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Emotional Support Dog at the Gym



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    Also horses live significantly longer than dogs.
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    Dogs are gross but that little horsey or pony is so cute, I prefer that all day.
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    I don't think there's anything wrong with it, as long as they're well trained
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    Theoldguy1 wrote: »
    I was at the gym yesterday. The gym has a large open interior area in the back of the building for sled pushing, carried, walking lunges, floor work etc. It was 5 PM so a decent crowd in the gym. A woman comes into the area with an unleashed dog and starts to run sprints with the dog. The dog runs with her pretty well but occasionally gets distracted and goes over and smells the butt of people doing floor work and gets in the face of someone doing handstand pushups. After running sprints they go to the water fountain where the woman turns on the water and the dog drinks from the handicapped accessible fountain which he can easily reach.

    As I was leaving I asked the girl at the front desk and she tells me it's an emotional support dog. Now I love dogs and understand the benefits of emotional support animals but should they be running around off leash and with no service animal vest in a public gym? The front desk girl asked if I wanted to complain. I told her no because I didn't think she would actually tell a manager. I'm planning on writing an email to the manager expressing my concern the dog running loose could actually hurt someone and if it's in the gym should be on a leash at all times.

    Am I right or being an *kitten*?

    I don't bring my ESA to the gym. I especially don't let her off the leash in public places. People always want to touch her when we're in the store & I have to tell them no. Just let her do her job. She doesn't need to be distracted cause that might lead to her having some unpredictable behavior. You're in the right to complain about it though. The gym covers people on their insurance, but my biggest concern is that persons dog possibly getting injured & clearly the dog is not trained well enough to be around large groups of people. You don't technically have to have a vest & often those certificate places online you buy from, anyone can buy, but the dog is supposed to be on a leash & have well behaved training. My ESA is certified from my doctor, but if I know she's going to be in a place that'll be too distracting for her to do her job, I won't bring her. I might suffer from it, but I've learned that if I'm in a position that's making me have an attack where I need her, I quickly remove myself from that area to try & collect myself before it gets to that point. Sometimes it's really hard & I might have to call someone to pick me up, but my biggest concern is my dogs safety. I'd definitely write about it to the manager though, but that's just my opinion on it. Good luck!
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