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I'm within the obese range (I weigh 200lbs) and I disagree with the fat acceptance movement!

misshoneyz2dabmisshoneyz2dab Posts: 62Member Member Posts: 62Member Member
The fat acceptance movement encourages unhealthy lifestyles. When Tess Holliday reaches her 40s, she is going to suffer from a lot of health problems and find it very very hard to lose weight because of reduced bone density.
If you criticise obese social media celebrities, you get labelled as a 'bully' or a 'fat shamer'. You can't be fit and obese at the same time.
I weigh 200lbs and want to lose weight. I do find it a bit hard to exercise because I haven't got good knees. I know that losing weight will solve the problem.
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  • sandymamaw1sandymamaw1 Posts: 12Member Member Posts: 12Member Member
    My problem is how some people treat obese people. If some people are finally excepting obese people as a person like them no matter what size they are. I applaud them. I've had some people that are adults that will say unkind remarks. The looks are terrible and some look violent. Most of these are strangers. Maybe I miss understanding the discussion if so I apologize.
  • Mouse_PotatoMouse_Potato Posts: 1,170Member Member Posts: 1,170Member Member
    leiflung wrote: »
    People smoke - *nothing*
    People drink alcohol - *nothing*
    People eat like crap - *nothing*
    People do drugs - *nothing*
    Fat person *breathes - Everyone "Watch your health."

    Ex-smoker here, this is deeply false.

    People say *kitten* to you as a smoker, as an alcoholic, as a drug user.

    Hell, Elon Musk, a wildly successful man once publicly smoked pot in a legal state and caught *kitten* about it.

    There's really plenty of judgment for everybody.

    Seriously, if you're catching *kitten* for being fat, know that you'll probably catch *kitten* for something else if you lose weight so don't let that be a factor in anything.

    Agreed. I quit smoking almost ten years ago, but I got waaaaaaaaay more grief about that than I ever did about being overweight!
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