What features would you be willing to pay a little extra for?



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    I don’t know if this has been discussed yet, but I’d love to be able to peek at another member’s diary from the forums on my phone. I see so many threads where people say “open your diary so we can help,” but unless I’m friends with them, I can’t see the diary. I almost never use mfp on desktop, so it’s annoying.

    For some strange reason I’ve never liked the app on my iPhone for the forums, I just keep the web page open in my browser.
    I can see profiles and diaries that way too.

    Cheers, h.

    I have zero interest in the app too, and only use desktop. It's interesting that MFP seems to be increasingly attracting people who are app only. I wouldn't use the forums on app. I don't log meals on the app either (well, now I use Cron when I log, but I never once logged on the app when I logged here).

    I wouldn't look at profiles and diaries on the app either, but it's not like I do that very often on desktop.

    App v. desktop is probably an age thing. (I guess Gen X is old fogey now, sigh. Passed over generation and all that.)

    I've looked at the forums on my phone when in a waiting room and didn't like it. I blame the design, not my age ;)