2020Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • USAFProud
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    2020 52 Week Challenge
    Starting weight: 213
    Highest ever: 234 (2018)
    Goal weight: 123
    Current weight: 203.2
    Total weight lost: 9.8
    This week's successes: I planned and started the 75Hard combined with about 90% Whole 30 (I need my Greek yogurt)!! Made my colorful tracking charts too.
    This week's challenges: Making sure one of my 45 min workouts is outside each day.
  • cydvicious82
    cydvicious82 Posts: 3 Member

    Starting weight: 183lbs (jan 17)
    Goal weight: 150lbs
    Current weight: 182lbs (jan 27)
    Total weight lost: 1
    This week's successes: I didn't lose much on the scales but I'm down a few inches.
    This week's challenges: motivation to exercise is low as I have not been sleeping well.
  • MsArriabella
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    Starting weight: 190.2
    Goal weight: 130
    Current weight: 187.8
    Total weight lost: 2.4

    01/03 - 190.2
    01/10 - 193.2
    01/17 - 189.4
    01/20 - 185.8
    01/27 - 187.8

    This week's successes: Clothes are fitting better, runs are getting faster & easier
    This week's challenges: Discouraged by always feeling tired
  • milka2020
    milka2020 Posts: 19 Member
    Starting weight: 104.3 kg/ 230 lbs
    Goal weight: 80 kg/ 178lbs
    Current weight: 101 kg/ 223 lbs
    Total weight lost: 7 lbs

    This week's successes: lost 2lbs
    This week's challenges: again drinking more water

    13.1- 230lbs
    20.1- 225 lbs
    27.1- 223 lbs
  • ferlin43
    ferlin43 Posts: 39 Member
    Starting weight: 179.0
    Current weight: 174.8
    Total weight lost for January: 4.2

    01/10 - 179.0
    1/17 - 177.4
    1/27- 174.8
  • stricklee11
    stricklee11 Posts: 218 Member
    Starting weight: 164.6 lbs
    Goal weight: 145 lbs
    Current weight: 162.8 lbs
    Total weight lost: 1.8 lbs
    This week's successes: N/a
    This week's challenges: Gained 0.2 lbs
  • Moonraker68
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    21st to 28th January

    Starting weight: 187
    Goal weight: 155
    Current weight: 179
    Total weight lost: 8 lb
    This week's successes: Logged all food and did a lot of running.
    This week's challenges: Stick to cleaner food and lose 2lbs, slipped onto a few glasses of wine on Friday night, must try harder not to drink pointless calories

    Good luck for the week ahead all
  • Cfkearney
    Cfkearney Posts: 184 Member
    Starting weight: 199
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 196.6
    Total weight lost: 2.4
    This week's successes: Went to the gym 3 times and meal prepped
    This week's challenges: Got sick and didn't finish the week strong. Drank to soda (diet but still) and not enough water.

    This weeks goal:Get rehydrated. Cook up some meals for the week. Hit the gym HARD!
  • lberroa140
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    Hi everyone,
    Starting today 1/29/2020

    Starting weight: 186 lbs
    Goal weight: 140 lbs
    Current weight: 180 lbs
    Total weight lost: 6 lbs
    This week's successes:
    - Walking
    - Eating well
    This week's challenges:
    - Not drinking enough water
    - Craving a lot of SUGAR
  • timlangan42
    timlangan42 Posts: 55 Member
    Week 4 draws to a close and I am happy to see so many continuing to post your progress.

    Starting weight: 233 lbs
    Goal weight: 170 lbs
    Current weight: 220.5 lbs
    Total weight lost: 12.5 lbs
    This week's successes: Dusting off my old mountain bike for a ride (though some parts of me aren't as pleased with that accomplishment). Staying under my calorie targets and improving progress from last week's dismal <1 lb loss.
    This week's challenges: Consistency, again. Working toward breaking a sweat every day. Adjusting intake to meet recommended daily fiber recommendations.
  • laureljenn
    laureljenn Posts: 242 Member
    Starting weight: 204 on 1/1/2020
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 201.4 on 1/29
    Total weight lost: 2.6
    This week's successes: Got on the scale again
    This week's challenges: emotional eating
  • MelodiousMermaid
    MelodiousMermaid Posts: 380 Member
    Current Weight:

    Weekly change:

    Cumulative change (Month/Quarter/Year):

    This week's successes:
    • Strength training 2x
    • Walking
    • Kept fighting the war.
    • Got past 20% of the estimated weight loss needed to reach my goal.

    This week's challenges:
    • Really tempting to just stop. Need to keep fighting.
    • Overate sweets I'd brought into the house as an experiment (fun packs). Guess I'm not ready to try that yet.

    High Weight/Stats:
    252.0 pounds, 5'1" F

    Challenge Starting Weight:

    21.5% body fat
    (currently estimated around 140)
    Last week:
    Current Weight:

    Weekly change:
    -3.5 (partially hormone water retention change)

    Cumulative change (Month/Quarter/Year):

    This week's successes:
    • Stuck to my intake goals
    • Strength training 2x
    • Walking
    • Kept fighting the war.

    This week's challenges:
    • I'm down to walking as an option for extended LISS, and even that hurts.
    • Tired. Exhausted. Pain. Constant mental battle. Running on empty. Gotta keep fighting for every step.

    Q1 History:
    2020/01/01: 197.1
    2020/01/08: 192.5
    2020/01/15: 190.7
    2020/01/22: 187.2
    2020/01/29: 185.0
    Original post:
    I'm not sure I have 52 pounds of fat that I want/need to lose at this point, but I'm close enough that I'm going to call myself "in."

    Starting weight: 197.1 pounds
    (HSW: 252, MFP restart: 242.7)
    5'1" F

    Goal: 21.5% body fat
    (currently estimated at 140-145)

    Current weight: 197.1
    Total challenge weight lost: 0.0

    This week's successes: Getting back into deficit after a maintenance break.
    This week's challenges: Extremely low motivation (for life-ing in general -- not out of the norm, as I battle physical and mental health issues on an ongoing basis).

    A heads up: I will likely go faster than 1 pound/week for the first 4-ish months, then looking to tighten up and go into a slow loss followed by a recomp phase. I'll likely make 52 pounds of weight loss on the scale with some skin loss (hopefully), along with lean mass having to do with the support of the fat stores I have. I am aiming to maintain/increase muscle mass and bone density, so that may throw off the scale results. I do hope to reach my goal body fat percentage by the year's end, whatever scale weight that puts me at.

  • lberroa140
    lberroa140 Posts: 6 Member

    Wishing everyone a successful day tomorrow.

    Let’s make every BITE work in our favor!
  • mariatn2003
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    January 31,2020

    I am new and so I am hoping this will keep me more focused and help me keep working at trying to lose the weight through healthy eating, exercise, portion control and anything else I learn from this challenge. Good luck everyone!

    Starting weight: 184.5
    Goal weight: 135
    Current weight: 183.5
    Total weight lost: 1.0
    This week's successes: I am eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising almost every day.
    This week's challenges: Having problems with late night eating.