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Are you over 200pds, let's diet together

ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
Hi Friends,
I have been searching for a group that is more in my category. I weigh over 200pds and want to start a challenge and accountability group for 2020.

This is going to be an 80pd weight loss challenge from January 1st to December 31st. It doesn't matter what day you weigh in, but we would love to hear from you on that day to hear your good/bad news. I would love to have a group that inspires each other, Laud knows we will all have bad days and we can all use somebody to keep us on track and cheer us up. I would like to have a group that is free to vent when we are frustrated and not be judged for it.

We can do this !!
2020 is going to finally be "Our Year"


  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    Gold star to you Kathamh ! We CAN do this. I have yo-yo dieted most of my life. In 2004 I lost 142pds, enjoyed the moment, then gained it all back and more. In 2016 I lost 80pds and was struggling to keep it off until my youngest of three older brother's suddenly passed away and I just let go and didn't care anymore which has been the case for the last two years.

    I am not getting any younger and like yourself I am starting to have physical issues, I weigh 266pds and I'm 5'2. I look like an army tank and it's all I can do to walk up stairs.

    I am sooo glad your on board with me this coming year. we gotta do this and keep each other on track and motivated. Can't wait :p
  • fewmoremilestogofewmoremilestogo Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    Hi ladycopnh1 and Kathamh, I would like to join. I'm 239. My diet isn't the best, I eat what I can grab on most days. I trying again to get back in shape and it would be nice to do it with someone who has the same goals.
  • CathyRockyCathyRocky Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    I would like to join you ladies. I am at 210. I'm 62 and just retired. I had knee surgery ten days ago and in quite a bit of pain, but not going to let that stop me. I'm also am type 2 diabetic, diagnosed one year ago, and on insulin. I really have got to lose weight. I plan on jumping in on January 1st. I think it will be very helpful for me to come here to offer support and share my struggle.
  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    Welcome fewmoremile & cathyrocky,
    I started this challenge cuz I couldn't find what I needed and didn't think it would go anywhere, but you girls have given me so much hope. I can't wait till we get started. The best thing about this site is that we can all relate with each other. I can't wait to see the changes we are going to go through next year.

  • FatimaStartsAllOverFatimaStartsAllOver Posts: 298Member Member Posts: 298Member Member
    ooooh PLEASE, i want in desperately.
    i’m currently weighing in at 248.2lbs
    i gained 8lbs this month alone (holiday eating)
    weekly weigh-ins sound great (on day of each choice), i’m currently eating within my calorie limits and working out daily (walking and cardio)
  • AndreamWashington6936AndreamWashington6936 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    Hi, I am currently 215, and I am eating my calories, I used to weigh 220, I am down 5 pounds. I am interested in joining this group to reach out goals together.
  • lelser60lelser60 Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
    I would like to join too! I am retired.

    I have been overweight all my life. In my baby photos I look like a bulldog with folded checks. I lose weight then gain it back. Hope to lose weight this time and then work just as hard to find a support group to keep it off. Maybe we can create one for 2021!

    Weekly weigh is good for me, otherwise I slide down that slpiiery slope.

  • JJChiriJJChiri Posts: 4Member, Premium Member Posts: 4Member, Premium Member
    Hey!! Im about to be 30 years old in jan and im sick of being over weight! I first hit 200 when i got pregnant and in the last 10 years, the closest i got to breaking 100s is 208. Im 235 now and ready to finally get out of the 200s. Im preparing by redownloading this app and getting mentally prepared for the life style changes im gonna have to make to succeed. Im gonna need support so here i am!
  • fewmoremilestogofewmoremilestogo Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    @ladycopnh1 I think weekly weigh-ins are a great idea. To get ready for Jan 1st I'm currently drinking more water, getting back in the habit of logging my meals and (gasp) preparing to cook my own meals more. ;)
  • FatimaStartsAllOverFatimaStartsAllOver Posts: 298Member Member Posts: 298Member Member
    good morning. i’m liking this little group already 😍
  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    Welcome on board Fatima starts, AndreamWas, lelser60 & jjChiri,

    I feel great hope and success with this group already, Everyone sounds like your getting revved up for this to start. I am glad several of you shared how your getting ready and gave others ideas on what they can do ( including myself ), Just remember...the first 21days are going to be the hardest. We gotta keep each other going and keep the encouragement coming. I start questioning why after 4 days, but I want so bad to succeed this time. If you've ever joined a diet meeting you see a room full January 1st and about 10 people on the 1st of March. Let's first do this one day at a time and widen our horizons as we go for our total goal.

    OMG...I am so excited
  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    CathyRocky, I can relate, I am semi-retired and to prepare, I have been eating the foods that I have seriously craved lately to get them off my mind. I am going to be getting my treadmill cleaned off ( my two teddy bears sit on it right now, their love seat is going to have to go ), I am trying to get over a foot injury so we'll see how that goes, I'm thinking positive. I have one of those fit twist things that were all the rave last year. I actually have/had fun on that thing. I need a variety of things so I don't get bored with just one.
  • KJR865KJR865 Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member
    I would like to join your group, too. I'm 45 years old and 260 lb. I've struggled with my weight since I was about 8 years old and lost 70 lbs in college but it has slowly crept back on - my job has me at a desk/computer most of the day. I've been exercising pretty consistently for the past few months (I firmed up some but only lost a few lbs) and have been working on simple things like taking vitamins daily. But I know that improving my diet and tracking what I eat are the habits that I need to adopt to succeed. Those are the habits I can't seem to make "stick." I think weekly weigh-in's are a great idea and maybe we can all share a "non-scale victory" too? Congratulations to all of you for taking the first step toward a healthier and happier New Year! I look forward to hearing about everyone's successes in 2020!
  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    Welcome aboard KJR865, open arms to you :)

    I can relate to you and lelser60, If you look at my baby pictures I have chunky legs and arms, I look like a stuffed teddy bear in a dress ( minus the fur ). I was one of two kids in grade school that got picked on for my weight. Back then we had to suck it up and move on. The only time in my life that I was "skinny" was when I lost 142pds. I was sooo proud to fit this butt in a size 2. Unfortunately I didn't realize at the time that I was full blown anorexic. I ended up in the hospital 3xs, two times taken by ambulance.

    So please, I know each of you have a weight you want to reach, but make it a weight that is healthy for "you".
  • CathyRockyCathyRocky Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    Good evening everyone! I am so happy to be part of this group. I would like to use this page as a place I keep track of "things", including what I ate, what I did to burn calories, maybe discuss new supplements, etc. I like the idea of non-scale-victories. My knee felt a little less painful today. I don't think it would be wise to take my dog out for a walk yet but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm finding myself making better choices already! Today I ate two pieces of fruit, some oatmeal with ground flax seed, a few sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and a little maple syrup, chicken breast and green beans, and these are pretty good foods for me! I've been sitting on my bed in front of the tv and stretching, and following along with YouTube videos in the evening. My favorite guru is Dr.Michael Greger, I love watching his videos, he is a real character! Soo, I hope you are all as ready as I am to jump right in. Oh, and I follow a Facebook page, myfitnesspal ?something, there are dozens of before and after posts, really makes me feel like I can do this!! Ok, see you all tomorrow!
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