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Intermittent Fasting - Is it a good idea?



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    Sparkle7 wrote: »
    @cemetree - I have been doing IF for about 5 years now and it had the opposite effect on me. I’m muuuuch less hungry now whereas before I was hungry all the time while eating more.

    I usually eat around 1pm and stop eating around 10pm. I don’t limit myself to 2 meals. I may also have some snacks. But, I’m never hungry outside my window. Just food for thought. :smile:

    I think there may be individual differences (many people report not being hungry in the morning and that eating makes them hungry all day), but I think a lot of it may be habit. You think about food when you are used to eating.

    I find that when I eat 3 meals, no snacking, I don't think about food between my meals (beyond maybe a hmm, what should I have for dinner type of thought). If I get out of that habit, I feel more like I want to eat all day again.
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    I also skip dinner, and stop eating by 3pm at the latest every day. I really enjoy being able to eat 2 larger meals, as opposed to 3+ small ones, and find for me that I am no longer feeling deprived, or thinking about food all the time.
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