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Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



  • SweetRollz
    SweetRollz Posts: 35 Member
    I ate half a cupcake yesterday my hormones are raging its that time! 🌋 🌋 I'm not even gonna fight aunt flo, as long as she behaves within reason, im always ravenous around this time im eating twice as much and i have not had cake for almost a month. Half a cupcake is reasonable i was able to abstain today, tomorrow not sure! Lol.. Gonna keep trucking along!
  • mlsparalegal
    mlsparalegal Posts: 2 Member
    Is this challenge group still active?
  • celticck77
    celticck77 Posts: 111 Member
    Woohoo I finally got some sleep. Fitbit app says 7.50 hours, which is more than normal - I usually average 5.5-6.5 hours. I took an over the counter sleep aid, I am not sure if it was that or my body just shut off. I will continue to take the sleep aid for the rest of the week in the hopes that it will reset my body and allow me to get back to my normal.
    After averaging about 2-2.5 hours for the past few weeks this feels wonderful. For most of the day my headache went away too.
    I can, however, feel myself ready for sleep even as I type this but it is 1358 (or 1:38p) so going to bed is not an option. I am trying to stick to a routine and seeing if that helps also.
    I did a weird workout yesterday too. My brain was so foggy that I ended up missing some of my favorite exercises. But I got through it. One day at a time. The scale has stopped moving but I am also hopeful because I know a lack of sleep can really affect your body.
    One step at a time, one day at a time, one pound at a time.
  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 240 Member
    To my fellow nor-easters, 'WHERE IS SPRING !!" My word. It was 20 degrees this morning, It feels like 31 degrees now and the wind is just a whippen. I went out to try to finish stacking a half a cord of wood and decided to come back in for a hot chocolate ( sugar-free ). I don't know about you but 60 degrees would feel R..E..A..L nice right now, on a constant basis.

    So tell me, is there anything profound that you have learned since the world stopped turning ( virus )?
    Has there been any eye opening moments that you've learned ?
  • katwomaninpurple
    katwomaninpurple Posts: 2 Member
    I would like to start this challenge. I have struggled with my weight for the past 4 years, gaining more each year. I'm ready to get back to healthy. At my healthiest and fittest I weighed 150 lbs. I would like to get back to there. I am currently 217. I know I need to get more active and back to good eating habits. I hope you all will help with my accountability and motivation.
  • stella7x7
    stella7x7 Posts: 2,076 Member
  • eminater
    eminater Posts: 2,491 Member
    Weigh in

    OSW - 257.7 lbs
    CSW - 211.8 lbs
    02/04/2020 211.8 lbs
    09/04/2020 209.2 lbs
    16/04/2020 206.8 lbs
    23/04/2020 207.0 lbs - I'll smash it next week, I'm sure! :wink:

    April Loss-to-date: 4.8 lbs
    current goal : keep loosing!
    May goal - 19x.x

    Ultimate goal weight - under 150 lbs
  • Wednesday Weigh In!

    Height: 5'7”
    Starting weight: 296 (1/1/20)
    Current weight 270

    I've weighed 270 the last two mornings after three weeks bouncing between 271 and 272, and so while it may be a continuation of the plateau, it may also be the beginning of the whoosh. We'll see in the next few days. I know my weight loss has slowed because I'm depressed (it's the whole COVID thing) and that's okay. I am just getting through this, as we all are. If I can keep eating sensibly and keep stretching, once I get back to the gym the weight will fall off, because it did before the shutdown. I don't know that I'll make the month's goal, but I'll hold course and keep doing the right things.

  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 240 Member
    katwoman - welcome, you are getting virtual hugs from all of us right now. You are in a good mind set to get started cuz you took the time to sit down and look for us, join us and admit to us where you are right now. That is the first step in accountability. The rest is checking in and keeping motivated. We all have our ultimate goal but for right now, aim for losing 5%, then 10%, 25% etc. a small step to aim for. Let me tell you, when you reach one of your goals, it is sooo awesome. Just think what the big goal is going to feel like.

    We're here for you.
  • rachjolly
    rachjolly Posts: 124 Member
    SW - 229 (15th April)
    Today’s weight - 227lbs

    I’m aiming for 1/2lbs weight loss a week so I’m really happy with this! Slow and steady wins the race 😊
  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 240 Member
    Wow, you girls are rocking this !!
    I am so proud of ALL of you for hanging in there.
  • celticck77
    celticck77 Posts: 111 Member
    Highest weight ~270 (Dec2019)
    Starting Weight for group: 262

    Total January loss:12 Lbs (finished weight 250)

    Total February loss: 4 lbs (finished weight 246)

    Total March loss: 11 lbs (finished weight 235)

    Apr. 7: 233
    Apr. 13: 232
    Apr. 20: 231
    Apr. 26: 230

    Total April loss: 5 lbs (April Finished weight 230)
    So I seem to be on this trend of a big month then a low month. I guess. I'll take the 5 pounds this month. I was hoping for more but things have been off so here it is. A total loss of 40 pounds since my highest weight in Dec 2019.
    My first goal was 230 pounds and I hit it. My next goal is 200 pounds.
    I got to spend some time on my motorcycle this weekend, did some isometric core exercises while I was on the bike. LOL my ab's were screaming at me yesterday. But it was a great ride and a really good core workout so I am happy with it.
  • I think I need to tighten up on my measuring and weighing. I haven't been and that may be why I plateaued.

    Today I clean the downstairs and also have to go to the pharmacy for one of Boyfriend's essential meds.
  • angeloup50
    angeloup50 Posts: 54 Member
    Weigh in

    4/28/20  195.8
    Apr loss 5 lbs/net 29.2

    Hope everyone is well !

  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 240 Member
    Starting Weight: 271
    Total January loss: -9
    Total February loss: -10
    Total March - 10
    Total April - 4

    Apr. 07: 243
    Apr. 14: 241
    Apr. 21: 241
    Apr. 28: 238

    NOT a good month for me this month. Not even 5pds, that's sad.
    BUT... at least I crossed the bridge into the 30s.