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    @jenn990205, Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's Grandmother. {{{hugs}}} and love to you, your DH and family.

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    Crazy busy day yesterday. Sigh ended 10 days higher than I started them. Not for cause, I had one blow out day but that would not have made me gain, every other day was under. Probably on another stall. We'll see how long this one lasts hopefully not 3 weeks like the last one.

    04/03 - 181.7, no sweets
    04/04 - 180.5, no sweets
    04/05 - 179.7, no sweets
    04/06 - 180.5
    04/07 - 181.4, no sweets
    04/08 - 180.2
    04/09 - 182.4
    04/10 - 183.7, no sweets
    04/11 - 182.2, no sweets
    04/12 - 182.2, no sweets

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    Round 64 SW 219 EW 213 not expecting another drop like this, but happy to report it!
    Round 65 SW 211 EW 208.6 2.4 loss
    Round 66 SW 208.2 EW 203.8 4.4 loss
    Round 67 SW 204.6 EW 202.8 1.8 loss
    Round 68 SW 202.8 EW 200.2 I saw Onderland, but now I need to see ONEderland, and stay for a while!
    Round 69 203.8 EW 197.2 6.6 loss!!! I did the calculation twice!
    Round 70 SW 198 EW 196.2 1.8 loss
    Round 71 SW 195.0 EW 195.6 (2 pound gain on the last day :s
    Round 72 SW 194.6 Goal EW 189 5.6 :)
    Goal I want to stay in the 180's but a 2 pound loss would be nice.

    04/03 187.5 Whooooo Hooooo! down 2 from yesterday
    04/04 188.4 not surprised, I really didn't feel well, and did not eat enough on the 2nd, so yesterday's weight was a lot. I did discover lettuce wraps this week ( i know I am late to the party... but YUM! )
    04/05 187.8 day off yesterday, out of routine, glad to be on track today
    04/06 188.7 annoyed.... but heading to 8 am kickboxing on sat!
    04/07 188.8 wrong way!
    04/08 187.8... good
    04/09 185.8 I am not sure that this loss will stay. I am at the end of a challenge at work, so I thought I would try keeping my carbs below 30 for a few days. It worked, but I don't I want to do it full time... I will get there with what I have been doing.
    04/12 187.8
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    69 years old female...5'5" ...I used to be 5'7" but arthritis hit and I lost two inches, so now that two inches is squished around my waist like the billows of a big accordion... :D...Oh, well. I'll just keep working on it.

    Heaviest: 192.2
    RGW: 142.0
    UGW: 135.0

    04/01 - 145.6
    04/02 - 145.2

    Day Weight Comment

    04/03 - 144.8
    04/04 - 144.8
    04/05 - 144.8 :p
    04/06 - 144.6
    04/07 - 145.6
    04/08 - 145.6
    04/09 - 145.6
    04/10 - 143.6 :o
    04/11 - 144.6...popcorn yesterday...salt...salt...salt...and no water to speak of.
    04/12 - DNW ...last one to catch the family cold...feel like blaaaaaaa

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    I’m sending you healing thoughts and comfort. I am glad you are taking care of yourself & honoring your sister’s life. 🙏🏻💙
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    Angela, 35, UK Born, living in Ireland.

    Started: Round 51 226.2lbs
    MFP Start Weight: 255.7lbs
    End Goal Weight: 180lbs

    Previous Rounds End Weights/Variance
    ROUND 51 End Weight:228.0lbs +1.8lbs
    ROUND 52 End Weight:225.8lbs -2.2lbs
    ROUND 53 End Weight:230.6lbs +4.8lbs
    ROUND 54 End Weight:227.8lbs -2.8lbs
    ROUND 55 End Weight:230.8lbs +3.0lbs
    ROUND 56 End Weight:229.2lbs -0.4lbs
    ROUND 57 End Weight:227.6lbs -1.6lbs
    ROUND 58 End Weight:232.0lbs +4.4lbs
    ROUND 59 End Weight:226.4lbs -5.6lbs
    ROUND 60 End Weight:228.0lbs +1.6lbs
    ROUND 61 End Weight:225.0lbs -3.0lbs
    ROUND 62 End Weight:228.4lbs +3.4lbs
    ROUND 63 End Weight:230.8lbs +2.4lbs
    ROUND 64 End Weight:231.2lbs +0.4lbs
    ROUND 65 End Weight:234.1lbs +2.9lbs
    ROUND 66 Missed a Round
    ROUND 67 End Weight:233.4lbs -0.7lbs
    ROUND 68 End Weight:233.0lbs -0.4lbs
    ROUND 69 End Weight:239.2lbs +5.8lbs
    ROUND 70 End Weight:234.5lbs -4.7lbs
    ROUND 71 End Weight:234.8lbs +0.3lbs
    ROUND 72 End Weight:238.0lbs +3.2lbs
    ROUND 73 End Weight:236.7lbs -1.3lbs

    ROUND 73
    Current Goal Weight: 195lbs
    04/03 No Weigh In - Not at home.
    04/04 236.8lbs 237.1lbs
    04/05 237.2lbs 237.1lbs
    04/06 236.8lbs 237.1lbs
    04/07 239.4lbs 237.3lbs
    04/08 239.0lbs 237.6lbs
    04/09 237.8lbs 237.6lbs
    04/10 237.4lbs 237.6lbs
    04/11 237.8lbs 237.6lbs
    04/12 236.7lbs 237.4lbs

    Previous Daily Summaries
    Had plenty of Fruit & Veg yesterday (An apple for a snack; 1/2 Banana on my breakfast; an onion, 1/2 a cucumber, cherry tomatoes, capers and spinach in my lunch salad & veggie and chicken stirfry for dinner) plenty of fat in my breakfast and lunch. I did go a little OTT with some of those little mousse filled easter eggs from Cadburys, but I had walked 22000 steps after my watch decided to reset itself, after I'd done 9000 and wiped the step data so I had a choice between doing another 12000 to hit my StepBet target or taking an unplanned rest day. I went with doing the extra 12000 and ended up doing just over 14000 in the end. This morning has been pretty active already - cycled into work and then out on the river for an hour to get some more practice in for June's race.

