2020Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • timlangan42
    timlangan42 Posts: 55 Member
    Starting Weight 233
    Current Weight 224
    Goal Weight 170
    Total Weight Lost: 9 lbs
    Successes: Holding on to my losses and staying under my calorie targets.
    Challenge: Noticing that staying under my calorie target is not doing it on its own since I've missed several days of activity and have seen no additional losses; getting to the gym has been a challenge. Routine remains a challenge.
  • donalowen
    donalowen Posts: 54 Member
    Starting weight: 268 lbs (at 6th January)
    Goal weight: 216 lbs
    Current weight: 266 lbs
    Total weight lost: 2 lbs
    This week’s successes: I’m back lifting weights.
    This week’s challenges: Cutting carbs.
  • Miyoka_Tata
    Miyoka_Tata Posts: 326 Member
    Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge[/i][/b]

    Starting weight: 158 w/ FP
    Goal weight: 118
    Current weight: 178.6 as of 1/22/2020
    Total weight lost: +20.6 since joining FP
    This week's successes: stuck to my diet most days
    This week's challenges: ice cream & exercise

    Jan1: 184.2
    Jan8: 183.2
    Jan15: 179.8
    Jan22: 178.6
    Jan loss:

    Feb loss:

    Mar loss:

    April loss:

    May loss:

    June loss:

    July loss:

    Aug loss:

    Sep loss:

    Oct loss:

    Nov loss:

    Dec loss:
  • Cfkearney
    Cfkearney Posts: 184 Member
    Starting weight: 199
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 197.4
    Total weight lost: 1.6
    This week's successes: body analysis shows a muscle gain and a fat loss :)
    This week's challenges: sore muscles and working out anyway instead of taking a day off (which has led to months off in the past). Trying to create new habits.
  • MelodiousMermaid
    MelodiousMermaid Posts: 380 Member
    High Weight/Stats:
    252.0 pounds, 5'1" F

    Challenge Starting Weight:

    21.5% body fat
    (currently estimated around 140)

    Current Weight:

    Weekly change:
    -3.5 (partially hormone water retention change)

    Cumulative change (Month/Quarter/Year):

    This week's successes:
    • Stuck to my intake goals
    • Strength training 2x
    • Walking
    • Kept fighting the war.

    This week's challenges:
    • I'm down to walking as an option for extended LISS, and even that hurts.
    • Tired. Exhausted. Pain. Constant mental battle. Running on empty. Gotta keep fighting for every step.
    Last week:
    Current Weight:

    Weekly change:

    Cumulative change (Month/Quarter/Year):

    This week's successes:
    • Stuck to my intake goals
    • Strength training 2x
    • Walking

    This week's challenges:
    • Increased pain/physical issues interfering with ability to work out and get a good night's rest.
    • Finding it incredibly hard to keep going (mostly regarding setbacks from the above).

    Q1 History:
    2020/01/01: 197.1
    2020/01/08: 192.5
    2020/01/15: 190.7
    2020/01/22: 187.2
    Original post:
    I'm not sure I have 52 pounds of fat that I want/need to lose at this point, but I'm close enough that I'm going to call myself "in."

    Starting weight: 197.1 pounds
    (HSW: 252, MFP restart: 242.7)
    5'1" F

    Goal: 21.5% body fat
    (currently estimated at 140-145)

    Current weight: 197.1
    Total challenge weight lost: 0.0

    This week's successes: Getting back into deficit after a maintenance break.
    This week's challenges: Extremely low motivation (for life-ing in general -- not out of the norm, as I battle physical and mental health issues on an ongoing basis).

    A heads up: I will likely go faster than 1 pound/week for the first 4-ish months, then looking to tighten up and go into a slow loss followed by a recomp phase. I'll likely make 52 pounds of weight loss on the scale with some skin loss (hopefully), along with lean mass having to do with the support of the fat stores I have. I am aiming to maintain/increase muscle mass and bone density, so that may throw off the scale results. I do hope to reach my goal body fat percentage by the year's end, whatever scale weight that puts me at.

  • shenica1
    shenica1 Posts: 75 Member
    Starting weight: Jan 5th: 250
    Goal weight:200
    Current weight: Jan 24: 246
    Total weight lost: 4 lbs
    This week's successes: continued eating healthy for the most part and increased my water intake
    This week's challenges: organizing my busy life to incorporate exercise
  • motheroftwins95
    motheroftwins95 Posts: 554 Member
    I would like to join this challenge. I have been at my goal weight a couple of times in the past and know how good it feels. As I get older (57), it is getting harder to do the things I need to do to lose and maintain the lower weight. I am looking forward to reaching my goal again this year. Let's do this!

    Starting weight: 177.6 (January 1, 2020)
    Goal weight: 130.0
    Current weight: 170.6 (Friday, January 24th)
    Total weight lost: 7.0 lbs
    This week's successes: Ate on plan most of the week.
    This week's challenges: Date night at chicago pizza place this weekend. Weekends are always tougher. Add going out to eat on top of that and it will be a bigger challenge.

