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How much debt do you have including mortgage etc..



  • amorfati601070amorfati601070 Posts: 1,470Member Member Posts: 1,470Member Member
    Student debt. However Will probably rent to the grave. My own piece of the earth...albeit six feet under.
  • steveko89steveko89 Posts: 1,519Member Member Posts: 1,519Member Member
    30 y/o, married, one child. Total debt ~$130k, $125k left on our house and the rest on one vehicle, another is paid off. I've thought about trying to pay down our house faster but we got a nice interest rate when we bought it '13, it's already valued at 140% of what we paid for it, and the extra flexibility in cash flow is nice. Student loans were gone a few years ago but they weren't that high to begin with.

    I've also never felt the need to set a monthly budget; subsequently we examine each buying decision rather than having a allocation we could spend each month. Overall, we make sure we live within our means, and stash a decent bit away for savings/retirement. It helps that we live in the midwest where cost of living is advantageous ($1.13/$1 compared to national average per 2016 research).
  • dm01234_1dm01234_1 Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    Housing costs vary across the country greatly. Our property tax bill is potentially as much as or more than some people's mortgage.

    Jobs have always been volatile so we've never exceeded our personal debt / risk tolerance (which is very low) knowing at any moment we could be living on one income at any time. This, along with property taxes, has helped to ensure we never stretched too far for housing. No upscale neighborhood / home for us.... ever. House has been paid off for a while so it helps to know unless we don't pay the taxes, we have a roof over our heads.

    We have tracked every penny in/out for decades so it's merely second nature at this point and couldn't do it any other way.

    Have never paid a single penny in interest to a credit card company... ever.. Use one all the time however for the benefits.

    At the moment = zero debt.
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  • amorfati601070amorfati601070 Posts: 1,470Member Member Posts: 1,470Member Member
    Debt and credit scores are a racket. They don't mean anything. If I had to put a number on it though, like $348K

    You know, the whole world is in debt anyway. Like, when you die...that debt...where does it go? Its just numbers then..bouncing around in a bubble of speculation.
  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Posts: 6,964Member, Premium Member Posts: 6,964Member, Premium Member
    And what’s your monthly spending on bills food and other essentials?

    I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.
  • CoffeeAndContourCoffeeAndContour Posts: 1,492Member Member Posts: 1,492Member Member
    Well I’m paying off 8 years of University, and I just bought my house less than a year ago, so my answer is a lot.

    But I live within my means and make debt my first priority outside of regular monthly expenses.
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 5,795Member Member Posts: 5,795Member Member
    Interesting question lol. I owe about $100k on my house, no other debt besides credit cards which I use for everything and pay off every month to get points. So I don't consider that to be real debt lol. I don't care to pay my mortgage off early. I was very fortunate in that most of my college was paid for with grants and my grandpa. I only had a small loan that is paid off now. My car is pretty old and has over 200k miles, so I live a pretty mediocre lifestyle. I don't really want to share what our monthly spending is though, that seems a little personal. We have soon to be 3 kids so it's a lot more than I would like it to be.
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  • tinkerhellraisertinkerhellraiser Posts: 5,127Member Member Posts: 5,127Member Member
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  • slessofmeslessofme Posts: 6,024Member Member Posts: 6,024Member Member
    I have a mortgage that is well below my means. I have 2 paid for vehicles, one is a hoopdy that I provide for my teen to drive. No consumer debt and aside from a month or two earlier this year while waiting for reimbursement from work for travel expenses, I haven't carried a credit card balance in over 10 years. I am also a Dave Ramsey person, not because of the religious aspect, because not using debt fits within my risk tolerance.
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  • shonnakraft89shonnakraft89 Posts: 244Member Member Posts: 244Member Member
    29 years old
    Single income family (but 2 adults)
    One 6 year old child
    93k mortgage
    17k car
    7k line of credit from recent home and car repairs I couldnt cash flow due to being on medical leave. Quickly paying it down.

    No credit cards.
    No student loans.

    450/mo on groceries including dog food for a Lg and XL breed puppy.
    250/mo on gas
    120/mo for hydro
    100/mo "blow" money

    700/month for sinking funds such as home and car maintenance, gifts, clothing,christmas, vet Bill's etc
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