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I can never stick to it, how do you?!

xDayniexDaynie Posts: 22Member Member Posts: 22Member Member
I want it more than anything, to lose weight, be happy and confident in my skin.. But laziness, unmotivated, procrastination, self pity always takes over with the stresses of life. I can mentally think all this, but physically I cant stick to it. Mind is not over matter in my case and I need it to be.

How did you flick that switch?! What changed you, what made it *LIGHTBULB* in yourself.

"Ill start Monday" is no more... But thats my point, I mean it when I say it in my head but on Monday my hands steer the car home after work, not to the gym, and they grab the chips out of the cupboard, not the carrots.

On the upside, I have managed to up my water consumption consistantly, so I am capable of changing habits. But eating healthily, and gyming are my downfalls. I have taken on swimming, which I actually enjoy, I plan to go once a week and gym the rest of my excercise days.

I know the answer to all of this is "Just do it" and thats what I should do, but what is the answer when that doesnt work?



  • l4a_pl4a_p Posts: 98Member Member Posts: 98Member Member
    I stay healthy, avoid the yo-yo cycle I've seen in people close to me, by keeping things at a level I'm comfortable with. There's a middle ground between abandoning your health entirely, and going to the gym ten days a week fueled only on salad and protein shakes.
    Walking the dog in the morning is an easy thing for me to do, but it has significant health benefits when compared to lounging in bed an extra 45.
    If you have something manageable as part of your daily routine, it's easier to build on that.
    I usually walk the dog in my running gear, in case I feel like running. If I don't, I've had my walk and achieved my goal. If I do feel like running, whether it lasts for 3 minutes or 30, I've achieved something extra. Yay me! Aren't I awesome today!?
    Setting myself up for success, rather than beating myself up for not doing 10k each morning, means that running isn't a dread. Running... it's a "what the heck, let's go for it!" on the spur of the moment, joy.

    You know you. You don't have to win a marathon, you just need to find a way to live a healthier lifestyle. It's ok if what works for other people doesn't work for you, as long as you find something that does work for you. Think about what motivates you, what you enjoy, and what makes you hide under a blanket whilst reaching for the chips. Make a plan for you.

    Very well put :)
  • RavenwarRavenwar Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    My "just do it" moment came after recent health problems. This time last year I lost 30lbs, but it has been a struggle to lose the last 15lbs of my doctor recommended goal weight. My health problem came back recently and so yesterday was my first day of "just doing it" again. I'm counting calories. I have a strong workout plan (at home). My meal portions are smaller. I'm not eating after 7pm and I'm going to bed by 10pm to avoid late night snacking.
  • brenn24179brenn24179 Posts: 1,801Member Member Posts: 1,801Member Member
    eat some of the higher calorie stuff, not much and then have most of your plate with lower calorie foods. I dont eat after 6 at night, dont give up when you mess up, just start again the next day.
  • meganmoschopsmeganmoschops Posts: 39Member Member Posts: 39Member Member
    I find it really hard too. I did really well at the beginning of the year and then it was my birthday in a June and it all went a bit Pete Tong and I stopped measuring food and cut down on the exercise. BUT I am back on it now and it seems not too much damage was done which is more luck that judgement. It’s all about managing your chimp. My chip really loves a lot of cheese and chocolate and crisps and cake and eating far too much of a million other things and not doing exercise. This video really helped me understand what I am doing and why.
  • concordanciaconcordancia Posts: 5,179Member Member Posts: 5,179Member Member
    Start today, instead of Monday. Don't give yourself time to come up with excuses.

    Make a solid plan so that you aren't making last minute decisions when you are tired, hungry and stressed. For example, I always take food with me when I run errands mid day: no excuse to stop and get fast food instead of eating the food I had with me.

    Include foods you like in your plan. Don't eat kale just because it is labelled as a superfood.
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