    Weigh-in day - Friday
  • Limsha2
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  • turntechBiologist
    turntechBiologist Posts: 374 Member
    Did a little exercise last weekend and just ran around all week at work. Being short staffed isn't fun :pensive:

    Starting weight: 350.2 (1/4/20)
    Goal weight: 298.2
    Current weight: 341.6 (1/25/20)
    Total weight lost: 8.6lbs
    This week's successes: Staying within the hours I'm supposed to be eating and not eating for IF.
    This week's challenges: Drinking more water, especially at work.
    1/4/20 - 350.2
    1/11/20 - 350.2 (0lbs)
    1/18/20 - 344.2 (-6lbs)
    1/25/20 - 341.6 (-2.6lbs)
  • lyonet
    lyonet Posts: 18 Member
    Starting weight: 244 lbs (12/29/19)
    Goal weight: 192
    Current weight: 241
    Total weight lost: 3 lbs. :(
    This week's successes: Keeping breakfast and lunch very low calorie. Exercised everyday
    This week's challenges: Not allowing the extra activity to be an excuse to snack; not giving into cravings; being sure to use my substitute activities instead of snacking in the evening.
  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 33,895 Member
    Jan 1, 2020

    Starting weight: 155.6
    Current weight: 155.4
    Goal weight: 143

    Jan1: 155.6
    Jan 5: 155.4
    Jan 12: 157.1 😈😈
    Jan 19: 157.3 😈😈
    Jan 26: 153.2
    Jan loss: - 2.4

    Feb 2:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:
    Feb loss:

    Mar 1:
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar loss:

    Apr 5:
    Apr 12:
    Apr 19:
    Apr 26:
    April loss:

    May 3:
    May 10:
    May 17:
    May 24:
    May 31:
    May loss:

    June 7:
    June 14:
    June 21:
    June 28:
    June loss:

    July 5:
    July 12:
    July 19:
    July 26:
    July loss:

    Aug 2:
    Aug 19:
    Aug 16:
    Aug 23:
    Aug 30:
    Aug loss:

    Sep 6:
    Sep 13:
    Sep 20:
    Sep 27:
    Sep loss:

    Oct 4:
    Oct 11:
    Oct 18:
    Oct 25:
    Oct loss:

    Nov 1:
    Nov 8:
    Nov 15
    Nov 21
    Nov: 28
    Nov loss:

    Dec 6:
    Dec 13:
    Dec 20:
    Dec 27:
    Dec loss:
    This week's successes: After I fell off the wagon, I was able to jump right back on the horse
    This week's challenges: Sweets and night night snacks

  • stormywxs288
    stormywxs288 Posts: 585 Member
    Success this week: Lost 0.8 lbs. Already missed my one-pound per week goal for 2020. I knew this day would come, but I didn’t think it would come in January. Oh well. On to February.

    Challenge this week: February, I’m going to only weigh myself once a week. This is a huge challenge for me as I have a bit of an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) about weighing-in more than once daily. Typically it is the first thing I do in the morning, the last thing I do before bed and I can be found stepping on the scales at random times during the day. I know this is a bad OCD behavior and I’m going to use this forum to address it. I’ll report here and all of you can hold me accountable. See you all and my scale again next week :o

  • osier5
    osier5 Posts: 429 Member
    Highest weight: 250 (07/11/18)
    Challenge starting weight: 173.2 (12/31/19)
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 169.3 (01/26/2020)
    Total weight lost: -80.7
    Challenge weight loss: -3.9

    This week's successes: Stayed with it even though I'm losing very slowly.
    This week's challenges: I'm super frustrated by the plateau that I'm experiencing.
  • jennjenn5555
    jennjenn5555 Posts: 47 Member
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    This week has been busy which has made it a challenge to prep and prepare healthy meals at home for myself. I have been consistent with drinking more water though.

    I understand what stormywxs288 is saying about becoming obsessed with the scale. I weigh myself everyday. 1st thing in the morning and usually when I get home from work and sometimes before I go to bed. I log my weight on Wednesdays and then log onto this challenge on saturday or sunday reporting the weight from Wednesday.

    My biggest challenge right now is getting myself to move again.

    successes - logging my food.
    challenges - staying within calorie goal/moving my body besides being at work.

    short term goal - be under 170 by February 5th

    1 / 1/20 - 176.
    1/15/20 - 172.5
    1/22/20 - 171.
    1/29/20 -
    2/ 5/ 20 -
  • Aquarian
    Aquarian Posts: 1,031 Member
    Starting weight: 60.1 kg (132.5 pounds)
    Goal weight: 54 kg (119 pounds)
    Current weight: 57.1 kg (125.88 pounds)

    Total weight lost: 3 kg (6.6 pounds)
    This week's successes: Drank 8 glasses or more water each day
    This week's challenges: Sick for the last few days, limited exercise and yesterday no exercise actually.