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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • MLHC1MLHC1 Member Posts: 582 Member Member Posts: 582 Member
    MLHC1 wrote: »

    1/13/2020 Monday:

    ✔update / post JFT
    ✔log all food on mfp
    ✔30 min. exercise
    ✔drink 96 oz. of water
    ✔daily house chores
    (I got laundry done but not a few other items on my list.)
    ❌Plan meals for the week
    ❌Grocery shop
    ✔Kiddo Dr appt

    ✔I did build the toddler furniture that arrived in the mail today. Small table, chairs and a new high chair. (I got a restuarant high chair to teach this little man some appropriate "big table" manners, Lol!)

    'Till tomorrow :blush:
  • MLHC1MLHC1 Member Posts: 582 Member Member Posts: 582 Member
    teigansdad wrote: »
    Today wasn’t terrible. Missed the water goal but pretty close. Came in green but only because I darn near killed myself in my workout...
    Struggling with strength and motivation. Seems like all the things I need to do to achieve my personal goals (fitness-wise) kinda conflict with family grown up responsibilities. When I was my most fit I was doing P90x but getting up at 430 every morning to do it. I just can’t muster that motivation up so end up working out after dinner at expense of family time some days.

    Goals for tomorrow

    No beer
    Tour of Zwift
    Stay in green
    Pay bills

    Sorry to hear you are struggling. Ya know sometimes this happens in our "grown-up" lives. I think it is important to find a balance somehow. Don't overwhelm yourself and get burnt out. I use to over do it all the time and I've learned recently how to balance myself more efficiently. We are human; despite what kind of superhero-power the world puts on our shoulders, Lol!!! Be kind and patient towards yourself. :heart:
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  • cschmitz110515cschmitz110515 Member Posts: 2,699 Member Member Posts: 2,699 Member
    mytime6630 wrote: »

    @cschmitz110515 and @TerriRichardson112 -- how do you find your post to keep it going (ex, your weightly weigh-in chart, etc.). I keep losing mine, and trying to also keep it as a email to myself, but that is hard. I like how you guys do it... how do you do that. I'm sure you don't retype it all the time?

    I keep track of what page my last post is on. I hit <Quote> then edit my last post by removing the opening and closing square brackets and then deleting/copying/pasting, and adding to the relevant parts of the old post.

    Another option is use the MFP Search feature. I use Search all the time to locate my desired post. That way I don't have to save anything or remember what page. Then just open, Quote, and edit. Good luck.
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,095 Member Member Posts: 5,095 Member
    Hegoddard0928 - you should be proud of yourself for getting your water goals met everyday this year. I am struggling to get back into the habit. I know once I do it for a few days I’ll crave it. It’s just so cold! I hope that whatever your medical issue is that it’s minor and easily fixed. You and Matt deserve a break.

    Pridesabtch- I don’t know how you exercise in the morning. I can’t do it. It’s funny hubby has started walking and i would love to go with him but he does it in the afternoons while I’m at work. I’m so nervous about having my hip act up again too. It still hurts every other day or so.

    Teigansdad - I understand what you mean about exercise taking from family time. I wish I could find a way to do it together with hubby but we are out of sync that way.

    Had a very long day at work, only took a 10 minute break all day and worked from 715 to 6, still didn’t have payroll ready at the end of it but will get it done tomorrow.

    So the high today was -26 and the AC at work came on. It was chilly for a while. Tonight it is -33 with a feel like of -42. That’s Celsius, I’m not sure what the Fahrenheit equivalent is.
    The Metric system came to Canada when I was in school probably around grade 5 or 6. The only thing that makes sense to me in metric is kilometres per hour and Celsius. Everything else I use imperial. I couldn’t tell you without looking at my drivers license how many cms tall I am or how many kilograms I weigh.

    I’m off, I’ll be back in the morning to post goals.
  • jescheppjeschepp Member Posts: 261 Member Member Posts: 261 Member
    Hi all,

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes back, it feels really good and I have missed this lovely community! Today was a good day. Feeling sore and tired from re-starting exercise, but also feeling energized. How can I feel tired and energized at the same time??? Anyway...
    @SERmom3 Nice weight loss! And I like your attitude around change. I really appreciate the recommendation for financial managment, I've had a few people mention him. I've added the book to my wish list, and I'll be checking the discount bookstores to see if there's any copies. I'm not particularly religious, but I don't mind a Christian perspective.
    @HEGoddard0928 Sorry to hear about the health issue, it's always hard with the vague issues. Could you call a triage nurse and see what they think?

