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Intermittent Fasting - Is it a good idea?



  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 2,469Member Member Posts: 2,469Member Member
    JetJaguar wrote: »
    I also don't remember breakfast being invented by cereal companies. I'm pretty sure the term comes from breaking the fast, i.e., the first time someone eats when waking up. The word goes back to Middle English, so as old as ~1066, though that's just for the English word, not the concept.

    Strictly speaking, breakfast itself wasn't invented by cereal companies, it was the myth that breakfast "is the most important meal of the day". That was an advertising slogan (Kellogg's? Post? I forget whose) that was repeated so often that it eventually just became accepted as a fact.

    If that was what we being referenced as invented by companies, it was stated in a way that wasn't clear. Framed that way doesn't seem particularly relevant either. That companies may have championed breakfast as most important doesn't show something unusual or wrong in having breakfast. It seemed like there was an implication that breakfast is unnatural.

    Correct, and I'm pretty sure that's not what the prior poster was trying to say.

    It's well known and commonly stated on MFP that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" is a myth and it's totally fine to skip breakfast if that's your natural pattern. Also, no one promotes eating lots of snacks and mini meals unless someone finds that is helpful for them. But that also means that there's no reason to eat in a window or only once or twice a day or to skip breakfast unless that is a pattern that is helpful for a particular individual.
  • RachsLossesRachsLosses Posts: 103Member Member Posts: 103Member Member
    I have just started experimenting with IF using a variety of timings. I find it easier to do 16:8 through the week and then I try a longer fast on weekends. I'm just playing around at the moment but trying to get into the process of making active decisions about my consumption as opposed to inactive. I'm a massive CICO person and have had a lot of success with this in the past but trying IF to get back on the control train :smile: Feel free to add me and let's see how this goes!
  • KrazyKrissyyKrazyKrissyy Posts: 318Member Member Posts: 318Member Member
    I can't intermittent fast, at least not without health consequences. Last time I tried IF, I almost went into a hypoglycemic coma (was hospitalized). That's when I stopped completely.
  • CarleyMarie83CarleyMarie83 Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    steveko89 wrote: »
    I have an issue with it suggesting that IF inherently "causes" weight loss; you still need a caloric deficit. Just because someone skips breakfast doesn't guarantee a deficit.

    I completely agreed, I gained on IF but that's because I was still eating too much. Timing makes no difference, it's all about how much you ear, or don't.
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