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    @LisaW57 I always weigh first thing in the morning, before I drink any water, so that I know it's just me I'm weighing and not anything I've eaten or drunk! I actually find that for me, when I'm dehydrated, my weight is lower. Then as I rehydrate, the scale comes back up. I only tend to retain water when I have had too much sodium (regardless of how much water I drink). One thing that I am good at is getting enough water. On days I work, I drink 1L before 7am because I work on a mine site and we are subject to hydration testing (so as well as wanting to make sure I pass the hydration test, I need to make sure that I can produce a sample to begin with!). Then I drink at least another litre at work throughout the day and more in the evening at home. It's the weekends that I struggle with, I don't tend to have that big intake first thing in the morning and I forget to drink throughout the day because I don't have a water bottle right in front of me!
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