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    I hope it's OK to jump in here late. I love this idea and think it's a good self checker and support with new friends.
    Give Me 10 Days. 58 years old 5’ 0 tall Starting weight was 148-150 lbs Partial Round 1 for me.
    I haven't weighed myself since before Thanksgiving so It may change in the morning when I weigh.
    11/25/19 140 lbs (-8)
    12/4/19 140?

    Never too late! Welcome!
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    @LisaW57 et al - I have noticed that when I scroll, my finger must hit a spot which MFP records as an emoticon but sometimes when I intentionally tap one there is a significant delay before it “appears.” If I see a negative on my post, I reread what I have written and see if it could have been misconstrued. I then decide not to take it personally.
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    @taxgirl1 Regarding added water and trips to the bathroom - think of it as extra steps/exercise and no calories in water! 😁

    @HoopsGuy72 Sending prayers for your work situation. 🙏