2020Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • savvyrose88
    savvyrose88 Posts: 107 Member
    Jan. 5, 2020 - Jan 11, 2020:

    Starting weight: 191.8 lbs
    Goal weight: 125.0 lbs
    Current weight: 187.6 lbs
    Total weight lost: 4.2 lbs

    This week's successes: Work has kept me active.
    This week's challenges: Getting on the treadmill. I need more exercise.

    Next week's goal: Walk 1 mile a day on the treadmill and 1 mile a day in steps. - Same as last week since I have not achieved it yet!

    1/4- 187.8
    1/11- 187.6
    Jan Loss: 4.2 lbs
  • lyonet
    lyonet Posts: 18 Member
    Starting weight: 244 lbs (12/29/19)
    Goal weight: 192
    Current weight: 240
    Total weight lost: 2lbs. (Surprised me!)
    This week's successes: Keeping breakfast and lunch very low calorie
    This week's challenges: Snacking after dinner. Gotta stop! This week was and next week will be too hectic with doctors and other appointments to make it to exercise classes. Sad.
    I picked up some colored pencils and adult coloring books, to have something to do rather than snack, while I watch TV in the evenings.
  • Kickastina
    Kickastina Posts: 101 Member
    Starting weight: 199.0 lbs
    Goal weight: 130.0 lbs
    Current weight: 196.6 lbs
    Total weight lost: 2.4 lbs

    This week's successes: I've been tracking all of my food and drinking more water.

    This week's challenges: I can't shake of my lack of motivation, it's really frustrating.

    Next week's goal: To make a (small) daily list of things I want to do for the day and try to achieve that. Gotta start somewhere.

    1/4- 197.2
    1/11- 196.6
    Jan Loss: 2.4 lbs
  • DeannaZone
    DeannaZone Posts: 1 Member
    Starting weight: 181.08 the highest since I was pregnant in '12
    Goal weight: 160
    Current weight: 179.08 as of 7th and 178.00 as of today
    Total weight lost: 3.08
    This week's successes: 7th I hit 178 and I will edit this for 12th if I do my fasting as I hope I can.
    This week's challenges: Fast on 12th for 24 hours, I need to reboot, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and I wish to do so in a multi-fasting situation. Prayers Appreciated. You got this!
  • Limsha2
    Limsha2 Posts: 263 Member
    SW 208
    CW 204
    Loss 4lb
    12/1/19 week 1 4lb loss.
  • estherpotter1
    estherpotter1 Posts: 131 Member
    I lost half a kilo.
    Ihave to stop eating sweets.
    Typing it will make me stop
  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 33,895 Member
    Jan 1, 2020

    Starting weight: 155.6
    Current weight: 155.4
    Goal weight: 143

    Jan1: 155.6
    Jan 5: 155.4
    Jan 12: 157.1 😈😈

    Jan 19:
    Jan 27:
    Jan loss:

    Feb 2:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:
    Feb loss:

    Mar 1:
    Mar 8:
    Mar 15:
    Mar 22:
    Mar 29:
    Mar loss:

    Apr 5:
    Apr 12:
    Apr 19:
    Apr 26:
    April loss:

    May 3:
    May 10:
    May 17:
    May 24:
    May 31:
    May loss:

    June 7:
    June 14:
    June 21:
    June 28:
    June loss:

    July 5:
    July 12:
    July 19:
    July 26:
    July loss:

    Aug 2:
    Aug 19:
    Aug 16:
    Aug 23:
    Aug 30:
    Aug loss:

    Sep 6:
    Sep 13:
    Sep 20:
    Sep 27:
    Sep loss:

    Oct 4:
    Oct 11:
    Oct 18:
    Oct 25:
    Oct loss:

    Nov 1:
    Nov 8:
    Nov 15
    Nov 21
    Nov: 28
    Nov loss:

    Dec 6:
    Dec 13:
    Dec 20:
    Dec 27:
    Dec loss:
    This week's successes: After I fell off the wagon, I was able to jump right back on the horse
    This week's challenges: Sweets and night night snacks

