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What do you think about oats...?

SuperMotivated56SuperMotivated56 Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
I’m wondering if I should incorporate wholegrain oats into my meal plan - they seem to be quite high in kilojoules... As I’m trying to be sugar-free too, any ideas for options to sweeten, other than honey?


  • AntiopelleAntiopelle Posts: 138Member Member Posts: 138Member Member
    I've been having oats breakfast for most of my adult life - the only good habit I've had over a long period.
    Through the years I've replaced the honey with brown sugar first, then sweetener, then stevia.
    Now I just mix in some dried raisins and that is enough sweetness for me.
    40gr of oats, 10gr of raisins and 200ml of milk does the trick.

    I know this will keep me through the morning until lunch.
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  • SuperMotivated56SuperMotivated56 Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
    Thanks for the advice - the raisins sound like a good idea 💡 Does this breakfast that you described use up a lot of your kilojoules for the day? 💭
  • SuperMotivated56SuperMotivated56 Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
    Thank you - I love cinnamon too and will definitely try the fruit. Do you think that dried dates are too much?
  • callsitlikeiseeitcallsitlikeiseeit Posts: 6,554Member Member Posts: 6,554Member Member
    Thank you - I love cinnamon too and will definitely try the fruit. Do you think that dried dates are too much?

    do they fit in your calories? yes? then no, its not too much
  • wendyheath32wendyheath32 Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
    I sometimes put maple syrup in and also half a mashed banana is good and also dates. If you top with frozen berries then stir them in its lovely
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 3,144Member Member Posts: 3,144Member Member
    Steel cut oats. I don’t need sweeteners. I use cinnamon and fruit. Mostly blueberries or apples. Almond milk.

    This. I've never sweetened them. Blueberries and apples are my favorites too, or any berries or maybe a banana. Any kind of milk or milk substitute you like will work.

    Re the dried dates question, I prefer fresh fruit to dried and don't really like dates, but whatever you like that fits in your cals are fine, it's personal preference.

    Worth adding to the mix: I really like savory oats, with some veg plus an egg -- there are lots of ways to do savory oats.
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  • hmhill17hmhill17 Posts: 123Member Member Posts: 123Member Member
    I do overnight oats with rolled or steel cut oats, greek yoghurt, almond milk, chia and raisins. Vanilla extract gives it a little sweet, but I usually put in a tbsp of honey too.
  • ellen4488ellen4488 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I add in vanilla whey protein powder. That sweetens it right up. I only have 1/4 cup oats, scoop protein, tablespoon of coconut, hemp seed, chia seed and add 1 cup almond milk and water. yum!
  • CipherZeroCipherZero Posts: 1,362Member Member Posts: 1,362Member Member
    I love oats, but they make my gassy as hell. It's like I'm my own horn section.
  • SnifterPugSnifterPug Posts: 104Member Member Posts: 104Member Member
    I add boiling water to oats and chia seeds and leave for a few hours. Then I eat it topped with skyr yogurt and fruit/berries. I have used vanilla essence to sweeten on occasion.
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Posts: 19,425Member Member Posts: 19,425Member Member
    Thank you - I love cinnamon too and will definitely try the fruit. Do you think that dried dates are too much?

    While oats, dates, and cinnamon sound yummy, that would be way too high carb / low protein for me.

    Others mentioned adding Greek yogurt or protein powder - this will boost protein. (However I've tried it, and found too much PP compromised taste.)
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,807Member Member Posts: 2,807Member Member
    I love oatmeal, but they aren't saitiating to me in any form (yes, including steel cut). I typically sweeten the with maple syrup. Whether or not they fit in your calorie allowance is going to depend on how much oatmeal you eat, what else you put in them, what your allowance is, and what else you're eating during the day.
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Posts: 4,893Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,893Member, Premium Member
    I like oats but I dislike oatmeal. I have considered trying one of the savory recipes but it is not high on my priority list.
  • ookooladyookoolady Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Rolled oats, a spoonful of canned pumpkin, a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice, and a dash of maple syrup. Yum!
  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Posts: 772Member Member Posts: 772Member Member
    My oats are pretty typical and have no added sugar. I add a frozen banana, handful of dried fruit and some frozen blueberries along with ground flax seeds and a lot of cinnamon. Keeps me full for hours (good bit of fiber there).
  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 13,739Member Member Posts: 13,739Member Member
    Every weekday I have overnight oats for breakfast (rolled oats, vanilla yogurt, peanut butter) with a banana.

    On the weekend I make oatmeal for breakfast (rolled oats, one egg, cinnamon, peanut butter, splash of milk, water, banana).

    Once the weather gets cold, I'll sometimes have a packet of flavored oatmeal for a late night snack, the one with dinosaur eggs is particularly fun :smiley:

    I am not trying to eat low sugar, so I'm not sure any of that is useful to you. You can certainly make oats savory rather than sweet though, you could even make them plain and salted (maybe with a little cheese), and put a fried or sunny side egg on top.

    I happen to find oats really filling, but others say they are almost immediately hungry after eating oatmeal, so if that's you it might not be the best bet for you!
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 11,859Member Member Posts: 11,859Member Member
    I like thick rolled oats with thawed frozen mixed berries, plain Greek yogurt, hemp seeds, milled flax seeds, walnuts, cinnamon, and blackstrap molasses. I eat it pretty much every day.

    It's not too many calories for me (and I find it both delicious and filling), but I don't know whether it would be too many kilojoules for you, or not. You can make choices about how much of each ingredient to use, too, not just which ingredients to choose.

    Different people have different calorie/kilojoule goals, and find different foods satiating.
  • SuperMotivated56SuperMotivated56 Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
    Thank you all for your thoughts and for sharing. A lot of really good suggestions for me to try. I’ll see how I go with the kilojoule count and how full I feel.
    I love earlnabby’s post about your Grandpa - how inspirational - thank you so much for sharing 😃
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