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Losing weight and good eating habits on a beginner level

drbouyer19drbouyer19 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
Hey my name is Neisha. I’m currently learning how to eat right and trying to stop eating fast food. I’m currently 435. I want to first learn how to eat clean and then incorporate working out. Are there any tips for late night cravings? The time that I need to stop eating? Etc.


  • RodaRoseRodaRose Posts: 9,542Member Member Posts: 9,542Member Member
    Buy a kitchen scale that can measure in grams and ounces so you can weigh your food and know how many calories you are consuming. :)
    If you like to snack at night, save some calories from the daytime.
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  • drbouyer19drbouyer19 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Thank you all so much.
  • jan110144jan110144 Posts: 994Member, Premium Member Posts: 994Member, Premium Member
    I am wondering if you are confusing hungry and tired at that time of night? I ask because that has always been a problem for me ... I always want to eat when my energy wanes. These days I'm much better at recognizing the difference and pay much more attention to sleep

    That said, I always prelog my food for the day and include an evening snack.
  • FfiffionFfiffion Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    Honestly, this is what I have been trying to do for years and with a friend's wedding and my graduation coming up, I was starting to lose hope that I would look good. Since 19th May I have lost 4.5kg just from cutting down on what I am eating and tracking my walking (like how fast and how much I have walked in the day). I am still eating all the takeaways on the weekend and I am still having that glass of wine or vodka but not every day like I was before and I have upped my veg intake along with drinking more water. I totally understand the whole eating at night thing but I drink half a glass of water or a cup of tea after I eat my evening meal and then brush my teeth an hour or two after that and it's helped so much. If there are moments where I could eat a whole chocolate bar to myself in the night, I swapped that with a fruit yoghurt and that usually helps and it's not too heavy on the stomach before sleep. Good luck with it :smiley:
  • cheryldumaischeryldumais Posts: 1,699Member Member Posts: 1,699Member Member
    try2again wrote: »
    Welcome :)

    There is lots of good information in the "most helpful" posts here:

    I would encourage you to keep this very simple. Weight loss is simply about eating fewer calories than you burn, it honestly doesn't matter if they are "clean" or not. Fill out your MFP profile and get your calorie goal. Then learn to consistently and accurately log your food, hitting your calorie goal as best you can. As time goes on, you will likely identify foods that help you meet your calorie goals & keep you satisfied, as well as foods that hinder you from meeting your goals (costing too many calories for the amount of time they keep you full or for the limited enjoyment they provide) and you can adjust your choices accordingly. Don't try to force yourself to eat foods you hate (though it's great to be open to new things) or completely eliminate foods you love, but just to find the balance that will allow you to meet your goals. Don't make any changes you're not willing to stick with forever.

    Cravings? Again, with experience and practice, you'll find what works best for you, which may mean closing the kitchen at a certain hour or planning to have some calories left for a late-night snack. Some like to graze, some like to eat fewer large meals. Some have success with intermittent fasting (IF), basically skipping breakfast and saving their calories for later in the day when they are the hungriest. It's all very individual, and you will learn a lot about yourself and what works best for you over time.

    Wish you the best! :)

    This is the best advice I've seen for a newbie!
  • Joanna2012BJoanna2012B Posts: 1,354Member Member Posts: 1,354Member Member
    Hey Neisha! What I always tell new people is just to log for one week without trying to change anything. Log every bite that goes into your mouth, all condiments, drinks, etc., plus all exercise. That will help you learn about logging and get you used to the process. Then after that week, you can look at your diary and see where you are now, and that will help you figure out where to make the most effective changes when you set your calorie goal.

    I suggest this as well. I think doing this will help in the future with portion control. Figure out the calories you are consuming now and then slowly start to reduce them. Far too often I have seen people that eat 4000 to 5000 calories daily and then MFP suggested calories is 1200. I tried that at first and failed miserably.

    I wish you all the best in your journey!! <3
  • TerythaTerytha Posts: 917Member, Premium Member Posts: 917Member, Premium Member
    Yeah, I used to try and eat "clean" and failed every time. It didn't matter. I'm doing great with my usual foods only in smaller amounts.
  • try2againtry2again Posts: 3,404Member Member Posts: 3,404Member Member
    Terytha wrote: »
    Yeah, I used to try and eat "clean" and failed every time. It didn't matter. I'm doing great with my usual foods only in smaller amounts.

    Yes, which isn't to say that a person shouldn't try to improve their diet, but trying to make too many changes all at once is usually a recipe for failure. Health and weight management are lifelong projects... no need for sudden, severe changes.
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