Women 200lb+, Let's Slay This May!!!

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Hello, ladies! Please join our May thread. We share our weekly/monthly goals, give lots of encouragement, and discuss the ups and downs of our weight loss journeys.

SW: 260
CW: 230
GW: 185

Weekly goals for May:
Log all food and stay within my calorie limit = 7x
Swim for minimum of 30 mins = 3x
Meet with personal trainer = 2x

Please feel free to post your May goals, so we can all motivate each other this month!


  • kathskelly53
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    Back home Friday so I’m hoping to hit the ground running goals to exercise 15 mins every day gym once a week at least. Sort out my portion size. And lose happy May everyone. I willl weight on Friday morning and start from there.
  • Slja2013
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    Where can I join this group?
  • RavenStCloud
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    Slja2013 wrote: »
    Where can I join this group?

    You just did! Post your goals or stats or anything you'd like!
  • bfitb440n2022
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    Yana220 wrote: »
    I almost went to the restaurant next to my job for scrambled eggs and toast when I remembered this challenge and my goal not to eat take out this month. Yay! Calories saved! Had a nutrigrain bar instead.

    Great job!! That's huge!
  • lizbets13
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    Awesome! 🤗

    SW- 222
    CW- 214
    GW- 170

    My goal is to log more and stop snacking on sweets. Work on strength training as well!