.
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    •Lose 5 lbs in January 2019•

    December 2018 - Lost 2.4lbs 😃

    Original starting wgt: 253
    January starting weight: 178 (fluid retention)
    January goal: 170
    ❄Updating every day through January until completely back on track.

    •Monday Updates•📌
    1/01- 178 - Oh yeah, midnight eating and a little champagne. My weight is between 174 & 175 this is fluid.
    1/102 - 177.2
    1/03 - 175.8
    1/04 - 177.6 - Felt miserable all day yesterday with some type of weird allergy cold again. Exercised, ate dinner and went to bed later than usual. Now gut is upset. What the what?!
    1/05 -177.2 - Had no appetite most of the day yesterday, runny nose, gut in an uproar, whole 9 yards of misery. Took some cold medicine late afternoon and then proceeded to overeat cookies.😦
    1/06 - 178.2 - Still with the carb craziness!
    📌 1/07 - 177.2 - Coming back down. This "allergy cold" still hanging on. I will be staying under 20 grams of carbs today. (That should say net carbs.)
    1/08 - 174.4 - 18g net carbs, 16g net is the plan today.
    1/09 - 174.8 - I did better than planned yesterday, 19g carbs, 12g net. Today's plan is 16g/13g net.
    1/10 - 174 - 20g carbs, 17g net carbs.
    1/11- 172.8 - Yesterday 15g carbs, 12g net carbs.
    1/12 - 173.2 - Yesterday 29g carbs 23g net carbs
    1/13 - 175.2 - 21g carbs, 17g net carbs
    📌 1/14/ - 176.2 - 63g carbs, 57g net carbs - black truffle & olive oil kettle chips was the culprit. Did not want to resist them.😏
    1/15 - 173.2 - on track

    1/16 - 173.8 - on track - 45g carbs 19g net carbs. Since I've had a couple of days of eating something (nuts or those chips!) after my fasting hours began, I've changed my eating window to end a couple of hours later. It seems to be working, but my early weigh ins will read a higher number at the 12th-13th hr fasting point as opposed to the 15th-16th hour.

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  • lacy246lacy246 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Hey hey all :) Excited to join in on this challenge.

    Original starting weight - 217 lbs
    January starting weight - 217 lbs
    January goal - 210 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 160 lbs

    January 18th -
    January 25th -

    Total loss for January -
  • lalabanklalabank Posts: 323Member Member Posts: 323Member Member
    Great Job! On the cusp of Onderland.
  • KoryewaKoryewa Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    It’s already 17th January, can I still join the challenge? 😕
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  • KoryewaKoryewa Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    17th January- 70.7 kg
  • lalabanklalabank Posts: 323Member Member Posts: 323Member Member
    Koryewa wrote: »
    It’s already 17th January, can I still join the challenge? 😕

    Of course you can join! 5lbs in 2 weeks might be a big goal depending on where you are in your journey. Lol I tend to aim for 1-1.5 lbs a week, that way when I crush it I feel AWESOME and if I don’t I usually feel like I got close 😜 Welcome!
  • tramaine_21tramaine_21 Posts: 313Member Member Posts: 313Member Member
    January 20th cannot come faster!

    As I mentioned earlier in the month I'll be getting back on the Ketogenic train again. We're going to try this again--the right way! I'm mentally, physically, spiritually and nutritionally prepared--yes, that's a lot! My lowest weight was 187 last summer and I've been on a somewhat stagnant position for a while. Now, keto train is ready to go! Choo-Choo!!
    I've been eating like a crazy person; kind of like eating my "last meals" "treats"--maybe not for good--just not having the junk for a long time. Almond and Coconut flour are going to be my new best friends! I'm excited! This is the year I am finally going to get the victory!

    P.S. I can tell ya right now my weigh-in won't be great but, that's okay I'm not going to be stuck for long! Let's do this!

    Weigh-in: Jan 20th

    ***Extended Fast Starts Jan 20th through (possibly) Jan 27th. 7 whole day fast. My goal is to reach at least 5 days. My fast comprises of: Detox/Tea tox/, Vitamins, Electrolytes, Bone Broth and the occasional Coconut Oil (1 tbsp).*** Lots of Water!!

    Afterward, I go right into the Ketogenic Diet...Low carb, moderate protein and fat. No Keto rash will stop me this time!!

    Prayer Hands. I'll keep you all posted of my progress...

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