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Maintainers Weekly Check In - March 2019

stephenearllucasstephenearllucas Posts: 255Member Member Posts: 255Member Member
1. The aim of this thread is to have a weekly weigh-in check for some accountability and support.
2. Copy the form below by copy-pasting and edit to suit your personal schedule, then fill in your information and post each week.
3. Have a successful month, whatever your maintenance/health goal(s) may be!!

Total weight lost:
Time it took to lose:
How long in maintenance:
Maintenance weight range:
Average weight recorded from 2018:

Average weight recorded from January:
Average weight recorded from February:

Week of...
March 3:
March 10:
March 17:
March 24:
March 31

Success(es)/struggle(s) of the week:


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