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Lose 5lbs + in August 2019

SamanthaLouiseMenceSamanthaLouiseMence Member Posts: 663 Member Member Posts: 663 Member
Back at it for another month!

Welcome to any new comers we have this month and ofcourse welcome back to everyone who does this every month already.

This is an open challenge, everyone can come and go as they please. Post as much or as little as you like. Please be respectful to one another and support each other. We all know this journey can get real hard at times.
Post your weekly (or daily) progress as such :

Original starting weight -
August starting weight -
August goal -
Ultimate goal -

1st -
14th -
21st -
28th -

Total loss for August -

This way we can see your progress, and celebrate with you on each loss, and support you with any gain.

Feel free to post about other things too! Should it be an achievement, or a struggle, or even a new recipe you’ve tried. This way we can cheer you on, support you and try new things with you etc.

Ok everyone, as always, let’s smash it :) x


  • LisaW57LisaW57 Member Posts: 339 Member Member Posts: 339 Member
    61 years old; 5'2"
    Original starting weight - 158.5 (12/30/2018)
    July ending weight 148.8 (July gain 0.6 lbs)

    August starting weight - 148.2
    August goal -145.2 (Same as July)

    Ultimate goal - 135.0

    I generally do a Friday (F) weigh-in and am adding a Monday (M) weigh-in for accountability. I've pinned the weekly weigh-in days for the challenge.

    📌 1st - 148.2 (Trend Weight 148.9)
    2nd (F) -
    5th (M)
    📌 7th -
    9th (F) -
    12th (M)
    📌 14th -
    16th (F) -
    19th (M)
    📌 21st -
    23rd (F) -
    26th (M)
    📌 28th -
    📌 30th -

    August Loss - ???

    Thoughts: July was a "flat" month with a small gain. I have a decent starting weight

    August Game Plan & Goals:
    • Continue weekly meal planning
    • Log daily in MFP - focus on daily calorie deficit goal of 500
    • No calorie intake after 8pm
    • Hit Fitbit step goal of 5000 -
    • Hit active minutes goal of 25 minutes daily -
    • Hit strength building exercise goal of 6 days -



    edited August 2019
  • mablade18mablade18 Member, Premium Posts: 6,397 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,397 Member
    Original starting weight - 256.1
    August starting weight - 173.8
    August goal - 168
    Ultimate goal - 155

    1st - 173.8
    14th -
    21st -
    28th -

    Total loss for August -
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