Help..I am going crazy :(

So, I am on this diet, where I cut out 99.9% of my carbs and sugars.
This means:
No Sugar
No Fruit
No Bread
No Dairy
My friends tell me the first week is the hardest, but it does get easier. Now, I am not saying that I do not believe them because I know they are right and it has worked for them. But I am breaking into day four here in a few minutes and I think I am going to lose my marbles. I am craving Skittles, cheese enchiladas, Oreos… and other things. I am so nauseas from what I have been eating here in the past three days – but I was told it is because I am going through withdrawals from the yeast and sugars. The effects from the withdrawals as I was told are:
And what not, but I am just worried. Is this natural going through this? The nausea and cravings? When I was on 1200-1400calories I was fine, but I also ate what I want. I mean, yes this is healthier, but I am wondering if it is really worth it. I really need support and many other things…help?