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Wake up call

Lindyloo54321Lindyloo54321 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
Friday May 17th, (a date I'll always remember), the nurse at my GP practice gave me the news. I'm Type 2. To say I was upset is the understatement of the year. Shocked, and yes, I admit, tearful. Even seeing the words fills me with sorrow and shame. I'd been called back after my annual review, for a second blood test, as the reading was just slightly high. The nurse saw how shocked I was, and decided then and there, not to 'diagnose' me, but asked me if I thought I could do something to help myself? Of course, I knew the answer - lose weight and exercise. So, no meds just yet, but at my next review in August, I know I'll be prescribed Metformin if things haven't improved. So, my journey towards weight loss and fitness started the next morning. My daughter recommended MFP to me, and it's the best thing ever. I now record every morsel of food and drink (note to self, MUST start drinking water!), and record all exercise. In week one, I've gone from being a total couch potato, to walking (completed approx 3 miles the first week), and used my exercise bike 3 times, & the same the second. Not a huge amount, I know, but with 2 knee replacements, asthma, and just... well, being fat, I'm a bit proud of myself. Weighed myself yesterday morning, and I've lost exactly one stone. (I realise the weight loss will slow down now). Your stories are inspiring me. I have a long way to go, but if I can drop a couple of stones over the summer, I'll be on my way. Wish me luck!


  • laceygaywilsonlaceygaywilson Posts: 288Member Member Posts: 288Member Member
    Keep moving and grooving and you will watch the weight just fall off!!! You got this!!!!
  • IamsimpleguyIamsimpleguy Posts: 1,492Member Member Posts: 1,492Member Member
    Welcome to MFP, Enter your food diary daily and keep tracking your calories, try to do small exercises. Keep active yourself. All the best!! Feel free to add me :)

    For a Newbie check this link
  • Lindyloo54321Lindyloo54321 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    laceygaywilson and iamsimpleguy, thank you both for your words of encouragement. Since my first post, I've finally got round to setting my fitbit up. Tracking every move I make! Using the food diary as soon as I eat or drink anything is really helping me. Feeling very positive and determined!
  • AustinRuadhainAustinRuadhain Posts: 1,114Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,114Member, Premium Member
    Welcome to MFP! I hope this app and the community help you meet that health goal! Losing one stone is an impressive achievement! And you are right, the rate won't stay like that. Keep working at it, though. You can do this!

    One of the best posts for getting started:
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  • KowooloKowoolo Posts: 154Member Member Posts: 154Member Member
    You have a lot to be proud of. And to take charge and make a change when it has to be done is inspiring too. Congrats on your loss.
  • Lindyloo54321Lindyloo54321 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Four weeks ago today, I got the dreaded Type 2 diagnosis. As mentioned in my first post, I'm now very determined to lose weight, AND try to get fitter too. Losing a stone in two weeks, though not sustainable, gave me the kick start I needed. I've managed to lose another 4 lbs since then. Two things have kept me focused- this MFP app, and reducing my carb intake. Reading the lovely comments on my post, as well as other posts is very encouraging. Thank you everyone!
  • JamagatoJamagato Posts: 10Member, Premium Member Posts: 10Member, Premium Member
    Great progress:) it’s a long tough journey but it’s not impossible. Whenever you feel like you want to give up, just remember who you’re fighting for
  • bc_gfxbc_gfx Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    After reading your intial post, it was great to read your progress post. Its people like you that is keeping me motivated. Keep up the good work and Lots of Luck to you!
  • lbsansoucilbsansouci Posts: 178Member Member Posts: 178Member Member
    I reversed my diabetes with lifestyle changes. It can be done.

    You're doing a great job. Thanks for motivating me! <3
  • OkieGinaOkieGina Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member
    You're off to an amazing start, @Lindyloo54321!!! Like someone else said, any time you start to get discouraged (something will ALL struggle with at times) - just remember why you're doing this. Keep up the good work and keep us updated on you progress!
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