    Have been slightly over-indulging the last couple of days, partly because of the not logging, partly because my exercise has been increasing and my hunger levels haven't settled down yet. Have done well with my goals so far, just need to get back to planning my food ahead for grocery shopping as it's easier to go with a planned list than freestyle it.

    Looking forward to a relaxed weekend, having a poker night at my place tonight so having a light lunch today to make room for all the tasty foods my other half will be making for it, have nothing on tomorrow which is probably the first time in weeks, so nice lie in and a couple of nice walks if the weather is nice. Then Sunday I have a training row, so will be rowing for about 2.5 hours. Plan is tomorrow to write up my food plan for next week and pick up the groceries for it.

    Shark week started over the weekend and had a lot more starchy carbs than normal so very bloaty as seen by the sudden up-swing in weight. Nailed my 3rd week of StepBet so I am halfway through the challenge now.

    My watch continues to plot against me and reset itself after doing 6000 steps yesterday, so it put me behind on my StepBet yesterday as I must do over 11000 to meet my goal to win my money back, this is the 2nd time it's done it now, so fairly unimpressed, have ordered a new one out of frustration. Food was relatively good yesterday despite an extra slice of cake (whoops). Had plenty of fruit and veg yesterday and did some yoga before bed. This morning I cycled into work and then went out on the water for an hour rowing and will need to do an Active Step day today so that's 14000 steps or thereabouts. So plan is to go for a walk at lunchtime and then after work I need to head into the City to collect my neighbourhood food order (fresh milk, bread, butter from farmers market suppliers) so that should put me well on the way to my target, provided my watch behaves.

    Got a Power Day (Higher Goal) on my StepBet challenge yesterday so feel like I have made up a little for Monday's watch glitch issue. Stuck mostly to planned food yesterday, had some sweets at the cinema and a small butterfly cake at lunch but nothing that would damage calorie deficit too badly if at all.

    Another Power Day under my belt yesterday for StepBet. New watch has now been dispatched - excited! Did meal prep for the rest of the week, I feel like I am getting into a nice routine, I've pretty much maintained this round, but considering I'm not logging, I'm pretty happy with that.

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    Female Age 35 - 5'8"
    OSW 3/11: 192.4
    R73 SW: 183.1
    R73 Goal: 181.0
    Next Milestone: 181.2 (30% toward ultimate goal)
    UGW: 155

    R72: (-2.5 lbs) (SW 185.6 - EW: 183.1)

    Weekly Goals:
    1200 calories + what I work out only!
    drink 3 liters of water a day
    lift weights 3x and streaming spin class work out 2x yoga 1x

    4/3 - 182.0 - Was home with a sick kiddo so my whole workout schedule got pushed out and I have to work out after work instead of at lunch, but I'm not skipping any of my workouts!! lifted weights last night and yoga/pilates class tonight!
    4/4 - 182.6 - Stayed within my calories, but I ate late bc of yoga. Last week I had an uptick after this as well. Also focusing on drinking my water today. Lifted Weights.
    4/5 - 182.7 - Still hanging around here. Waiting on my whoosh! I couldn't do any hour long walks this week due to making up hours at work. Hope to get a little walk in this evening and can't wait to get back in my normal routine next week. Think it will help a lot.
    4/6 - 181.5! Woosh. Lifting weights. Maybe a streaming spin workout on the bike?
    4/7 - 181.7 - Fixed up my bike and did 5 miles at the park. + Dog walk.
    4/8 - 180.7 - Lifting weights at lunch and then yoga tonight.
    4/9 - 180.3 - Woke up at 5:30am to ride my bike because I can't walk over lunch today. Can't believe I actually made it out of bed to workout. Lol. But the bike thing is new and fun for now, so I'm going with it. Water consumption has not been great so I'm really trying to increase that.
    4/10 - 177.7 - What? Still scared to accept this, because I feel like it will just bounce back up tomorrow, but I will take it for the moment. Focused on lots of water yesterday so I'm sure that helped. I am lifting weights over lunch and will do my yoga/pilates class tonight. Body fat was at 43% when I started last month and I finally broke into the 39% mark. Hard work is paying off so I want to keep it up! :)
    4/11 - 181.2 - Ugh. I knew it was a blip. And yesterday I ate more than the half piece of red velvet cake I had planned and then I kinda felt bad and stress snacked yesterday evening. Gotta chill out and not worry too much. Drinking my water, tracking more vigilantly today and I'm going to keep on trucking. Hopefully lifting weights today because the power was out at the gym yesterday. If still out, I will walk over lunch. Either way I want to try to ride my bike this evening. I don't know why I get so frustrated when these things naturally bump up and down. I know better, but I still want everything to be perfect and trending down every day. I think because I get scared that I'm never really going to change or get to my goal. But I know that's not true. I've done it before and I am doing/can do it again. Ugh. Thanks for hearing my mini therapy rant. I got this. I'm just going to keep on trucking. I'm making a lot of good progress.
    4/12 - 181.4 - Oh well. I guess it's still a loss, but it felt crappy. Need to step back and refocus and realize that the little variations don't matter. I had a 1.7 loss this round. Ugh. Gotta get out of my head and stop getting frustrated if I'm going to make this a long lasting habit and lifestyle. On to the next round!!