Lose 5lbs + in October 2019



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    @dawnbgethealthy, You were probably much less stressed Dawn. What vacations are supposed to provide. @mtaratoot is right, maybe you need more vacations!

    Wouldn't that be great, to have more vacations!! : - )
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    Love to join in, to keep myself accountable. :)

    Original starting weight - 154 lbs. (May 25th, 2019)
    October starting weight - 140 lbs.
    October goal - 135 lbs.
    Ultimate goal - 100 - 110 lbs.

    October 2nd - 140 lbs.
    October 9th -
    October 16th -
    October 23rd -
    October 30th -

    Total loss for October: Stay Tuned :)

    Best of luck everyone!
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    Female, age 59, 5'3" (probably only 5'2" by now)
    Starting weight was October 28, 2018 - 191
    Long term goal 112-115
    October 28.2019 goal - 151

    1st day back to my scale. I don't know what my starting point was for the month, I will use the 7th.
    October 07 - 156.7 - Hard to believe that I actually lost weight on my vacation to Dallas, what with Texas bbq, Taquieras, Margaritas etc. Mind you, I ice skated almost every day. Very pleased.
    October 08 - 160.3 - That gain in one days seems kind of crazy since I had good workouts and was well within my eating levels. Perhaps I had been dehydrated from the flights and am hydrated again.

    Oh come on; you know that we can have wild fluctuations in short order. You also were surprised at yesterday's weight. This is why you weigh every day and IGNORE THE NUMBER and instead look at a trend.
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    •Lose 5 lbs in October 2019•

    June 2019 thru mid September 2019. Gains!/ Loss
    From 177 to 186. Began with stress, ended in adrenal fatigue.

    Original starting wgt: 253
    October starting weight: 183
    October goal: 180
    🍁Updating every day through October.

    •Monday Updates•📌
    📌September 30 - 183
    October 1 - 183
    10/2- 184.6 - fluid retention from exercise. My muscles are so weak! I'm working on it.
    10/3 - 182.4
    10/4 - 182
    10/5 - 182.6
    10/6 - 181.6
    📌10/7 - 183.6

    10/8 - 183.6


    Gain / Loss

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    @LisaW57, I just noticed that you are doing scapula pushups. Great exercise for strengthening the serratus anterior muscle. I just started doing them again recently. I injured both my shoulders when I was younger (by over extending, reaching behind me!) and also have wrist tendon damage, so no traditional push-ups for me any more. I just found a video with some exercises I will incorporate.

    Yes, Tish! Now they are elevated - I've never had much upper body strength. I started with 10 reps against the wall. Went to kitchen counter, and now bathroom vanity. And I'm up to 50 reps. My initial goal was to boost metabolism. It's helping some. But I started noticing less tension in my neck. Thinking I was onto something, I talked to my doc about using exercise to strengthen weak areas as a form of injury prevention. He referred me for a PT consult, and that's where transitioning to scapula pushups came from. Still elevated. Probably always will be. But I feel a difference already! I like them!

    My squats and lunges are certainly not the deep ones you see in videos - but they seem to be helping with my knees. PT consult helped with form. I'm tuned into how my body responds - I will push thru discomfort, but check up at any twinge of pain.