New Discovery: Protein shuts down Fat burning

The Atlantic: A Potential Hidden Factor in Why People Have So Much Trouble Losing Weight

A new study in mice points to how cell biology, not willpower, might be the root of yo-yo dieting.

By Amanda Mull

"The American conventional wisdom about weight loss is simple: A calorie deficit is all that’s required to drop excess pounds, and moderating future calorie consumption is all that’s required to maintain it. To the idea’s adherents, the infinite complexity of human biology acts as one big nutritional piggy bank. Anyone who gains too much weight or loses weight and gains it back has simply failed to balance the caloric checkbook, which can be corrected by forswearing fatty food or carbs."

"Endocrinologists have known for decades that the science of weight is far more complicated than calorie deficits and energy expenditures...."

"...In a new study published today, Schmidt and her team have unlocked a molecular mechanism controlling weight gain and loss in mice: a protein that shuts down the animals’ ability to burn fat in times of bodily stress, including when dieting or overeating. This discovery might hold the key to understanding why it’s so hard for humans to lose weight, and even harder to keep it off."


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    Did OP even read the article?

    I can't tell if it was intentional clickbait or if they just misunderstood the entire article completely.
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    Sure, but I think that in a nutrition and fitness forum, leaving "protein" ambiguous tends to lead people into assuming you mean dietary.