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    ** ROUND 97 **
    Round # 26 for me

    Goal the next ten days:
    1.) NO fried foods – 0/5
    2.) Reach 6500 step goal – 0/5
    3.) Go to bed before midnight – 0/4 (bankers hrs: 10:30 to 7:00)
    <<<Round goal weight: 388.2-8 >>>

    11/29 391.4
    11/30 vacation
    12/01 vacation

    12/02 394.8 +3.4 lbs. – Well not as bad as it could have been. Still up 5 pounds from the end of round 96. But glad only 3.4 pounds up this round. I am not going to squabble about it because it was expected and today is a new day. Setting my goals up based on the days left in challenge and same for weight goal. My weight goal is simple and that is to lose few pounds or so – Anything thing 388 point? :) Not going for anything huge this month because that would be unrealistic. I do want to get solidly in the 380’s this month and possibly hit the 370’s also before year end. I hope everyone had a great weekend and we are ready to kick butt round 97!! :flowerforyou:

    12/03 – my scale was way off. Needed batteries?
    12/04 395.2 +0.4 lbs.
    12/06 397.4 +2.2 lbs.
    12/07 398.2 +0.8 lbs.
    12/08 395.8 -2.4 lbs.
    – This was not a good 10 days. It is year end at work and food is every where. Had a convention this weekend and everyday was up except for today. I even thought about waiting to get back at it until January 1st. Nope not going there either! So on to round 98 :) It can’t get worst. My only goal next round is to maintain. If I can maintain until January 1st or lose a couple of pounds, I will take it.

    Total change this round: +4.4 lbs. (SW 391.4 – EW 395.8)


    My journey … "I May Not Be Where I Want To Be, but I’m Not Where I Use To Be!"
    In 2003 Weighed over 600 lbs.
    In 2005 Weighed under 400 lbs.
    In 2007 lowest weight after surgery 302lbs
    My highest weight was 611 in 2003. Weight in 2004 before weight loss surgery was 580. Lowest weight after surgery was 302 in 2007. "I May Not Be Where I Want To Be, but I’m Not Where I Use To Be!"

    I joined MFP on March 27, 2010 weighing in at 388 pounds. I was re-gaining weight and stumbled up on it while trying to get back on track. I was determined never to see 400+ on that scale again for me.

    I have been morbidly obese all my life. I have a lifetime of mental and physical scars from obesity. In October 2004 I had Gastric Bypass surgery. WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) was the best gift that I could and did give to myself.

    Between 2008 and 2010 I gradually gained back 80 of almost 300 pounds lost initially after weight loss surgery. I never reached my goal weight of 200 pounds. I still managed to keep off over 65 percent of the weight I lost which is very good and I am very proud of my accomplishments since 2004. It has literally changed my life for the better on all levels. I am here to lose re-gained weight and to reach my initial goal weight. I am in no hurry. I am taking this one day at a time and I am in it for the long haul.

    Surgery did not fix the head. It is a good tool and the best gift I have given to myself, but it was not the easy way out as many people think. Once the honeymoon period is over after the WLS it is up to the patient to keep the weight off.

    On August 29, 2011-- I was admitted to Intensive Out Patient Eating Disorder Program to learn how to manage my binge eating disorder effectively. The program is wonderful indeed and will be instrumental in me reaching all of my goals. The focus of this program was how to eat and not diet. Weight loss was not a goal of the program. I actually gained 20 pounds in program. But I had to get thru a lot of stuff and my the time I was released I had stopped gaining. I was discharged from program on December 3, 2011.

    My tool is still working for me today. My head is still the issue. SO the struggle continues. I will never beat myself up again. I fight the fine fight faithfully and positively everyday. Because that is what will get me to my goals one day. Even though it may not show up on the scale every day -- Everyday I make progress one way or another just by showing up, waking up and trying.

    Giving up is not an option for me. Perseverance, Patience, & Positive thinking will help me reach my goals…… and the same is true for you too!! :smile: We have the power within us.

