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Spices, spicey seasonings: what's your favorite?



  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member
    Salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, curry powder, basil, parsley, tarragon, ras el hanout, smoked paprika, za atar, celery seed, sage.

    I use more, depending on the dish, but those are my go to's.
  • Veilleux311Veilleux311 Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    MikePTY wrote: »
    I put hot sauce on pretty much everything. Not Tabasco (so substandard when you've had a good hot sauce), but I put a good local hot sauce made from the aji chombo pepper (similar to habenero) that has more of a sweetness to the spice. No calories, and minimal sauce. It doesn't do anything for my metabolism, but it does help me with my weight loss because I can eat food that is bland and more calorie friendly, because the hot sauce makes it enjoyable.

    I enjoy spicy foods when eating at restaurants but have limited myself preparing foods at home especially, as you said, with blander choices. Going to add the aji chombo pepper to my list. Thank you for sharing your advice.
  • Veilleux311Veilleux311 Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Tabasco - Smoked Chipotle flavor is awesome. Great flavor

    Sounds good! Thank you.
  • Veilleux311Veilleux311 Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Cayenne pepper for most things. I also like freshly chopped hot peppers mixed in things that normally ask for bell peppers and also some in chicken or tuna salad, etc. I even put them in salads sometimes depending on other ingredients I'm using at the time.

    I eat a lot of spicy spices already mentioned by others also. Almost everything I eat is spicy.

    I agree with whoever said not Tabasco sauce. The flavor is off to me. No other kinds of watery hot sauces either.

    I like your idea with the bell pepper alternative. And, I agree there's nothing to like about dumping a watery sauce on your food. Definitely prefer thicker hot sauces.
  • puffbratpuffbrat Member Posts: 2,803 Member Member Posts: 2,803 Member
    New Mexican chile - red or green.
  • TheFearlessFreepTheFearlessFreep Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I am a Trader Joe's spice and seasoning aisle stalker. I use their Everything But the Bagel, 21 Seasoning Salute, South African Smoke Seasoning and Chile Lime Seasoning Blend all the time. Plus the items are cheap and they have quite few to choose from.
  • JaxxieKatJaxxieKat Member Posts: 417 Member Member Posts: 417 Member
    Spices don't boost metabolism, but they can be used in place of butter or oils to add flavor. My personal favorite is cajun seasoning. Tastes great on poultry, fish, veggies, and eggs.
  • BarbaraHelen2013BarbaraHelen2013 Member Posts: 1,106 Member Member Posts: 1,106 Member
    Oh and Dukkah, but since it’s generally based around hazelnuts, or sometimes other nuts and seeds, I have to be a bit less prolific with it than things like Tabasco, sadly. But I make some little chickpea flour crackers with dukkah pressed into the dough before baking, those are amazing as a real treat for me!
  • earlnabbyearlnabby Member Posts: 8,018 Member Member Posts: 8,018 Member
    I am not a fan of heat but I love highly flavored foods. I love a dash of Aleppo pepper on many things (it has heat similar to jalapeno but has a bit of a citrus-ey flavor). I use a lot of cumin, paprika, and always freshly ground black pepper as spices. Herbs I use a lot are basil, oregano, tarragon, and chives (all fresh from my garden). The only seasoning I use is chili pepper but I do keep my own mix of whole black pepper, coriander, allspice, and Szechwan peppercorns in my second peppermill.

    I mostly avoid prepared seasonings because so many have too much salt. I mix my own salt free taco seasoning and usually season my food with individual herbs and spices to taste.
  • vamanvaman Member Posts: 199 Member Member Posts: 199 Member
    With "maybe" the exception of ice cream, sriracha sauce goes with everything!!
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 21,917 Member Member Posts: 21,917 Member
  • gt0186bgt0186b Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    Yellowbird Jalapeno condiment for a mild heat. Actually all their sauces are excellent.
  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,069 Member Member Posts: 5,069 Member
    Harissa and maple syrup roast carrots is a favourite of mine.
  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 5,164 Member Member Posts: 5,164 Member
    I don't have a favourite spice. It all depends on what I cook, really. I know I'd have problems without soysauce, fishsauce and fermented shrimp paste. But really, I love food from so many different regions and countries I could not chose for one.
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 21,917 Member Member Posts: 21,917 Member
    This time of year I like Thai seasonings:
    • Fish sauce
    • Lime juice
    • Hot pepper

    There is often more depending on the recipe, but that is the holy trinity.
  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,069 Member Member Posts: 5,069 Member
    Maesri brand Thai seafood sauce. I use it for dipping raw veg which taste amazing. Here is a recipe for a homemade version.
  • MelanieCN77MelanieCN77 Member Posts: 4,010 Member Member Posts: 4,010 Member
    In a soup or a chili I like to layer - paprika, cayenne, pepper flakes.
  • quemalosuertequemalosuerte Member Posts: 196 Member Member Posts: 196 Member
    Huge fan of smoked paprika. My husband found smoked pepercorns that we grind fresh, which is amazing. A sweet-tasting spice that compliments spicy food really well is Amchur, it’s basically a dried mango powder. Also, never underestimate cinnamon, it's more than just desserts.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Member, Premium Posts: 15,542 Member Member, Premium Posts: 15,542 Member
    Lately, gochujang chile paste. Sometimes I mix it with peanut butter powder and rice vinegar to make a calorie-manageable hot peanut sauce.

    Pickapeppa sauce is also good (Jamaican, with the kind of flavor profile you'd expect, spicy, sweet, sour, and has notes of fruit, ginger, cloves, etc., as well as being spicy (there's an extra hot version, too)).

    Hot yuzu sauces are tasty, too. (Yuzu is a sour citrus fruit. There are various sauces made with it, including ponzu; like many asian condiments, ponzu has fish ingredients, but not all yuzu sauces do. Trader Joe's has a hot yuzu sauce with just vinegar, yuzu, chili pepper and salt).

    Hot spices burn no/negligible extra calories, but they're yummy and add variety to foods, so why not?
  • nooshi713nooshi713 Member Posts: 4,108 Member Member Posts: 4,108 Member
    I have a ton of spices in my cupboard.

    Besides garlic and onion, I use a ton of turmeric, paprika, sumac, and red pepper flakes.

    I also put hot sauce on many things.
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