    Just for Today-Monday
    Stay in the green ✅ was worried today was one of my long work days!
    Track food, exercise, water, daily goals ✅
    80 oz water ✅ gotta love the first week or so and hourly trips to the restroom
    Meet daily recs for the 5 food groups ✅
    Exercise 30 minutes ✅ Did a daily burn workout and wow that was a lot of squats!
    Tidy house for 15 minutes ✅ Didn't want to but then thought, I'm going to have to post this...
    Do not stay more than 15 minutes after "end time" ✅

    Just for Today-Tuesday
    Stay in the green
    Track food, exercise, water, daily goals
    80 oz water
    Meet daily recs for the 5 food groups
    Exercise 30 minutes
    Tidy house for 15 minutes
    Do not stay more than 15 minutes after "end time"
  • mytime6630mytime6630 Member Posts: 3,573 Member Member Posts: 3,573 Member
    My weight history:
    Name: Joan
    69 yrs old

    SW Year 2017: 217
    SW Year 2018: 195.5
    SW Year 2019 : 206
    SW Year 2020: 182.6
    Goals for 2020:
    These are the healthy habits I would like to do in 2020:
    1. Lose 15 pounds to get to my ultimate goal of 165, and then learn how to maintain it.
    2. To be better with planning my meals each week
    3. to get up in the morning, and have a rough idea of what I plan to eat the rest of the day.
    4. To stop mindless eating. To learn how to eat to live, not live to eat.
    5. To make drinking water a regular habit.. and drink 8+ glasses of water a day

    2020 - January Discard 5lb Challenge

    Name: Joan
    5'11" - yes, I am very tall!
    SW: 185.4 (Jan 3)
    1st GW: 180.4
    2nd GW: 178 (to be in the "normal" weight range).
    Ultimate GW: 165-175, and learn to maintain.
    Jan 6: 181.2 -- back on track with healthy eating the past 2 days.
    Jan 7: 182.5 - got into Candy Kisses last nite :/
    Jan 13: 181.7 -- getting there, but slowly. Weight went up for a couple days, due to unhealthy eating again.

    SO goals JFT, Monday
    1. log all food :)
    2. concentrate on drinking water:)
    3. stick as close as possible to my planned meals/snacks:) :/ except for ONE crab rangoon!!
    4. help hubby :)
    5. clean up sewing room :) -- Now I can work on taxes better with a clean sewing room! And, finished up 55 chemo hats to be picked up this week!

    JFT, Tuesday
    1. log all food
    2. going out for lunch .. make wise choices
    3. concentrate on water
    4. go to gym
    5. work on pc boards and building units to ship this week
    6. work on business tax stuff
    7. take daughter to grocery store .. do not give into impulse buying of junk food

    edited January 2020
  • mytime6630mytime6630 Member Posts: 3,573 Member Member Posts: 3,573 Member
    @PackerFan001 -- I've been praying for your husband, that the test results came back OK. Please let us know, hoping for the best for you all.
  • bookmeister86bookmeister86 Member Posts: 1,096 Member Member Posts: 1,096 Member
    Urgh. Is anyone else just tired?? Getting up sucks. :)

    I had a good day yesterday, worked from home and made time to go to the gym at lunch. It was nice burning lots of calories in the middle of the day! I partly ate them back by finishing off the Christmas cake. Quite pleased with myself for making it last till the 13th January. The Christmas food isn't done yet either - still have a box of chocolates and bag of sweets to go. I want to make it stretch till Feb!

    Today could be a trying day, I have back to back meetings pretty much all day, with work to slot around them, and then I have a political meeting at 7.30 which means I'll be eating late. I'm going to buy one portion of nuts and eat them before the meeting to tide me over. There will be no snacking and bingeing today, even if the day is stressful/overwhelming!

    Yesterday's goals:

    - Track all food and drink :smile:
    - Be in the green with a deficit :)
    - Not have unplanned snacks/ binge outside the home :)
    - Go to gym or do exercise DVD :)

    - Take regular ‘breathe/ reframe’ breaks at work to manage emotions :|I did take breaks but forgot to do the breathing/ emotion check-in
    - Stay positive :smile:

    - Finish work by 7pm :/Got into a particular task, kept working till 7.45
    - Talk to boyfriend in French :smile:
    - Do finances :smile:
    - Read a career development article :smile:
    - Gratitude journal :smile:
    - Lights off by 10.45 :neutral:A little later but not much

    Today's goals:

    - Track all food and drink
    - Be in the green
    - Not have unplanned snacks/ binge outside the home

    - 45+ minute lunch break
    - Read a career development article
    - Take regular ‘breathe/ reframe’ breaks at work to manage emotions
    - Stay positive

    - Finish by 6pm
    - Talk to boyfriend in French
    - Gratitude journal
    - Lights off by 10.45
  • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,320 Member Member Posts: 1,320 Member
    Monday 14 January

    I took the weekend off and was travelling all day yesterday but I’m back to goal setting today.

