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Phrases that make you cringe!

laprimaJennylaprimaJenny Posts: 1,071Member Member Posts: 1,071Member Member
What’s a phrase or saying that never fails to make you cringe?


  • laprimaJennylaprimaJenny Posts: 1,071Member Member Posts: 1,071Member Member
    LoKoMi wrote: »

    Also, “No offense” I don’t think I’ve ever heard that spoken by someone who wasn’t saying something offensive. The general translation seems to be “I’m a massive jerk but because I said ‘no offense’ then if you get offended you’ll look like the bad guy instead of me. That’s how much of a jerk I am 🙄”

    I just answer “But you’re about to be, so let’s not be so formal about it.”
  • Vikka_VVikka_V Posts: 7,924Member Member Posts: 7,924Member Member
    Any phrase spoken in "baby talk" by an adult.
    To your pet, to children, and worst of all - to adults
  • Vikka_VVikka_V Posts: 7,924Member Member Posts: 7,924Member Member
    A lot of things people say about having kids, like:

    "it's different when they're your own"
    "you'll understand when you have your own" (I'm 42 now and decided at about 13 not to have any, but thanks)
    "You can't possibly know love until you have a child" (eye roll for days)
    "I didn't truly love my husband until our child was born" (that's sad! WTF)
    "EVERYTHING I do in life, I do it for my child" (really, you go to work, pay taxes, care for your health because of your child ONLY - you would just rot in a gutter if you weren't a parent? Interesting flex)
    I have also met people who seem totally normal but say "I'd be dead if it weren't for my child(ren)" with total seriousness and I find that SO alarming!!

    I also hate a lot of things I consider health woo or diet lingo. I will probably be "wooed" for this if not for the above, which is fine. But even if some of it has truth to it, I just don't want to hear it honestly...

    - anything about gut health (mainly because it's usually from someone who read 1 article about gut health and is now an expert)
    - mentions of essential oils to treat actual diseases
    - diets targeting specific body parts
    - "it's so simple - just eat when you're hungry" (thanks but not everyone has good hunger/satiety cues, that plan got me to 300 lb in the past)
    - ANY product sold through an MLM
    - fat loss and toning done with special products like pills, bars, or shakes and not as part of a larger program with actual diet & workouts
    - "it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you're eating clean"
    - "diet soda will make you gain weight"

    This is a great list!

    Want to mention, not debate or criticize that I do only eat when I'm hungry. I feel uncomfortable telling people this because I usually get the "you are going to slow down your metabolism", "small frequent meals are better", "you're putting yourself into starvation mode", "you should eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner - whatever)".

    I like to eat when I feel like eating, not just "because" and it's usually not till mid afternoon at the earliest - and always before bed (this one gets snarky comments too!).
    My life - my way!!
    I don't care what other people do, don't know why they care so much they have to tell me what they think about what I do
  • jessicaredman8jessicaredman8 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    If you die in your dreams you'll wake up dead.

    A bit morbid but this phrase really winds me up!
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