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    Katla <3 Not sure if you meant me or NYKAREN. If it was meant for me, I am keeping up with reading posts. And I'm fine.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Karen in VA: I sent you a message with your correct user name. (I hope) I have some possible real estate questions on behalf of my son.

  • evie1958evie1958 Member Posts: 605 Member Member Posts: 605 Member
    I feel the stretch if I were to lie on my back and raise my leg about 6 inches off the ground. Make sure your knees are bent! I still don't straighten my leg perfectly, but I do feel a good stretch even with my knee bent. Baby steps! I'm sure you know to not stretch it til it hurts, just til you feel it, should be gentle. Lovely flowers!
    Cari, maybe you will gain the weight back, but maybe you won't! You seem to be very aware of what you want, (and what you don't want!), so I suspect you will do just fine!
    Kelly, good for you for standing up to the daycare lady and to Tim, sometimes people need to get a slap, even if it's just a verbal one! When we were on holiday this past summer, there were a couple of hotels that we stayed in that were not great. Hubby kept harping on this and I finally lost my s**t and told him that complaining about it wouldn't solve anything. He listened and stopped whining. Fortunately the last hotel was nice, so the last day and the drive home were peaceful!
    I need to get back on the band wagon. In that regard, I pulled some of my soup from the freezer, this is a vegan vegetable with cabbage as the base ingredient. I have cheddar cheese and breton crackers with it, fills me up for a reasonable amount of calories. Dinner could involve eggs as I didn't get everything done that I wanted to yesterday, today's dinner being one of those things! Oh well, tomorrow is another day! And today will be just fine.
    Hope everyone has a great day!
    Hugs to those who need them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,228 Member Member Posts: 12,228 Member
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,228 Member Member Posts: 12,228 Member
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    Cari, you totally rock. Down 82lbs and losing and walking and being in a play. Way to go.

    SueBDew, don’t know why but I lose my mojo sometimes too. Yesterday was one of those day..

    Today finally drove to the grocery store and then to lunch with two friends. It was the first time in over a week I could get to the main roads. Our street had such deep snow with ruts I couldn’t maneuver without getting high centered. Felt good to get out and drive to town.

    Have a nice weekend everyone,
    Betsy in NW Washington (where the snow is melting)
  • PurpleSparkles85PurpleSparkles85 Member, Premium Posts: 44 Member Member, Premium Posts: 44 Member
    Barbara, I am going to get my associates degree in medical billing and coding, so is my husband. We can still work for awhile, online from home or wherever we have internet access. Great for us since we love to travel. My sister loves it! Lots of work out there in this field. I have a spelling test this week on medical terminology—makes me laugh that I have a spelling test, in college, at my age😂

    The nasty weather has returned this evening, rain and sleet/frozen rain. The dogs are like “outside? are you nuts, woman?” It’ll be so lovely after it freezes overnight😱

    I’m a very grateful aunt/sister this evening. That shooting in Aurora IL (I grew up near there) this afternoon was 5 blocks from my niece’s High School. The soft lockdown was 2 hours and got home about 1.5 hrs after she normally would. I hate for it to have happened at all, but I’m glad it wasn’t another school shooting.

    Went out to celebrate my DIL and husband’s birthdays. Valentine’s Day is still a bit much for me, since we buried my FIL 9 years ago on Valentine’s day. I’m the only one who doesn’t think that that was romantic. Maybe it’s selfish on my part, maybe being together with his wife makes it romantic for some. It just doesn’t sit right. Maybe someday it’ll be better.

    Have a good night, all!
    Kathy in soggy, icy KY
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  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 8,223 Member Member Posts: 8,223 Member
    barbiecat wrote: »
    :) I keep coming back here because none of you tells me that I'll gain my weight back again or tells me that my eating plan won't work or that I'm obsessive because I track food and exercise every day. Too many people in my face to face world have done that and I now keep my distance from them. You tell me about what works for you and I am free to use or not use your suggestions and experience. Thank you for what you continue to add to my life.

    This is a wonderfully supportive group and your leadership is one of the main reasons it is so positive. I am grateful for the encouragement here. Your fine leadership has been the key to the positive and encouraging tone each day. Thank you.
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 8,811 Member Member Posts: 8,811 Member
    I agree, Katla. Thank you Barbie. <3

    I weighed myself this morning and I am still 138 lbs. That is 2 lbs under my original target. I had to slightly revise my target because I found I was an inch shorter than I thought I was! So I'm calling 5 ft 4 ins. I am happy that I didn't put on much more than a lb during my illness. Since I've been feeling better, I have been eating to my calorie limit, but the exercise has also increased. If I eventually lose that pound again I will be even happier.
    I am broad shouldered, so that weight sits well on me. There's just a roll around the waist I wouldn't mind diminishing.

    Newspaper day today. I hope we can walk to the restaurant and back tonight. That will give us 3 miles. Exercises as usual this morning.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,715 Member Member Posts: 6,715 Member
    I am up and having my tea.. slept pretty well.. working 7:30-1 today and today the boss man is putting in security camera's ,there are some there already but not in working order...sorta throws us off. we work hard ,but having someone spying on you isn't great for moral.
    I was getting upset yesterday because I have been sitting up with Mary up front and even though he has more workload on her ,I have been left to do the majority... she gets up walks around talks to patients ,gets personal phone calls etc...
    me I try and plug one ear into a earbud to listen to Pandora and leave the other to answer phones...
    It can be very frustrating
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