Getting past the unfair feeling

How do you get past the feeling of "This is F'in unfair. Those skinny people don't exercise or eat right." or "They were raised to have a healthy lifestyle while we lived off of what we could" or "Its easier for them because they don't have kids."

Basically, excuse after excuse and I can't seem to get past this very bitter feeling every time I open a diet/ lifestyle/ health book. I get so bitter at the world and can't even focus on what I am reading or doing because all I can think about is how this is so F'in unfair.

Any advice?


  • VeronicaRooney
    VeronicaRooney Posts: 9 Member
    Oh, it's not the books that make me feel this way it's myself. I get that I do not know people or understand what they are going through but its just a literal thought that pops up in my head very aggressively
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    go to therapy. your journey is not someone elses and vice versa.
  • kshama2001
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    It's your Addictive Voice: