Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



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    I'm sorry, now that I put on my glasses, I don't know how I got xouell, I should have written xbeltbrain, I'm so sorry. Please excuse my eye site.
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    ok I am ready, put in my starting weight for today. Goal is 2 pounds a week by sticking to 1200 to 1400 calories a day and exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day at the gym 5 days a week.

    Starting Weight: 297
    Jan. 7:
    Jan. 14:
    Jan. 21:
    Jan. 28:

    Total January loss:

    Feb. 4:
    Feb. 11:
    Feb. 18:
    Feb. 25:

    Total February loss:

    Mar. 3:
    Mar. 10:
    Mar. 17:
    Mar. 24:
    Mar. 31:

    Total March loss:

    Apr. 7:
    Apr. 14:
    Apr. 21:
    Apr. 28:

    Total April loss:
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    kydztoi we are so proud of you, it felt awesome didn't it, and it was the feeling of a new beginning.

    There are 12 more of you that need to step on that scale and claim the number. If you are not sure how to transfer the challenge/accountability scale here is what you need to do;

    left click on the top of the scale
    drag down to the bottom of January
    let go
    point on the blue area and right click
    click on copy
    go down and left click on your new message box
    then click paste
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    I have been looking for a group like this!!
    I currently weigh 262 pounds. I have always struggled with my weight - of course I didn't know it when I weighed 140 pounds that I was not overweight but I certainly felt like it. Now however, it is bad. I sunk a kayak - it had its own issues but I weigh so much the kayak was low enough to take on a lot of water and the kayak went under. You would think that would have done it for me but no, that did not do it. I am not sure what it was. I even have a full out home gym and that did not get me motivated. I guess I am tired of being tired. Tired of not fitting in clothes I like. Oh yeah and I might have signed myself up for a "princess run" in June - that is certainly motivating. I figure I need to get in good enough shape to not look ridiculous doing this run.
    My hobbies/enjoyments are cross stitching, crocheting, hanging out with friends, I am learning to grow veggies and I love to ride my motorcycle.
    I have two fur babies! Prissy who is a a torti and Spaz who is a mini panther (he is my picture).
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    hi team. day #3 for me and i’m hanging on / no quitting in sight. lets go team. let’s push through.
  • At the doctor, I weighed nearly 300. Eep. True, I got a divorce in 2019 and moved twice, so there may have been some disordered eating in there.

    But, time for a change. I'll weigh myself again on Friday and see how I'm doing.

    I'm 46, have a fiance and a girlfriend, two grown sons, and am 5'7". Underneath the hundred extra pounds I'm not a sylph; I'm a solid farm girl with broad shoulders, strong legs and lots of curves. So I'm aiming for 180-ish, and I'd like a good part of that to be solid muscle. I don't mind at all being big if I'm big and strong.

    The other reason I'm aiming for 180-ish is that if I can get there and stabilize that will put me in the territory where I can get abdominoplasty done. I don't think I'll need help anywhere else, but I had three nine-pound babies in my twenties, and it split my abs and stretched my skin and that's going to take surgery to repair. I'm not ruling out a breast reduction sometime after that, as I wear a G cup and I do feel it in my shoulders. But, again, I need to get the weight off myself before I start getting help with reshaping myself into the woman I want to be for the rest of my life.
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    Welcome on board celticck77 and theleadmare, celtic, I'm glad to meet someone else who rides, what do you have for a bike ? leadmare, I know how you feel, I was born and raised in the white mts of NH and with 3 older brothers, I was taught everything from splitting wood to greasing tractors. I look at myself and know it's not a fat, there's muscle under all that fluff.
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    theleadmare - I feel your pain - I am now in an H and trying hard to stay away from I or J cups.

    Ladycopnh1 - I ride a yamaha Vstar (formerly rode an R6 but now onto a cruising bike :) )
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    I would love to be apart of this group! I recently got laid off and have been eating out of boredom and gained 13 lbs in 2 months (222 lbs😩) I'm on track so far and have been doing good for 2 days. My bf and I are supporting each other in our weight loss, she's doing keto but I'm just eating healthier and cutting back on carbs.
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    Hi all,
    Sorry for the late weigh in on 1/1/2020 i weighed 207.4lbs.
    Lets hope we all see a loss next week :)
    Good luck......
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    A group to help with sharing experiences and accountability. This is exactly what I want and need. So, hopefully you all will have me because I NEED IT and am 2020 Determined to lose this weight!

