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SERmom3SERmom3 Posts: 131Member Member Posts: 131Member Member
Hi! I didn't see a new challenge for the new month, so I went ahead and started it. These challenges have really helped me stay focused over the past several months and I'm REALLY going to need to be diligent this month!

This is a weekly check-in for anyone with any type of goal. Whether you're trying to lose, maintain or gain; this is a challenge for you! I'll set the dates up that are weekly beginning on the 1st, however you can edit them to suit your needs. Feel free to enter your weights in whichever unit you're comfortable in (pounds, kilos, stones).

Also, feel free to add any detail you want to share each week. Maybe you had success or faced challenges that impacted your goals. Whatever it is, we're all learning and are here to support each other!

Here is a chart that you can copy and paste for your own post:

Original Start Weight:
December Start Weight:
December Goal Weight:
Ultimate Goal Weight:

Dec 1:
Dec 8:
Dec 15:
Dec 22:
Dec 29:
Dec 31:

There's a couple of ways to update your info weekly. Personally, I copy and paste this chart into my "Notes" section on my phone and then add new info and copy/paste it to a new post each week. Another way is to do a search for your original post, copy and paste as a new post in the add post box then you can edit in your new weekly weight.

Let's end the year strong! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!


  • coolblackcatcoolblackcat Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I don't think I'll follow this thread frequently but I still want to lose 3kg-6lbs for December

    Good luck to everyone of you.

    December Start Weight: 104.6 kgs
    December Goal Weight: 101.6 kgs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 70 kgs
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