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"Diet Face" - should we choose face over body or vice versa?

SnifterPugSnifterPug Posts: 140Member Member Posts: 140Member Member

Dame Jeni Murray has lost four stone following bariatric surgery and diabetic symptoms have gone into remission. Good for her!

She has now announced she is happy to weigh 14 stone because she does not want to develop "diet face". At her height (6 foot) she's still overweight by BMI standards and she doesn't strike me as a gym bunny who is carrying the weight as muscle.

So long as she's happy how she is, that's great, of course.

But I'm interested to see how others view the issue of diet face. Would you prefer to have the physique you want, at the possible expense of your facial looks? Or would you compromise on the body in order to keep your face looking better? Would you prefer your significant other to have the perfect body or the perfect face (assuming they can't have both)?



  • ku140ku140 Posts: 61Member Member Posts: 61Member Member
    To answer your question, I would rather my face look healthy and my body look like it needs some toning. Same with my husband.

    I was essentially here at my ideal weight, which I sustained for about 8 years. I looked pretty strong and fit, even if I didn't have a 6 pack and my thighs touch.
  • sardelsasardelsa Posts: 8,322Member Member Posts: 8,322Member Member
    For me I'd rather have a bit more weight vs looking too small and sunken face which is what happens if I get too lean (so either very low bodyfat or on the very low end of healthy weight). I run bulk cycles to build muscle so I am able to sit at a higher weight and look more full and curvy.
  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 9,720Member Member Posts: 9,720Member Member
    ccrdragon wrote: »
    With my genetics, I don't have a choice on this. To get any where even near to overweight on the BMI charts, my diet face comes out (turkey neck, sunken cheeks, etc.). The face is the first place that actually really shows when I lose weight (and my gut is the last place that shows).

    I am also old and don't really care at this point about my looks - I would rather be healthy and live longer than look like some artificial concept of 'good'.

    SAME. I'm only 42 but I feel all of this. In the face, I looked just slightly chubby when I weighed in at 300 lb. It's true that I look a lot more drawn and old and my wrinkles show up more now after my weight loss. I'm fine with it, in the overall scheme of things the pros of weight loss outweigh a lack of wrinkles or looking younger to me.
  • gatamadrizgatamadriz Posts: 61Member Member Posts: 61Member Member
    My face tends to even out when I am at a correct BMI and feel good. I also worked intensely with both a personal trainer and nutritionist for 3 years. I was trying to get down to my college weight and they said no. I was 16 pounds heavier due to muscle mass, which I gain very quickly. It all evens out, there are medical procedures if you develop sags on your neck for example, but that is inherent to my family.
  • lolly5648lolly5648 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    Since I lost 20 lbs over the last four months I have developed hollows under my cheekbones and lots of new wrinkles and look haggard. I’ve lost weight on my bum and boobs but still have a fat tummy and waist. A couple of people have asked if I’m ill.
    I lost weight because I have a fatty liver but I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I would definitely go for face rather than body.
  • watts6151watts6151 Posts: 481Member, Premium Member Posts: 481Member, Premium Member
    When Deep In to a cut I’ve had customers
    Pull me to one side and ask if I’m terminal !!!

    Been very lean really doesn’t look great facially on me, I usually grow my facial hair to hide the sunken cheeks, just need to figure out how to hide the hole eyed look
  • Safari_Gal_Safari_Gal_ Posts: 164Member, Premium Member Posts: 164Member, Premium Member
    Oh @SnifterPug - this is timely for me. I’d chose a more youthful face personally. Not sure how much of that is influenced by the fact that I come from a family of dermatologists though! Lol .

    I actually started my health quest primarily as a way to keep my skin more supple and stave off premature aging. Losing weight was a side note for me. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,986Member Member Posts: 2,986Member Member
    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    what is diet face

    That was my question as well. The pay wall cut off any part of the article that may have explained what it is.
  • nooshi713nooshi713 Posts: 3,553Member Member Posts: 3,553Member Member
    I felt I looked older when I was chubbier tbh. My face has always been round.

    If I had to choose, I would choose face over body.
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 4,502Member Member Posts: 4,502Member Member
    Body over face for me
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