Responding to people who lecture me that I’m killing my metabolism.



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    breanamock wrote: »
    “Oh, that’s actually outdated information. Newer studies show that intermittent fasting actually helps the metabolism.” Two can play at the “studies show” game!

    Except I'm not sure they do...

    Although if you use the word "can" the most most literal/strict sense, then I guess it's true.
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    Whenever someone gives me unsolicited advice I say “oh wow thanks I didn’t know that” as if I’m genuinely thankful and then keep it moving sis. Use a little bit of psychology in this situation. People who give unsolicited advice either take pride in being an authority, like to hear themselves talk, or want the acknowledgement of being useful (or all three). So when you feed them what they want, they usually move on quickly to the next person and you can remain unbothered.

    In your life right now, you have this awesome goal of losing weight, getting fit, and getting healthier - so what you’re eating right now carries more weight and importance to you than the people who are probably not doing those thing and making comments about your eating habits. Take it with a grain of salt.

    In the meantime, don’t tell people what you’re doing, just show people how you did it.
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    NovusDies wrote: »
    Just tell them when you are done killing your metabolism you are coming after theirs.

    I'm stealing this for the people who tell me I'm destroying my knees by running.

    OP, ultimately people have no business commenting on your eating habits at work. So, I think the first thing to say is, "Thanks for your concern, but I've discussed my plan with my doctor, and they approve of it. I don't want to discuss my eating habits with anyone but my doctor."

    If it continues after that: "Please stop discussing my eating habits. This conversation isn't appropriate for work."

    And if it's still going past that point, take it to your boss, HR, or whoever else is the appropriate person for complaints about workplace behavior.
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    I’ve never been a huge breakfast eater unless I have worked out in the morn and eat something after. I usually am set with my coffee and milk and don’t get hungry until noon ish. I might have a snack (cheese stick) if I get really hungry, but usually I wait until I get home and have a decent dinner and one or two snacks. I’ve always been more of a night eater and I can’t stay in my calorie goal happily if I do breakfast and lunch.

    Unfortunately, this upsets people. I don’t broadcast my way of eating, but at work or in conversation, I get a lot of flack for not eating lunch and then lectured that I am killing my metabolism and that “thousands of studies show [eating throughout the day/breakfast/not eating after 8pm etc] is best.”

    I’m counting calories and I’m of the mindset that if I stay in my calorie goal, I can eat when I please. I’m just tired of being polite.

    "Thousands, wow. Can you point me to one of them...?"

    I bet the answer is no. 😉

    Your metabolism is the sum total of all the ongoing chemical reactions that keep you alive. I think you'll still need to breathe even if you skip breakfast. Your heart will still need to beat, your mighty mitochondria don't quit if you skip lunch, etc etc. I mean it's incredibly complicated, but it's also all necessary stuff.