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Fat - not carbs - addictive?



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    I got to a point when I was restricting my calorie intake to 1200 that nothing really satisfied the hunger I had. Since I was at a healthy bmi I stopped dieting and went to maintenance and tbh, if I'm eating a balanced diet (getting the macros mfp sets me) with good food, I don't get cravings at maintenance levels of calories if I keep my activity level at about the same every day.

    So as far as what is the more satisfying macro? idk really, its more a matter of harmonizing all of it, the macros, calories and excersize my body needs. Because when I was keto, all the fat couldn't satisfy me, when I was vegetarian, all the bread couldn't satisfy me. It depended on calories meeting my energy needs, not over or under eating anything.

    Scores on foods for satiety are nice, but when it comes to putting it into practice, too few calories is gonna make a person hungry. imo.
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