    Round 64 - SW 373.4 EW 369 (-4.4)
    Round 65 - SW 370.8 EW 375.4 (+4.6)
    Round 66 - SW 376 EW 373.6 (- 2.4)
    Round 68 - SW 375.2 EW 377 (+ 1.8)
    Round 69 - SW 380.2 EW 382.4 (+ 2.2)
    Round 70 - SW 382.4 EW 378.8 (- 3.6)
    Round 71 - SW 378.4 EW 368 (- 10.4)
    Round 73 - SW 385.4 EW 385.4 (0.0)
    Round 74 - SW 384.0 EW 378.2 (- 5.8)
    Round 75 - SW 380.0 EW 377.8 (- 2.2)
    Round 76 - SW 377.8 EW 380.4 (+ 2.6)
    Round 78 - SW 390.4 EW 381.0 (- 9.4)
    Round 79 - SW 383.0 EW 379.6 (- 3.4)
    Round 80 - SW 383.8 EW 387.6 (+ 3.8)
    Round 83 - SW 392.0 EW 388.2 (- 3.8)
    Round 84 - SW 388.8 EW 386.8 (- 2.0)
    Round 85 - SW 387.6 EW 390.2 (+ 2.6)
    Round 86 - SW 392.8 EW 387.6 (-5.2)
    Round 87 - SW 385.8 EW 389.0 (+3.2)
    Round 88 - SW 388.4 EW 395.0 (+6.6)
    Round 90 - SW 396.6 EW 394.0 (-2.6)
    Round 93 - SW 402.4 EW 400.4 (-1.6)
    Round 94 - SW 397.0 EW 396.2 (-0.8) – RESET TICKER
    Round 95 - SW 394.2 EW 394.8 (+0.6)
    Round 96 - SW 394.8 EW 389.6 (-5.2)
    Round 97 - SW 391.4 EW 395.8 (+4.4)

    Net change 2019 = SW 373.4 EW 395.8 (+22.4)
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    I am back. I took the last week off and did not do well. Between TOM, Thanksgiving where I was suppose to host about 30 people and only half showed up because of a crazy freak snow storm that prevented the other half from coming, fighting shingles, and not getting great news from the doctor last Tuesday I just needed a break from dealing with my weight. I have still not gotten all the test results in, but I am assuming if it was bad I would have heard by now. My doctor is convinced something else is going on because I have had shingles 3 times in the last year. So she tested me for all kinds of stuff and kind of scared me. I am really healthy in every other aspect of my life though. I haven't even had a cold or anything in well over a year (knock on wood). I am just trying to get back on track and see what happens next week when I go back to see her. Good news is I am done with TOM and my shingle are gone. I did weigh every morning I just didn't come on here and post, so I will play catch up today.

    11/29 - 142.2
    11/30 - 143.3
    12/01 - 144.4
    12/02 - 145.7

    12/03 - 142.2 and this is what 5 days of to much alcohol, way to many carbs (I ate an entire bag of chips with dip over the last couple of days), tons of eating out because I just didn't feel like cooking after Thanksgiving, absolutely no water of any kind, and stress looks like on me. I had an 8 pound gain over 5 days. I lost 3.5 overnight, so I still have 4.5 to go to get back down to 137.7. I am back on track as of yesterday and I know whatever happens I will be ok. I just want to end this round back at 137.xxx, so 5 days left to lose my freak out weight that I gained. Thank God for my amazing husband and family, they have truly kept me sane!

    12/04 - 140.8 Nice! another 1.4 pounds down and only 3.1to go. Hopefully I will be back down to the 130's tomorrow. I slept amazing last night for the first time in over a week and I finally heard from my Dr. about 3 hours ago and everything came back negative. I can finally breathe without all of this in the back of my head and know I am ok. So today has been a great day mentally for me!

    12/05 - 139.4 It is amazing what happens when you drink some water and flush all of the sodium and carbs out of your system. I just realized we end in 3 days, so I would really like to be down another pound or pound a half by then. I have been on track all week, so it's nice to know that if you have a 4 or 5 not so great days, you can bounce back after 4 or 5 good days. Cowboys are playing tonight so we are doing pizza. I am going to try and stay away from it and have a salad. I splurged enough last week and would like to see where I actually am weight wise after my holiday.

    12/06 - 140.2
    12/07 - 137.7

    12/08 - 138.8 This was just a crazy round for me. Technically I am still in maintenance, but would like to lose a couple more pounds just to have that leeway when needed. Hopefully thing swill calm down a bit, but as of right now my life is just insane! So posting late, but I am still going to take care of myself and do what needs to be done!