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Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



  • eppen5
    eppen5 Posts: 32 Member
    @eppen5: That totally sucks! At least you can play with menu planning, right?

    May I recommend the ASO ankle stabilizer brace? I have permanently loose ankle ligaments and wear them when I know I'm going to be on my feet a lot. The NBA and a lot of college teams now are wearing these instead of taping their ankles for stability. I find it very comfortable, and it will support the strained ligaments so you can get back to walking without worrying about tripping and doing worse to it.

    Thanks for the tip Alexandra. I checked Amazon and they couldn't ship one to me until the end of next week or possibly the week after. And I called around to a couple of medical supply places near me and neither had one. But I've got a combination of ace bandages and compression braces that accomodate ice packs so I'm doing ok. It is slowly getting better and I hope to be back to at least some weight-bearing by the weekend (I have a pair of hiking poles that I can modify for indoor use). In the meantime I've found some chair cardio YouTube videos that I can use to get some exercise.

    I feel like I'm back in control this week after being frustrated most of last week. I'm mostly just trying to embrace the mindset that this time is an opportunity to focus on good health instead of the usual frenetic activities that consume me during "normal" times. It is sometimes a challenge to wrap my head around this but I am making progress!
  • eminater
    eminater Posts: 2,491 Member
    edited April 2020
    Weigh in

    OSW - 257.7 lbs
    CSW - 211.8 lbs
    02/04/2020 211.8 lbs
    09/04/2020 209.2 lbs
    15/04/2020 206.8 lbs

    April Loss-to-date: 5.0 lbs
    current goal : keep loosing!
    May goal - 19x.x

    Ultimate goal weight - under 150 lbs
  • celticck77
    celticck77 Posts: 111 Member
    I am having a lot of trouble sleeping right now. Even on days when I do a full on all muscles work out. That would normally put me out... I have not had insomnia in years - not like this, one or two nights, sure but this has been over a week of minimal sleep.
    I am starting to feel very bloated, the scale is still moving - slowly - but my pants are starting to snug up. I don't want to work out and I am craving junk!!!
  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 240 Member
    Welcome gwhatagirl, virtual hug (........hug......), we welcome anyone who wants to better themselves.

  • SweetRollz
    SweetRollz Posts: 35 Member
    edited April 2020
    I'm so sore I've worked out everyday since march 28th currently on a 30 day exercise regiment, I'm on day 9 so I cant even have a rest day for 21 days! Today is the first day im feeling it! My whole body is sore!!! I see zero results thus far! Its very hard for me to lose weight, I previously had weight loss surgery and lost zero pounds! Im in this far the longgg haul, its gonna take a lot of hardddd work on my part 💁🏾💪🏾
  • stella7x7
    stella7x7 Posts: 2,075 Member
  • I've not felt very conversational the last few days. Today is better, though.

    I tried on my new t-shirts today and they fit! That's really exciting, getting brand new t-shirts. I'll hang on to the old ones and wear them for housework and such, and keep the new ones for non-dirty activities. I also discovered that I bought two pairs of jeans in 16W and one in 16. I fit in the 16W's, but not in the 16...so I have a clothing goal! I knew at some point I'd have to transition to straight sizes, and I guess I'm doing it now. (shrug)

    I'm just keeping on doing the right thing with my food. It is really becoming very easy and comfortable to just do the right things, and I've structured my life so that I find it easy to make the right decision and harder to make the wrong decision. The weight will come off. It has already started. I'm still plateaued on the scale, but I know that as I get towards the end of the month I'll dump, because that's what I did last month.

    In other news, we got the house set and had the photos taken, and we're now just working, all three of us, to maintain the house in such a way that getting back to that degree of immaculate tidiness isn't that hard. Boyfriend found out that his employers are having him work from home until June 1, so that's that settled; he's got a job that is very easily done remotely, and what he's hoping to do is to have it turn into something where he goes to work one day a week and does the rest of the week remotely. That would really work well for him.

    Having found my quilt and spread it out to decorate my sewing room, I'm now seriously thinking about working on it again. Photo of a block below. The pattern is called Milady's Fan. veq3o9pxkpm1.jpg

  • angeloup50
    angeloup50 Posts: 54 Member
    Hi @rachjolly; great to have you here!
  • angeloup50
    angeloup50 Posts: 54 Member
    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971, love the quilt square. It's great to hear all your good news! I like your comment about doing the right thing. Practice does make it easier to recognize the best food choices.

  • angeloup50
    angeloup50 Posts: 54 Member
    celticck77 wrote: »
    I am having a lot of trouble sleeping right now.

    Sorry to hear that @celticck77. Lack of sleep just makes everything worse. I frequently listen to sleep stories on Calm or guided meditations on You Tube to get to sleep. But have also found Advil PM useful for those times when nothing's been working.
  • KeepOnMovjng
    KeepOnMovjng Posts: 44 Member
    Can people still join? I’d love to take part. I’ve been looking to get back into being more active as this year isn’t going well with it. I joined Dom a few years back got to 202 and got stuck. I weighed myself this morning to find I’m at my all time highest of 242lb. My dream in time is 10st but at the moment I’d be happy with just dropping two sizes in clothes (approx 2st 3).
  • Hi I'm new here again. Lol I did do this a while back got to 180 fell off the wagon. I keep going back to original weight. I want to do this for myself and my trip to Costa Rica with a missions trip in Aug (possibly lol) also for my children 7 and 8 so I can keep up with them. I have been married for 21years and I am 45yrs. I don't mind journaling I find that is the only way I can do this. I am now doing this for me and not doing Keto for my son now, this has freed up alot of pressure. Just to clear up the above statement he was followed by a dietitian not for weight but for seizure control.
    Jan Osw 210
    Current as of week Sat 11th 205.5
    My weigh day before was Thurs so I will keep it the same 👍 so here's to Thurs and a new weight.
  • My first goal is just to get under 200. Then I go 5 pounds at a time. It is way more attainable that way. I also love the way when you enter your daily food and press done and it tells you what you will weigh in the future if keep eating that way.
  • angeloup50
    angeloup50 Posts: 54 Member
  • celticck77
    celticck77 Posts: 111 Member
    Total March loss: 11 lbs (March finished weight 235)

    Apr. 7: 233
    Apr. 13: 232
    Apr. 20: 230

    @angeloup50 - Thank you, I am now at nearly three weeks of junk sleep. Up until after 0330 this morning and had to get up at 0530 for work. Barely keeping to together (and thank goodness for spell check...). I have tried meditating and everything but nothing is working. My go to has always been working out but for some reason it is not working this time.
    I think it is time to try something medicinal, I am just not a fan, I usually feel foggy the next day but hopefully it will at least put me back on track.

    I fell off the logging wagon over the weekend. I know I did not go over my calories but I am pretty sure there were a couple of days under 900 which is so bad for my body. But the whole sleep thing is messing with my brain. Tonight I will have to try meds I have a couple PM type products so I will take one and hope it helps.

    Hope you are all doing well. Please remember that if you are struggling, we are here to help.
  • angeloup50
    angeloup50 Posts: 54 Member
    Weigh in
    4/7/20.   201.4
    4/14/20. 197.5
    4/21/20. 197.6
  • My hubbie just turned 50 today. I need to do something for him. He is looking after the kids there not allowed to ask me for anything today I guess a birthday reversal. I so need it though and he saw that. Any suggestions?