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Lose 5lbs + in August 2019



  • tramaine_21tramaine_21 Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    Boy was that detox a doozy! Won't be doing that until the beginning of next year, maybe. Any who....
    I did see a new number and I'm so happy! Unfortunately, now that I feel like I'm finally back in my element (keto) my body is slowing down to a halt! Pre-TOM. dun, dun, dun! Every woman is different but just before I start my body doesn't budge any weight-loss. Not one bit. After a 2hr hike today, usually I tend to lose a few ounces--but no--a complete standstill instead! *Sigh* Well, once Pre-TOM/TOM passes, then I should resume with the weight-loss results...Hopefully! Until then, I'll enjoy the victory I accomplished so far...God is good!

    ****New Low: 177.2!! yay!****

    OSW: Jan 2017 242 lbs
    SW August: 187 (water weight/salt/edema)
    8/3rd--7th Detox: -10 lb loss yay!

    August Goal: 175.8***
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  • LisaW57LisaW57 Posts: 89Member Member Posts: 89Member Member
    @realgirl177 I feel you! I've been looking at the scale doing that this month too. Wondered if it was me, something wrong with scale, or some weird planetary alignment 😂😂😂
  • LisaW57LisaW57 Posts: 89Member Member Posts: 89Member Member
    61 years old; 5'2"
    Original starting weight - 158.5 (12/30/2018)
    July ending weight 148.8 (July gain 0.6 lbs)

    August starting weight - 148.2
    August goal -145.2 (Same as July)

    Ultimate goal - 135.0

    I generally do a Friday (F) weigh-in and am adding a Monday (M) weigh-in for accountability. I've pinned the weekly weigh-in days for the challenge.

    📌 1st - 148.2 (Trend Weight 148.9)
    2nd (F) - 148.1 (Trend Weight 148.7)
    5th (M) - 148.2 (Trend Weight 148.5)
    📌 7th - 148.2 (Trend Weight 148.5)
    9th (F) - 148.2 (Trend Weight 148.5)
    12th (M) - 147.9 (Trend Weight 148.4)
    13th (T) - 147.1 (Trend Weight 148.3) New Low! 🎉
    📌 14th -
    16th (F) -
    19th (M)
    📌 21st -
    23rd (F) -
    26th (M)
    📌 28th -
    📌 30th -

    August Loss - ???

    Thoughts: I didn't get a chance to check in yesterday. Logged today's weight because I'm finally seeing a new low! No insight other than confirmation that the game plan works when I work it. "Stuck" is easier on the head than wild, inexplicable fluctuations.

    Now if I stay true to pattern, I'll see a bump up after the new low, then it will drop again. Might actually hit goal this month.

    August Game Plan & Goals: (Stats from Fitbit 7 Day Summary)
    • Continue weekly meal planning
    • Log daily in MFP - focus on daily calorie deficit goal of 500
    • No calorie intake after 8pm
    • Hit Fitbit step goal of 5000 - 3899 ⬆
    • Hit active minutes goal of 25 minutes daily - 33 ⬇
    • Hit exercise goal of 6 days - 4 ➖

    Progress: (4 week graph)


  • TheCountryLifeTheCountryLife Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    Original starting weight - 205
    August starting weight - 183
    August goal - 175
    Ultimate goal - 145

    1st - 183
    7th - 181
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -
    Total loss for August -
  • bibi12378bibi12378 Posts: 25Member, Premium Member Posts: 25Member, Premium Member
    kmfeig87 wrote: »
    @bibi12378 Give it a few days. The uptick may be the result of eating DIFFERENT foods on Sunday as much as going over calories. Sodium, radically different macros, alchohol, exercise can all cause water retention and temporary weight gain!

    Very true. I just have to be patient :/ thanks!
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member

    Heaviest weight: 175.4 in early 2013.
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    July 31 starting weight - 145.4 (ten-day rolling average weight 145.6)
    August goal - 143
    Ultimate goal - Range between 142 - 148

    I report scale weight and (ten day average weight).

    July 31 - 145.4 (145.6)
    August 1 - 142.8 (145.1)
    August 10 - 142.4 (144.4 or 142.7 depending how you count) **
    August 14 - 146.0 (144.8)
    August 21 -
    August 28 -
    August 31 -

    NOTE: It looks like I'm still eating like I was when I was on the dive boat. Scale weight is over 3.5 pounds, and ten-day average is up a bit, too.

    Total loss for August: Gained a half pound by the scale and lost almost a pound by ten-day average.
  • MzBecca4uMzBecca4u Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Original starting weight - 184
    August starting weight - 179.9
    August goal - 175
    Ultimate goal - 150/ UK clothes size 10/12

    1st - 184
    7th- 179.9
    14th -179.2
    21st -
    28th -
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Posts: 738Member Member Posts: 738Member Member
    Female, 5'3", 58 years old
    I will be weighing daily, it keeps me accountable and motivated and shows trends
    Starting weight October 28.18 - 191
    August goal is 155 (Same as July goal)
    Ultimate goal is 115

    August 01 - 160.0
    August 02 - 160.7
    August 03 - 159.6
    August 04 - 160.1
    August 05 - 161.1 - Not sure why I am up today, just going to stay the course and hope to see it come back down.
    August 06 - 161.9 - Maybe it is just too early in the morning. I have been on track and getting in good workouts. Don't like to gain of course. I am going away soon, so had hoped to have a bit of a cushion.
    August 07 - 159.8
    August 08 - 159.3 - My last weigh-in until I get back from my short holiday. I will still be tracking, but won't have my scale.
    August 12 - 162.0 - I think that it will get higher still before I can get it back down. Festival food! I will get back on track for sure.
    August 13 - 162.2 - So hopefully that is the last of the festival food showing up on my slow metabolism. Now to salvage the month.
    August 14 - 160.4 - Burned more calories than I ate yesterday, I had 1500 calories left over according to MFP.

    Running Loss/Gain: Gain 0.4 lbs
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Posts: 738Member Member Posts: 738Member Member
    Tight leather pants is a really good goal!! : - )
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Posts: 738Member Member Posts: 738Member Member
    skuhns92 wrote: »
    I'm just starting to get back on the bandwagon. I had a really hard time when I started gaining weight after cutting back my portions and working out all because of other health problems but I'm pushing hard to get back. I'll take any tips or pointers to help with new foods to eat or exercises to try.

    August starting weight - 213
    August goal - 200
    Ultimate goal - 150

    2nd - 213
    9th- 209
    15th -
    22nd -
    30th - Beach vacation
    August loss =

    Hi. You asked about exercises to try.
    I have been getting into Fitness Marshall this year and have seen a real change in my body. It is dance. Each song is 3-4 minutes long, so if I have time for only 1 or 2 songs I am still getting a quick workout in here and there.
    Modern stuff like Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Nick Minaj etc. You never get bored because the songs are so short.
    He is on Youtube, so I get it on my big TV through a blu-ray player, on my smart TV by casting from my phone.
    I must say that the first time doing a new song can really be a giggle, but you get the moves by the end of the song. There are a few that have become favourites for me, I suggest starting with Usher's "Yeah" and seeing if you like the format. 4 minutes of your time.
    It works the entire body and gives you some new dance moves : - )
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Posts: 1,467Member Member Posts: 1,467Member Member
    Original starting weight – 253
    August starting weight – 202.0
    August goal – 196.0
    Ultimate goal – 153ish

    01st -202.0 Lots of work to do!
    07th -196.0 Up & Down all week but ending it in a good way.
    14th –197.8 I traveled yesterday so there is a temporary jump-up. We’ll see what the next weigh-in brings!
    21st -
    28th -
    31st -
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