    I want me back, I want my body back, I want to buy cute clothes again, I want to look in the mirror and be happy at my reflection, I want to get in the line to drive go carts at fun parks and not be afraid that I may not be able to buckle the seat belt when its my turn to ride (sad I know), I want to wear high heels like I use to and feel beautiful and have more energy and be healthy. I want to make this change for me and my babies too.

    Starting Weight: 224.4 lbs.
    I weigh in on Thursdays!

    Jan. 2: 220 lbs.
    Jan. 9:
    Jan. 16:
    Jan. 23:
    Jan. 30:

    Total January loss:
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    Yay!! This is the group that I definitely need. I’ve been struggling with weight loss for a few years now and I lose some weight and then gain it back plus some. I definitely need to get back into the weight loss. I currently have lost about 15 pounds I used to weight 263 and now currently at 247.5. I hope to keep losing the weight!!

    Jan. 2: 247.5 lbs.
    Jan. 9:
    Jan. 16:
    Jan. 23:
    Jan. 30:

    Total January loss:
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    Hi suelee2963, luvfit3 & AlexandraMBT, Welcome, the more the group grows the more we all get to know about what each one of us are doing to beat this battle.

    celticck77 I ride a Yamaha Vstar 650. It's a low rider cuz I'm only 5'2. Wide seat, smooooth ride.

    AlexandraMBT great job on loosing 15pds !! :p
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    Hi! Day 2 almost done. I ate so healthy today! Saw my endocrinologist today and told her I commit to losing 20+ pounds by my next appointment in three months, but I really hope it's more. My knee felt quite a bit better today. The treadmill is coming next Monday! I think that I will enlist the help of my sister in taking a before picture tomorrow. I'll check in tomorrow!
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    Went to Dr on the 30th - high triglycerides and prediabetic a1c - more motivated than ever for change. Will be put on meds in 3 months if no progress is made.

    Jan. 1: 238.4 lbs. (actually 12/30)
    Jan. 9:
    Jan. 16:
    Jan. 23:
    Jan. 30:
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    I started a new 30 day challenge this month to track what I eat every day. I'm trying to implement good habits one month at a time through these challenges. Last month, I developed a habit of taking vitamins daily - it should be so simple but I've never been good about vitamins. I'm using a Commit30 fitness planner and so far I like it quite a bit. In order to improve my diet and increase my exercise, I know that vitamins will be more important than ever so I decided to start with that.

    To support the food tracking challenge, I'm planning a meal prep session for this Sunday. I'm hoping that it's a win-win combination. By prepping in advance, I can setup the foods in MyFitnessPal in advance and then tracking what I eat should be a lot easier if I stick to plan. But I'm going to make foods I actually like, just use portion control and make some healthy substitutions where I can.

    My husband always tells me that there is a two week delay so just stick with it and by mid-month I should see some results. So here's where I'm at now and we'll see how that Jan 16 number looks! :wink:

    Jan. 2: 261
    Jan. 9:
    Jan. 16:
    Jan. 23:
    Jan. 30:
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    Sooo I went a little high on the calorie count yesterday. I did a big workout on my total gym so I had extra burned calories but I did not intend to use them. Not terrible but about 300 calories over. Not beating myself up just being accountable to myself. I need to have a plan for dinner better, breakfast and lunch are good for the most part. Although I just realized I forgot to bring my carrots to snack on today.
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    Ladycopnh1 - my Vstar is a 950 - I am 5'4" and it is perfect for me. B)
    One of my goals is to fit in my motorcycle jacket comfortably again.. its a bit tight right now.
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    Starting Weight: 245.0 on 12/31/19
    I weigh in on Fridays!

    Jan. 3: 245.0 (No loss, No gain) 😳
    Jan. 10:
    Jan. 17:
    Jan. 24:
    Jan. 31

    Total January loss: