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    @alexmose -- you look so happy and so confident. It's inspiring.
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Posts: 2,859Member Member Posts: 2,859Member Member
    that's funny. Mom23 you always impress me with your physique. I am having trouble spotting where the 9 pound change from 97 to 106 tho. Perhaps your thighs might be more muscular? I can see the difference between the 109 and 106 cut a little bit. I enjoy the maintenance photos because it does show the scale is not the entire picture for us and how we can change for the better over time <goals!!!>

    The 106 photos were actually on the same day, just one flexed and one not. You just can't save them on the same day in the app. The 97 to 109 was added muscle and loss of fat. The 109 to 106 was loss of muscle (mostly upper body) due to injury, stress and not eating properly. I also think that as I'm going through perimeopause, my fat storage is slowly starting to move from my legs to my belly.
  • fitom80fitom80 Posts: 82Member Member Posts: 82Member Member
    Maintaining...2 plus years now.

    Was 178

    Congratulation Nick, awesome transformation 👍👍
  • fitom80fitom80 Posts: 82Member Member Posts: 82Member Member
    chucc98 wrote: »
    I could hardly believe that I see same person. Unbelievable! 👍
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