How do you decide when to stop?

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Im just curious as to when people have decided when they have reached a point where they are ready for maintenance? Or I guess how did you even set your original goal weight? Is it when you've hit a certain number on the scale? When you're no longer in an unhealthy BMI? When you're at a weight you've been previously and wanted to get back to?

For me i set my goal as a number that i thought was reasonable and maintainable for me but now that I'm here im tempted to try and lose another 10 lbs but not sure if pushing myself to that is worth it.


  • LyndaBSS
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    I'm about half way through. I set a very rough goal based on the range I felt healthy at before. When I get close to it, I'll see how I feel emotionally, physically and what my doctor says. I'm sure there will be some bouncing around before I settle down.
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    Joining this thread as I too would like to hear from people with experience entering maintenance - I'm about 15-20lbs from my weight goal so I've been thinking about what maintenance will look like next year.
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    Are you still losing easily or are you getting very hungry when you drop calories? How comfortable will you be with maintenance calories now vs. 10 pounds less? Just more things to consider.
    I’m seriously thinking about setting my ultimate goal at the point where maintenance is 1600 calories because that is what I can eat easily and happily long term.
  • bear2303
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    I stopped when I reached a point where I was happy with my food intake, and couldn't afford to replace my wardrobe again!

    Omg this!!!! Part of the reason i don't want to push to lose another 10 is the fact that all the clothes i bought are for the weight i am now! and i'm short so if i drop another 10 pounds all my clothes won't fit me.
  • babyluthi
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    Melolson14 wrote: »
    I started at 192.4lbs
    CW - 171.4
    I’m going to maintain this weight for a few months then start losing again.
    I’m thinking I could still try to loss so in my middle sections .
    I’m thinking I need to weigh myself every day to keep me on track.
    Do you weigh yourself everyday or what do you do?
    I’m up for ideas.

    weigh daily, use the free Libra app to track your trends :)

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