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Anyone else tierd of logging?



  • Ssssss666666
    Ssssss666666 Posts: 560 Member
    jan110144 wrote: »
    I am coming up on a year and 6 mo into maintenance. I stopped logging for a bit ... didn't go well.

    I prelog every day. I tend to eat one of two breakfast meals and lunch meals. Those are saved as meals, so super quick to log. My variety comes with dinner. Pre-logging helps me assure that I stay in my allotted caloriecrange without having to continually think about it during the day.

    So, logging for me takes about 2 minutes in the morning (or night before). Occasionally, I have to come back to the app and tweak entries, but not often. Not very burdensome.

  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,865 Member
    I haven't logged anything in over 6 years. I've more or less maintained my weight loss over that time with my weight typically creeping up 8-10 Lbs in the winter when I'm not as active. It typically comes off in the spring when I become naturally more active and I give it a little help by cutting out a couple snacks or something.

    Logging was a good teaching tool, but I never considered it to be a long term solution for myself. I've maintained both my healthy eating habits and exercise habits and have had no issues.
  • nooboots
    nooboots Posts: 480 Member
    In not tired of the logging, this may change in the long term of course, Im only a couple of months in.

    What Im tired of is that I might reach to grab something, either out of the cupboard, off the desks at work where people leave food, in a shop etc where normally in the past something for hundreds of calories would be eaten quickly without thought as a 'snack', I cant do that anymore. Its such an instinct its going to take me time to move away from impulsive eating and downright greed. I miss it to be honest. Its mental challenge to plan and make sure I think about what Im going to eat.

    I dont like the fact that trying to lose weight, makes me think about food more than I used to!
  • staticsplit
    staticsplit Posts: 538 Member
    edited June 2019
    NovusDies wrote: »
    I found I was like you and it was exhausting and made me start to border on an unhealthy fixation with food. I eat a lot of different foods and cook from scratch a lot, so it wasn't a matter of just a few minutes. It is a great tool, was fantastic for teaching me portion sizes and the calories in different foods, and I still use it occasionally. I stopped logging 3 years ago and my weight HAS crept up, but most of it has been muscle. I'll occasionally log for a few weeks if I feel I'm a little too far over my maintenance range.

    I cook a lot too so I find it annoying to always be entering new things.

    I don't always enter my recipes. Sometimes I quickly calculate the calories and I find an MFP entry that matches it or can match it with a fraction and just use it. I have found that to be a good use of all the homemade entries. I do glance at the macros to see if I believe they are in line with my dish but calories are king.

    I think one of the most important things to remember is that it is YOUR log. You can read the stickies and look to see what all the cool kids say about how they log but it is your life and your weight loss. Some time ago I saw a log of a person entered EVERYTHING with quick add calories. I like more detail than that but I bet mine is not nearly as detailed as others. I am not here to win the most beautiful diary contest. I am here to lose weight. If my weight stalls then I have to review my methods until then I will keep it as easy on myself as possible.

    Sensible advice, as always! I'll sometimes find a MFP entry that seems close enough and use that too, especially if it's something like a chicken curry my husband made or if I ate out and have no idea what the calories are. I guess based on how full I am--I usually start feeling borderline too full after around 800-900 calories in one sitting if I'm at home, then I chuck on another 100 calories or so to be safe/in case they used a bunch of oil.

    I had to chuckle at most beautiful diary contest.

    But it's a good reminder that all or nothing doesn't have to fall into logging either. Finding something sustainable and that works is the most important thing.
  • HoneyBadger302
    HoneyBadger302 Posts: 2,012 Member
    I get tired of logging, but I do find it the most effective way for me to have consistent weight loss. If I give up on logging, regardless of what else I'm trying, my losses are minimal at best. I mostly gave up logging for a while, and even though I managed a slight loss, it was pretty minimal.

    I'm tired of going this slow, and I know in order to lose, I need to cook, I need to log, and I need to do so consistently - so guess what I'm doing. It works for me.

    That being said, I foresee maintenance involving less logging of food, but some to remain accountable on portion sizes and how much I'm consuming. Additionally, I don't see regular weight tracking ever going away as otherwise things will creep back on like they did originally....
  • nooboots
    nooboots Posts: 480 Member
    I suppose you could view it like medicine. A treatable but chronic condition needs ongoing medicine. You might stop taking your medicine and get on ok for a while but then you'd start getting ill (putting on weight), so you have to go back to taking the medicine.

    Tiresome yes, necessary yes.
  • PAV8888
    PAV8888 Posts: 13,993 Member
    People lose weight logging. People lose weight without logging. Few people keep it off either way. Often because they do things in an un-sustainable fashion. Or because they rebound after they generate intense hormonal responses by applying deficits that are excessive for their individual situation. And my last two sentences substantially overlap each other!

    I see lots of discussion on why each of us chooses to log or not. I log/logged with more diligence when wanting to achieve my goals while maximizing food consumption.

    To me, at least, it seems obvious that a large part of logging burn-out just 6 weeks in is caused by lack of sufficient appreciation for the results achieved and an application of excessive deficit for the amount of fat available to lose.

    The solution is a smaller deficit, time for the brain to process changes, and a re-alignment of the expectation of what constitutes successful weight loss!
  • nooboots
    nooboots Posts: 480 Member
    showjefb wrote: »
    Logging definitely has diminishing returns and even some negative consequences for many people. Many nutritionists and coaches strongly recommend to NOT log your food.

    How do they suggest people keep track of what their intake is?
  • texasredreb
    texasredreb Posts: 541 Member
    Logging is a part of the equation. I'm liking the results so I'll gladly keep logging. It seems a small thing for such a big payoff.
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,809 Member
    edited June 2019
    Kittyy1994 wrote: »
    Also - I DEFINATELY don’t want to be doing this in the long run. How have people stopped and what happened after you stopped?

    I maintained for a while and then stopped food logging as it wasn't necessary for me to maintain weight or to make weight adjustments if required.

    Logging was useful for calorie and portion education but I successfully maintained long term (but chubby!) before my weight loss so it was a return to normal for me. I just use my weight trend, mindful eating and setting upper intervention limits to stop a drift becoming a slide. That works for me but for many it doesn't - use the tools you need as the outcome is worth the investment.

    BTW - there is a middle ground between weighing and logging every last morsel or logging nothing. Maybe "lazy logging" might work for you?
  • cayenne_007
    cayenne_007 Posts: 668 Member
    Yep - but I do find it forces me to be much more mindful of what I'm putting in my body. I can't get upset that I don't get the results I want when the data is right in front of me.

    I don't plan to continue to log food after I reach my goal weight - but I will continue to weigh myself daily and any upticks in weight - it's back to consistently logging every bite.
  • pita7317
    pita7317 Posts: 1,437 Member
    I had to throw my two cents worth in this discussion. I reached my goal weight ( where does the time go ?)- 4 years ago.
    Since then went through some major life changes. Lost 6 more working through that and right now 4 lbs over that long ago goal. I know, big deal and I'm happy that's all it is.
    Back to topic. I started logging again this week. Not really to lose weight but " to see" what I am eating and feel better.
    Somewhat time consuming ? Yes. Worth it ? 100%.
    I finally said to myself. You gained so much knowledge about nutrition when you were losing weight (45 lbs) do not let that slide.
    It's good to be back if for nothing else to remind me again, portions/food choices do matter.
    Maybe not for a couple weeks or even a year..just saying.
    It works.