    Stay in the green
    5 fruit and veg
    Fitbit exercise goals
  • raspearyraspeary Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
    JFT Monday 1/13
    1. Weigh in ✅
    2. Breakfast ✅
    3. 2 mile fitness walk ✅ also dod an unplanned inclined outdoor walk 1.5 miles
    4. Sew. Nope
    5. Choose the meal i am going to order at long horn steakhouse for my monthly mamas night out ( all of us who go have either twins or triplets ✅
    6. Stay in the green. Nope. Way over due to night out and i decided to relax a little with Calorie intake
    7. Drink more water and start logging it✅

    Tuesday JFT
    1. Log all meals
    2. Eat breakfast
    3. Stay in the green today to get back on track
    4. Drink water and log
    5. At least 30 minutes of exercise
    6. Portion control
    7. Laundry
    8. Dinner for tonight

  • SERmom3SERmom3 Member Posts: 568 Member Member Posts: 568 Member

    - Laundry, laundry, laundry! 🟢
    - Gotta get new sneakers.🟢
    - Stay in the green🟢
    - Long walk🟢

    I pretty much got everything done yesterday. I did a few loads of laundry, but I have a couple more to do today. (Family of 5 so this is never, ever ending...). I finally found some new sneakers! I went for a long walk yesterday in the cold with flurries of snow. Wasn’t too bad.

    JFT Tuesday:
    - Laundry - just finishing up the last bit
    - Drink water! I had 50oz yesterday, I’ll try to beat that.
    - Stay in the green
    - Long walk
    - Pick up at least one piece of trash when I’m out and about.

    @jeschepp - if you’re into podcasts, I would recommend to start listening to The Dave Ramsey Show. If nothing else, he is an incredible motivator. They even bring in people every hour to do their “debt free scream”. So you hear their stories of living with debt, how they paid it off and what it feels like to be free. I used to listen all the time. It helped keep me motivated. I don’t listen anymore just because it gets repetitive, but I found it very helpful when I was living through it myself. Good luck!
  • beachwalker99beachwalker99 Member Posts: 502 Member Member Posts: 502 Member
    Morning appointment, so just posting goals for now.

    Goals for Monday, January 13, 2020
    • Walk 45+ minutes - √ - An hour on the hilly trails.
    • Complete food log and maintain a calorie deficit - √ -Ate dinner a little early tonight since I was super hungry. (This is what happens when I choose the muffin instead of yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast!) But it all worked out. Eating earlier helped me avoid the temptation to snack before dinner, and my planned evening snack of yogurt and berries was a satisfying end to the day.
    • Clean out the fridge (Trash goes down tonight, so I need to get this done!) – 75%, but good enough for now.
    • Start book for online teaching course - √ - Boring as heck, but got through the first chapter.

    JFT Goals for Tuesday, January 14, 2020
    • Up with alarm - √
    • Complete food log and maintain a calorie deficit
    • Clean kitchen
    • Start sorting through and organizing work clothes
    • Catch up on reading posts
    • Chapter 2 in How Learning Works
  • MLHC1MLHC1 Member Posts: 582 Member Member Posts: 582 Member
    Hi all! I went MIA for a bit. I was too busy sticking my head in the refrigerator and eating my feelings. UGH. We got my husbands results back yesterday and the lesion on his bone is benign. So thankful and so grateful for all the prayers and positive thoughts sent our way during this scary time! Next step is for husband to go to a different doctor today to see what next steps are. But the scariest option is ruled out and I'm so relieved!

    Thank you for reaching out and for being patient with my yoyoing once again!

    I'm 81 posts behind and don't have time to go back and read them this morning. I'll try to hop on tonight to catch up.

    A few goals for today, just to get back on track:
    • Journal food
    • Drink water
    • Do exercise video tonight if too cold or icy to walk dog tonight
    • Get top 3 work tasks done. PRIORITIZE! GET CAUGHT UP! FOCUS!
    • Get top 3 home tasks done tonight. Again, PRIORITIZE and STOP PROCRASTINATING! Itemize and prioritize
    • Self-care: 30 minutes today....can break up into three 10-minute segments if need be. Take care of YOU
    • No added-sugar. <75g carbs.

    Have a great day! Talk to you all later! :kissing_heart:

    Congratulations!!! Those are the best results!!

    Hey, life happens at least you are back at it! :heart:
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