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What to eat for breakfast low calories?



  • peachvine29peachvine29 Posts: 240Member Member Posts: 240Member Member
    Jimmy Dean turkey sausage and egg white English muffin sandwiches and low fat cottage cheese. Delicious!
  • s131951s131951 Posts: 381Member Member Posts: 381Member Member
    Jimmy Dean turkey sausage and egg white English muffin sandwiches and low fat cottage cheese. Delicious!
    Similar for me. Hi!
  • dianastephenydianastepheny Posts: 497Member Member Posts: 497Member Member
    I find that I do better if I avoid foods like oatmeal, cereals, the healthier pancakes, yogurt etc. I just end up hungry earlier. They work great for most people, but not me. Not sure why, but for myself it's a proven pattern Also, I definitely can't do a smoothie or protein shake. ( even though I like them) I need to chew. So, my breakfast is pretty basic and repetitive, but it works the best for me. I eat three eggs, an orange ( or an apple, or raspberries/blueberries...but usually it's an orange), and drink a hot cup of tea. Sometimes, I'll have artichoke hearts instead of fruit on the side. It's pretty basic, definitely repetitive, but I find it really keeps me going
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 668Member Member Posts: 668Member Member
    Ham, Egg, & Cheese cups. Very tasty and low in calories and carbs.
  • ghostofsamghostofsam Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    Breakfast is usually a big meal, for me, but on lower cal days, I go with oatmeal or cereal.
  • prasiljanprasiljan Posts: 42Member, Premium Member Posts: 42Member, Premium Member
    I have mostly overnight oats for a breakfast but my portion comes with 700 calories. Almonds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds bring calories up a bit 😃
  • gallicinvasiongallicinvasion Posts: 613Member Member Posts: 613Member Member
    I do a 250 calorie trail mix every morning on my commute. 22 g almonds, 15 g granola, and 12 g roasted salted edamame.
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 12,161Member Member Posts: 12,161Member Member
    borzecka39 wrote: »
    Did anyone did diet with the Herbalife?
    If yes did u loose weight/how quick ?

    Perhaps you should start your own thread on this.
  • helaurinhelaurin Posts: 132Member, Premium Member Posts: 132Member, Premium Member
    166 calories:

    Great Eggscape (equivalent to two eggs).
    Add in 1 teaspoon of Benefiber for a fiber boost.
    Two pieces of Schmidt's bread, toasted (low-calorie bread), topped with a small amount of Country Crock light.
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 12,161Member Member Posts: 12,161Member Member
    My go to is poached eggs on granary toast - just under 250 cals
    or porridge with honey/peanut butter and fruit - just under 300 cals
    Today I had sausage and egg muffins (made the night before and re-heated this morning) - fab, filling and under 400 cals - didn't need a mid morning snack either so the extra cals at breakfast were worth it.
    edited September 10
  • PiscesIntuitionPiscesIntuition Posts: 1,185Member Member Posts: 1,185Member Member

    Although I don’t break my fast until 12 noon, these are some yummy ideas!
  • zebasschickzebasschick Posts: 124Member Member Posts: 124Member Member
    today i was tired out, so i grabbed a chocolate quest bar. other days, i have a half serving of oat bran in milk with xylitol and stevia and a couple scrambled egg whites or a light & fit yogurt (peach or vanilla) with something.
  • sr2587sr2587 Posts: 30Member, Premium Member Posts: 30Member, Premium Member
    If you’re on the go, Gatorade protein bars are great!! Little too much fat, but hey it’s breakfast?!?
  • TatajanaScylindaTatajanaScylinda Posts: 897Member Member Posts: 897Member Member
    I like wheat toast 35 calories sara lee
    topped with guacamole (wholly single pack 50 calories) and 1 egg white (17 calories) and light slice of cheese (50 calorie kind). I usually have coffee (skim milk and sweetner) or black tea with it. Keeps me full till lunch time.

    On the weekend I like to make protein pancakes with a fruit syrup both are made by Kodiak cake.
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