  • SammyDee2015
    SammyDee2015 Posts: 285 Member
    Starting weight Jan 1: 191lbs
    Goal weight: 139
    Jan 12 weight: 188.4
    Total weight lost: 2.6
    Past week's successes: started a new lifting routine for the next couple months and managed to get 3 of 4 sessions in.
    Past week's challenges:daily steps average way lower than I would like it.
    Have a lot to work on this coming week 🤞
  • Aquarian
    Aquarian Posts: 1,031 Member
    Starting weight: 60.1 kg (132.5 pounds)
    Goal weight: 54 kg (119 pounds)
    Current weight: 58.5 (128.97 pounds)

    Total weight lost: 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds)
    This week's successes: Excellent workouts and relatively healthy eating
    This week's challenges: Two days travel and food
  • DeeBluDee58
    DeeBluDee58 Posts: 3 Member
    Count me in!!! 🙋

    Starting weight: 197 lbs.
    Goal weight: 145 - 150 lbs.
    Current weight: 197 lbs.
    Total weight lost: Just starting
    This week's successes: 1. Finding MyFitnessPal!!I
    2. Early to bed/early to rise!
    This week's challenges: 1. Cutting down on my coffee intake..not so much the coffee ~ it's the sugar and half & half I add to it.
    2. Increasing my water intake!!! It's hard for me in the cold weather to drink it.
    3. Walking ~ I'm in Nebraska & it's "really" cold out there!
  • donalowen
    donalowen Posts: 54 Member
    Starting weight: 268 lbs (at 6th January)
    Goal weight: 216 lbs
    Current weight: 264 lbs
    Total weight lost: 4 lbs
    This week’s successes: I’m losing weight.
    This week’s challenges: Staying focussed, not slipping.
  • laureljenn
    laureljenn Posts: 242 Member
    Starting weight: 204 on 1/1/2020
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 200.6 on 1/13
    Total weight lost: 3.4
    This week's successes: Lost .6 this week. Started a running program.
    This week's challenges: Remembering portion control. I stumbled when it came to pizza!
  • USAFProud
    USAFProud Posts: 1,293 Member
    2020 52 Week Challenge
    Starting weight: 213
    Highest ever: 234 (2018)
    Goal weight: 123
    Current weight: 208.4
    Total weight lost: 4.6

    This week's successes: I took advantage of the rare 67-69 degree days in CT this weekend and enjoyed the outdoors beach walking and cycling.
    This week's challenges: Sticking to my prepped meals and adjusting as necessary
  • milka2020
    milka2020 Posts: 19 Member
    I’m in.

    Starting weight: 104.3 kg/ 230 lbs
    Goal weight: 80 kg/ 178lbs
    Current weight: 104 kg/ 230 lbs
    Total weight lost: Just starting

    This week's successes: Starting to log
    This week's challenges: no snacking
  • Cfkearney
    Cfkearney Posts: 184 Member
    Starting weight:199
    Goal weight:150
    Current weight:198.2
    This weeks weight lost: -.8
    Total weight loss: -.8

    This week's successes:Walked into the gym for the first time in months and actually did meal prepping for this week. Down .6% body fat

    This week's challenges:Only made it to the gym once. Will need to make sure I am getting up early enough to get to work early enough so I can go to the gym at a decent time and not be "too tired"
  • motheroftwins95
    motheroftwins95 Posts: 554 Member
    I would like to join this challenge. I have been at my goal weight a couple of times in the past and know how good it feels. As I get older (57), it is getting harder to do the things I need to do to lose and maintain the lower weight. I am looking forward to reaching my goal again this year. Let's do this!

    Starting weight: 177.6
    Goal weight: 130.0
    Current weight: 172.4 (Friday, January 10th)
    Total weight lost: 5.2
    This week's successes:
    This week's challenges:

    Weigh-in day - Friday